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A young man becomes a pawn in an unhingedcouple's dispute over their troubled marriage, only to discover something more sinister withintheir home. Fancy Franklin answers the door and findstwo girl scouts selling cookies. She gladly buys some but weirdly caressesone of the scouts' faces, calling her beautiful. The girls get scared by this, but Fancy picksup on it and lets them go. At midnight, a burglar enters their house,so her husband, Walter Franklin, springs out of bed. He immediately takes his gun, heads downstairs,and dauntlessly aims at the intruder. However, the burglar breaks out the windowand runs towards the fence.

Walter simply tracks his movements then effectivelyshoots the thief. Days later, Detective Jones interrogates ayoung father named Buddy, a suspect in a big murder case. To defend himself, Buddy recounts the eventsof the fateful day. His daughter needed to be taken to a doctor,but they didn't have the money. His wife, Lisa, offered to get a job, butBuddy refused, assuring her that he got called for a fencing job, which might give them alittle cash. Just then, Buddy wondered if they could soonhave private time together, but Lisa didn't feel like it.

Buddy reasoned that it'd been six months,but Lisa apologized and asked him to be patient. Later that day, Buddy went to fix the fence,which turned out to be at Walter's house. Walter demanded that he fix it that day, promisingto pay him $200. Before Walter left, Buddy asked where he'dbeen stationed, deducing that he was a veteran since he had just returned from the Navy. When he joked about the stereotypes aboutMarines, Walter threatened him, only to claim that he was joking. Later, Fancy tried seducing Walter becauseit was their anniversary. After performing a full-on production number,she realized that Walter wasn't even watching.

As he was sleeping. Enraged, she slapped Walter into consciousness. Walter followed Fancy to their room, apologizingfor forgetting their anniversary again. Still, Fancy ranted about him not being areal man since he'd just be drunk all day. This offended Walter, so he grabbed Fancyand threatened her not to push him. However, Fancy dared him to hurt her. When Walter did nothing, she commented thathe didn't have what it took. Afterward, Fancy saw Buddy working on thefence outside. She then offered him some refreshments, andthey got acquainted.

Despite the tension between them, they ignoredit. As Fancy walked back into the house, Buddystared at her and accidentally hit his hand with the hammer. Fancy noticed this, so she invited him into clean his wound. However, as she mended his hand, she gavehis finger a little kiss. They then stared longingly at each other,but Walter suddenly spoke, revealing that he was there the whole time. When Buddy left to work again, Walter sarcasticallyremarked that Fancy couldn't help herself but emphasized that he wasn't bothered byit.

However, that afternoon, he placed some beerbottles by the fence, then started shooting them from the roof. This surprised Buddy, so he screamed at Walter,telling him to stop. That evening, a storm rolled in sooner thanexpected, so Buddy failed to finish the fence on time. With the rain pouring, he asked Walter ifhe could come by next week to wrap it up. However, Walter replied that he wouldn't getthe bonus money, which pissed Buddy off. With no choice, Buddy just thanked Fancy forthe refreshments and the bandaid before leaving. However, he found that his truck wasn't working,so he returned to the house.

During the interrogation, Jones wonders ifBuddy knew the couple before that day, but he claims that he didn't. When his history of juvenile delinquency israised, Buddy insists that he's not the kind of guy who likes to hurt people. Continuing his story, Buddy asked Walter ifhe could use his car to go home, but the man didn't trust him enough. Because of this, Buddy asked if he could usethe telephone instead, and Walter agreed. However, when he finally called Lisa, shegot angry that he couldn't come home, so she abruptly dropped the call.

Walter, who overheard the rough conversation,offered Buddy a drink. Although he hesitated, he agreed anyway. While they were drinking, Fancy blankly staredat the wall as she cooked. Soon, the three had dinner, and Buddy askedhow the couple met. Walter doesn't want to talk about it, butto piss him off, Fancy shared that they met after her husband returned from Vietnam. She added that he was a great man back then,but times had changed. For the rest of the meal, the couple keptdishing out passive-aggressive comments about their marriage, and Buddy could only stayquiet through it all.

Just then, Fancy left the table to make somemint julep, leaving the men. Walter then bluntly commented that it wasobvious that Buddy wanted to sleep with his wife. Before the situation escalated, Fancy returned. Walter then told Fancy that Buddy hadn't beenspending quality time with his wife, so she began complimenting the young man, sayinghow much his wife wasn't seeing his worth. She then touched Buddy's thigh with her leg,which caused him to subtly back away. It seemed like Walter realized this, so heleft the table, and Fancy followed him. Later, the news announced the disappearanceof a young man.

With her husband passed out, Fancy gave Buddya tour of the house, and it turned out that she came from a long line of wealthy people. Buddy noticed a door with multiple bolts andasked what was inside, so Fancy replied that it had nothing but bad things. However, she laughed and said it was justthe basement. After this, they went upstairs into the master'sbedroom. As Fancy dressed, Buddy sat on the bed andgot nervous when he saw voodoo dolls in the corner. Fancy then asked about Buddy's marriage, andhe explained that his wife became distant.

