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Warning: The following series contains Christian morals, depressive topics, and possibly lots of death throughout the Cosmic Watcher series that will leave the viewer disturbed. Please watch Yang vs Zeo Pilot and Special Strike to get the lore. This video is a EXPERIEMENTAL video that will give Christian morals to hopefully be used in future videos of the series. Video Discretion is advised. Recap:Commander Dagger: During the awakening hours of our war, many Shadow Droids were made to postpone our enemies. Recap:RaySFM: After the Battle of Ohio, they lost their powers and were pretty much defenseless. Recap:Yuri Kurogangi: If we stay, the Shadows will keep attacking. They aren't just going to wait until we all recover! They will try to find and kill us! Which is why we have to fight! Recap:Commander Dagger: The Battle of Ohio. Aka. Special Strike. Captain Akasma: For the clone army!!! Barricade: I'm on him!.

Corporal Glyph: Fire! Corporal Glyph: Move it! Move it! Lieutenant Colonial Celica: For the honor of our brothers!! Bumblebee: Roger that!Captain Akasma: Target that droid! GOKAIGER!! FINAL WAVE!! Ruby Rose: Synchronize!Weiss Schnee: Snow Flurry! Blake Belladonna: Furious Beast!Yang Xiao Long: Max Power! Yang Xiao Long: 1, 2, 3!.

Megumin, Kazuma, Kazuto, Aqua: 29! Yang Xiao Long: 1, 2, 3! Megumin, Kazuma, Kazuto, Aqua: 30! Yang Xiao Long: And stop! Kazuma Sato: Man what a warmup! Megumin Abawi: Are you kidding me?! That feltterrible! Yang Xiao Long: How did I do? Lieutenant Colonial Celica: It's a nice start for a morningroutine. You could've gone higher to 200. That's our warm up for me and the boys back in the days. Aqua Talia: No!! GOSH PLEASE NO!!.

Yang Xiao Long: Heh… Well. You and Akasma did train Team RWBY in your guy's free time. Lieutenant Colonial Celica: Is…Something wrong Yang? Yang Xiao Long: Akasma. What was he like? Lieutenant Colonial Celica: Always by the book. Whyare you asking now? Yang Xiao Long: Lately. Every time I think of Akasma, I feel- no. I am responsible for my actions. My selfish and arrogant ways have led to someone getting hurt. Lieutenant Colonial Celica: But you never want to do thatintentionally Yang. You were just trying to defend everyone you cared about most. Yang Xiao Long: I know… When Weiss told me I should forgive myself, I ask, how can I? Lieutenant Colonial Celica: You know Yang. We all makemistakes. No one is perfect, not even in war. Lives are lost on both sides. But then again, if you want to talk about this, talk about this to your sister. Yang Xiao Long: But Ruby, do you think Ruby is mad at me for Akasma?.

Lieutenant Colonial Celica: I doubt it. She forgives everyone. Yang Xiao Long: Alright. Well, I'm going to talk toher then. Thanks Celica. Lieutenant Colonial Celica: No problem Yang. Velvet Scarletina: Neptune! Do you have a signal yet?! Neptune Vasilias: Almost there! Just hold on! Velvet Scarletina: I-I'm scared Neptune. Neptune Vasilias: It will be alright. Just stay quiet for now. Yang Xiao Long: Mom Raven Xiao Long: You need to go Yang.(Yes Raven stays with Tai in the Rayverse).

Yang Xiao Long: But what about you?! Raven Xiao Long: I'll be fine. Here. Take this. Raven Xiao Long: This is something your father gave you,it's a surprise when you get the chance to use it. Yang Xiao Long: But it's just a red dust shell,what's special- Raven Xiao Long: We don't have time Yang! Yang Xiao Long: Please… don't go.. Raven Xiao Long: I'll promise to catch up with you. Now go. Monty! Get your gunship out! Ruby Rose: Oh- Hey Yang! Yang Xiao Long: Hey Ruby…

Ruby Rose: Something wrong sis? Yang Xiao Long: Ruby. I wanted to ask you something. Ruby Rose: Well. Ask away. What's on your mind? Yang Xiao Long: When Weiss told me to forgive myself for my actions. I felt responsible and want to become better. How do I forgive myself for my actions? Ruby Rose: Well. What did Weiss tell you inthe last Yang vs Zeo? Yang Xiao Long: Umm let's see… something about God forgiving people who turn away away from their sins means their land is saved? Ruby Rose: Ahh. She told you 2 Chronicles 7:14. Yang Xiao Long: … Yeah… she told me to forgive myself. So I don't know what does that means. Ruby Rose: Well, one way to put is, do you want to be forgiven?.

Yang Xiao Long: Yes. I want to be a better person! And maybe you can guide me since you're so wise and smart. Ruby Rose: I see… Well then. Do you think Iam a good person Yang? Yang Xiao Long: Of course!! Yang Xiao Long: I- I don't know. You have done goodand bad- Ruby Rose: Answer the question Yang. Yes orno? Yang Xiao Long: No??? Ruby Rose: You're right. Yang Xiao Long: But- that doesn't make sense! You and Weiss are both Christians. How can you both not be good??(Remember the Pilot episode? Ruby and Weiss are Christians in the Rayverse) Ruby Rose: We're all sinners Yang, no one and I repeat NO ONE is good. Every human has sinned against God, but that does not mean he condemns us to death, because he forgave our sins. Do you remember how?.

Yang Xiao Long: Jesus. Ruby Rose: Yes. It was because of him that Godforgives everyone's sins thanks to him. Take for example Matthew 18:21- 35. Yang Xiao Long: I don't… I don't get how this correlates with my situation to this. Ruby Rose: It's fine, if you want to know why then I will gladly help you! Yang Xiao Long: Yeah. Please do. I am so lost rightnow. Ruby Rose: You'll understand in time sis. Just take it easy. And if you want to join our Bible Study reading with Jaune later than you are free to come. First Aid: There you go Ruby. All set. Ruby Rose: Thanks First Aid! Yang Xiao Long: What's with the pauldron andeverything?.

Ruby Rose: Ehh… Got tired of the cape. Sideswipe: Hurry! Yang Xiao Long: Ahh I see. Neptune Vasilias(Distorted): Y..Y..Yang. Yang is that you? Yang Xiao Long: Neptune? Is that you?! Neptune Vasilias: SSH!! Keep it down! We're currentlyin a tight spot. Yang Xiao Long: We? Velvet Scarletina: Hey Yang… Yang Xiao Long: Velvet. How-.

Neptune Vasilias: No time to ask questions. I am sending you our coordinates. Get here fast! Adam and his forces are here! Yang Xiao Long: Wait! Neptune! Ruby Rose: If what Neptune says was true. Then he's in real danger. We need our Team ASAP. Yang Xiao Long: Good idea! Mercury Black: Neo? Did you find them? Mercury Black: Then keep looking. The boss won't be happy if you continue slacking. Mercury Black: Fine. Stay there and weep. Velvet Scarletina: We should leave. It's dangerous in staying here too long. Neptune Vasilias: I agree. But Neo is still there. We could be compromised.

Velvet Scarletina: But Neo can't signal if she is… mute. Neptune Vasilias: Velvet!! Velvet Scarletina: What!? I am just saying. Neptune Vasilias: You're going to get us caught. Neptune Vasilias: What do you want mute? Neptune Vasilias: Oooook. You're sitting next to us? For what? Company? Velvet Scarletina: Are you going to report us? Velvet Scarletina: You want us to go that way? Neptune Vasilias: I don't trust her.

Velvet Scarletina: Me neither, but if she wants to help us then I don't mind. Lieutenant Colonial Celica: Wait wait wait! So you want to go to Anime Camp 1987 to save your friends? Yang Xiao Long: Yes Celica! It's urgent! Weiss Schnee: Yang, that's dangerous! Lieutenant Colonial Celica: I sadly have to agree. It's notjust reckless but it could lead to the base being found! You know we went into lockdown when we first thought Ray's team arriving- Yang Xiao Long: I know! But I am trying my best to help those who need it! We can't abandon anyone like that! Yang Xiao Long: Please Celica! If I want to become better, then I must save my friends. I don't want to fail again. Lieutenant Colonial Celica: I suppose… Fine. Suit up! We'll leave in 10 minutes! Yang Xiao Long: Ohh thank you Celica!!!.

Lieutenant Colonial Celica: Just know “hot head”, if we lose thebase we're screwed. Yang Xiao Long: Noted. Velvet Scarletina: Adam… Adam Tarrus: I see we have a few survivors you managed to slip up Mercury. And a traitor. Adam Tarrus: I don't want to know your intentions Neo. You already have refused to listen to me ever since we got here. Neptune Vasilias: What do you want with us? Our world is gone! There is nothing to gain from anything!!! Adam Tarrus: That's where you are wrong. I intend on keeping you two alive than your entire team for one purpose. To signal Justine Vas Dia and her Shadow Blockade Unit to hopefully work with them again. Adam Tarrus: Of course. Cinder… or code name “SALEM” played her role. She did well.(Cinder in the Rayverse codename herself Salem to sound menacing.) Adam Tarrus: How touching. Mercury.

Mercury Black: Gladly. Adam Tarrus: Who dares?! Lieutenant Colonial Celica: I do. Blake Belladonna: We got to do something! Ruby Rose: We will. But I don't want to hurt Adam or Mercury. There has to be something we can do. Yang Xiao Long: I have an idea!! Let's do this one roll call fromthat Sentai Brave series. Weiss Schnee: Yang. No! That will get us in trouble! Ruby Rose: I rather try this out! Blake Belladonna: I remember how to do it. Let's do it!.

Ruby Rose: Right! Adam and Mercury! Get ready to hear our call!!!(Kyoryuger Reference) Mercury Black: What? Ruby Rose: The pacifist crimson! Ruby Rose! Weiss Schnee: The wise knight! Weiss Schnee!(I mean she's a princess but what the heck.) Blake Belladonna: The stealthy ninja! Blake Belladonna! Yang Xiao Long: The brawny warrior! Yang XiaoLong!! Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang: 4 noble huntresses defending our kingdom!(FYI Team RWBY in the Rayverse are all sisters.) Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang: Huntress Sentai! Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang: Team RWBY!!(Now that's a dope roll call!).

Ruby Rose: Let's send our justice with swiftness! Mercury Black: What are you trying to pull off? Some sort of stupid Power Rangers crap? Lieutenant Colonial Celica: Give it to em! Ignite the sleeping spark within your heart! Strong, evil enemies are approachingBlake: Lutasin! Forget my cowardly self of yesterdayYang Xiao Long: Lái ba! Lái ba! I'll fight with the Power Rangers.Yang Xiao Long(Distance): Ruby! We'll become one with our courage and charge ahead!Yang Xiao Long: Fire! We'll get stronger to protect the peace!.

Hope will be always on our side! And we will win! We will protect this Earth with Brave! Dino Force Brave!! The dark forces hidden in the universe Neo Deboss, I can't understand you! Captain Ember: Watch those snipers! Just look around when you feel weak. We are united, let's fight together!.

Let's dream as one, and charge to our goals! There's hope when we trust each other! Stay strong, justice will win so do not fear! We will never give up!Gaburincho! We will protect this Earth with Brave! Dino Force Brave!! Adam Tarrus: Did you really think you can foolus with this crap? Sashima! Paiting! Captain Stripling: Ummm. Sir?(Yes Stripling got promoted!).

ARC Commander Seizure: Give it to em! Yang Xiao Long: Bye!~ Mercury Black: Forget them Adam. We need to findJustine. Yang Xiao Long: Neptune. How did you all manage tosurvive? Neptune Vasilias: What? You think every RWBY character would've died when the world collapsed? Yang Xiao Long: Yeah… Honestly. Neptune Vasilias: Well then, you suck for thinking that way. Yang Xiao Long: I thought no one would've survivedok!? At least be grateful we saved you! Especially… her. Weiss Schnee: Here you go Neo.

Yang Xiao Long: Weiss. You remember Neo, she's evil! She killed lots of our friends! She deserves to go to the brig! Blake Belladonna: Neo needs to be held accountable for everything! Ruby Rose: Hold up just a sec you two! Ruby Rose: Let's stop to think. We need to be fashionable and reasonable about this. Now. We all know Neo is a murderer and possibly a psychopath right? Ruby Rose: Then, why should we condemn her further? She clearly has changed right? Neptune. What was the first thing Neo did in helping you? Neptune Vasilias: She scared Velvet for starters. Velvet Scarletina: Hey!! Neptune Vasilias: But besides that, she protected us, shield us. We all saw her did that. Velvet Scarletina: She even checked ahead to make sure our path is safe.

Weiss Schnee: Is this true Neo? Ruby Rose: See? Neo is- Neopolitan Bell: I'm sorry. Neopolitan Bell: I'm sorry for everything. It's true, I am a killer, and I know that I am responsible for everything. If there is anything I need to repay, is my life. Yang Xiao Long: I forgive you Neo. You know, if I did learn something is that, I am not better than you. I have done wrong things too. I was arrogant and reckless. I got my friends killed because of that. Neopolitan Bell: And? What did you do? Yang Xiao Long: Simple, I tried asking my sister and my friends for help. I managed to get help in a way and I learned that. Who am I better than my enemy? From what I just learned now is this. If I am willing to forgive myself, then I need to forgive others. So I forgive you. Weiss Schnee: I forgive you as well Neo. We all stumble sometimes, we shouldn't condemn someone who sins, we should help them. Ruby Rose: And on top of that, the real world sadly is divided because people who condemn others do it to boost their ego, their pride. They believe they are right and those who do something bad is wrong. Arrogance.

Ruby Rose: But, that does not mean we do that as well. Like Yang said, we are all sinners. No one is perfect. If we expose our sins and have faith in God, then we can change. Ruby Rose: It's not easy to forgive someone, but we have to understand from someone's own shoes of what they go through. Blake Belladonna: I guess. I guess I can forgive you. Neopolitan Bell: I- I don't know what to say. I don't know what do. Yang Xiao Long: Well. How about this Neo. If you can change the ways you used to live in, then I think you can help us and find a way to help people in this camp. Neopolitan Bell: I-I guess I can try. Yang Xiao Long: I hear that Weiss and Ruby are hosting a Bible study reading later this evening. This would be my first time, what do you say Neo? Want to join? Blake Belladonna: Shouldn't Zeo be our focus? Yang Xiao Long: If we are stronger in faith, then I know no enemies can defeat us.

Neopolitan Bell: I- no. I want to!!! Ruby Rose: Alright!Weiss Schnee: That's good to hear Neo. Ruby Rose: Let's go. We need to HELP our friends here. Neptune Vasilias: Thank you!! That took about 2-3minutes of waiting! Yang Xiao Long: Let's go Neptune! Neptune Vasilias: Ow! Roxanne Wolf: Face!!!(This is from a old video where Optimus kills all of the FNAF Security Breach characters. Which is canon in the Rayverse) Justine Vas Dia: Ahhhh. Adam Tarrus. Adam Tarrus: Justine. It's nice to be seen you once again. This is my assistant, Mercury. Mercury Black: Greetings mistress. If I recall, you're the one that destroyed the Ruby Universe?.

Captain Zeo: Correct. Justine gave orders to destroy the RWBY Universe. Mercury Black: Interesting. I like your style. Captain Zeo: Forgive me Justine, but with all due respect. Most of your… clients were killed in the RWBY Universe. Justine Vas Dia: Yes I am aware. I deeply apologize for that mistake, but I will allow you to be part of my growing army. Justine Vas Dia: Captain Zeo. I need you to show our guests to their rooms. Captain Zeo: Copy that. Yang Xiao Long: How are they Aqua? Aqua Talia: Neptune has some fractured bones which should be ok in a few weeks. Velvet just sprung a leg. It's not that bad, we can fix that up easily. Yang Xiao Long: Thank you Aqua.

Lieutenant Colonial Celica: I came to see how everyone is holding up. Ruby Rose: We're all doing good Celica. Were you in trouble? Lieutenant Colonial Celica: Not really. Let's just say Rosoidea was a bit… concerned about Neo. Ruby Rose: Neo is good right? Like she can stay? Lieutenant Colonial Celica: She can stay. Yang Xiao Long: That's good. Neopolitan Bell: Hi. Yang Xiao Long: Ahh there she is! Welcome to Anime Camp 60281. Neopolitan Bell: Thank you. It means a lot.

Yang Xiao Long: Ruby. I want to ask you one thing. And something I want to give you and Celica. Ruby Rose: What's that? Yang Xiao Long: When we were talking about Matthew 18:21 about how the Master forgave the servant due to not paying his debt, I wanted to ask that instead of living in shame always, was it the right choice to spread God's salvation to others? Ruby Rose: You figured it out! But how? Yang Xiao Long: Since I don't have experience with the Bible, I knew that the only way to forgive myself is to forgive others. I thought maybe since Neo said her side of her story to all of us, I can relate in a way. So the best choice was to forgive her. Ruby Rose: Well funny enough Yang, I realized that in 1Timothy 1:15 -17, Paul was a violent man who instead of drowning in shame went to spread God's gospel and mercy to those who need him. Ruby Rose: Down the line, Paul didn't have to forgive himself because God had forgiven him of his actions and he rejoiced in it! Yang Xiao Long: So… I don't have to forgive myself if I have faith in God, because of him I can rejoice and spread the gospel towards others? Ruby Rose: There you go. And we can still do that together.

Lieutenant Colonial Celica: Well… I guess I can join you all. When are you girls starting? Weiss Schnee: Now. In the medical bay. Let's go! We have a fun story to start! Yang Xiao Long: I want to read about Paul! Let's read Timothy! Neopolitan Bell: I want to learn about him too! Tell me his story! Dino Dance Time!! Go Go Gantira Sutegonsoo! Go Go Parasaazaa! Go Go Shovekera Rapukkusu! Go Go Puteraboruton!.

Ah~ minna soreba Ah nanni mo kowakunai no sa! FIRE!!! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Yume to kibou daite! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Saikyou senshi no BUREIEBU Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Genki yuuki KANPEKI.

Ookina koede Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger! Commander Dagger: Aim. Commander Dagger: Fire. Commander Dagger: Justine. We managed to destroy all of Freddy's forces. Returning. Open the portal.

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