After they had the baby. Just then, Fancy, who was dressed provocatively,sat beside him, so he stood up and looked at some pictures as a distraction, wonderingif she and Walter had kids. However, Fancy replied that she was barren,which made Buddy silent. Once again, Fancy started talking badly aboutBuddy's wife, then randomly asked if he's ever been with an older woman. She then shared that she'd never been witha younger man and wondered if she could tell him her fantasies. Cornered and embarrassed, Buddy told her togo ahead.

With this, she started sharing her fantasywhile trailing her hand over Buddy's leg. When it got too serious, he jumped from thesofa and fell on the floor. The loud thud woke Walter up, so he startedwalking upstairs. Meanwhile, Fancy opened Buddy's pants withjust her heel, and she tore his button away. Just then, Walter stopped before the doorand listened keenly. When he didn't hear anything, he left. To avoid the woman, Buddy decided to sleepin the living room. However, he later woke up to see Walter sittingclose to him with a gun. He started to panic, but Walter only invitedhim for a drink and a chat.

They headed to the attic, and Walter askedwhat he saw in the USS Stark, the ship that Buddy worked in. This surprised Buddy as he hadn't mentionedit, but Walter replied that he didn't let random people into his house. After this, Walter ranted about his careerand how something stupid ended it so early. His leg got injured in a friendly fire theday before his first mission, and he was never allowed to return. Two weeks later, he discovered that everyonein his squad got killed, and he asserted that he should've died with them.

He then asked Buddy to share his experience,and although he was scared for his life, the younger man tried acting cool. He shared that a bomber dropped several missilesand ignited the fuel lines. He tried saving his friend, but his body gotburnt beyond recognition, perishing along with 36 others. Walter then stood, ranting about how the governmentmade them fools. Just then, he reassured Buddy that meetingeach other was destined. He tossed Buddy $20,000 in a bag, saying thathe'd give him that if he killed Fancy. Buddy could barely believe what he heard,but Walter explained that Fancy was diagnosed.

With terminal cancer, and he'd rather haveher killed than watch her suffer. To convince him, Walter implied that the moneywould help his sick daughter and make his wife happy. He then gave him a tiny bottle of cyanideand instructed him to suffocate Fancy with it. Although he was shaking in fear, Buddy noddedand agreed. Later, Buddy found Fancy in the bathtub, andwhen she noticed him, she asked him to come inside. She then started talking about her childhoodtraumas and asked Buddy to do the same.

At first, he hesitated, but he went on tosay that his mother died in a boating accident when he was six, and this drove his fatherinto drinking himself into a coma. Buddy then asked Fancy what made her sad,and she replied that there wasn't enough whiskey in the world to relieve her sadness. Suddenly, Fancy pulled him into a kiss. Hearing about this, Jones questions Buddy'smorals. He defends that it'd been so long since hewas with his wife, and Fancy tempted him. He adds that he also pitied her because shewas sad. Still, the detective urges him to confess,which Buddy refuses.

However, he admits that he was trying to survivethat night by pitting the couple against each other. After the two made love, Fancy found the cyanidebottle, so Buddy ratted Walter out, saying that he paid him to kill her because she wasdying anyway. However, Fancy replied that she was neversick. She then walked out, promising not to saya word to Walter. Afterward, she approached Walter, who wasboarding up the broken window from the burglary. She apologized for being harsh on him andinsisted that she wanted to make peace. However, when his guard was down, Fancy stabbedhis hand.

Walter screamed, then slapped Fancy, knockingher out. He blamed Buddy for this, saying that he couldn'tfinish the job which caused him to hit a woman. Threatening him with his gun, he ordered Buddyto finish Fancy, forcing the young man to comply. However, a strong gust of wind broke the window,allowing Buddy to fight Walter off. After a struggle, Buddy gained the upper handand started punching Walter relentlessly. He then choked him until he passed out. After this, he tied Walter to the staircasejust as Fancy woke up. Walter soon regained consciousness and commendedBuddy for being a worthy warrior, so it was.

Alright if he killed him. However, Buddy refused to do it and decidedto take his chances with the storm rather than stay with the couple any longer. He asked for Walter's keys, and Fancy insistedon going with him. Laughing, Walter dared his wife to tell Buddythe truth. To distract Buddy, Fancy tried seducing him,but he remained firm. Uninterested, Buddy takes $200 from Walterfor fixing their fence. Before he could leave, Walter told him tokill him now, or he'd go after him and his whole family.

However, Buddy refused to listen and focusedon finding the keys. Walter suddenly burst into laughter, sayingthat Buddy should check their basement to understand what he was talking about. Curious, Buddy took the keys to the basementfrom Walter, but before he could open them, Fancy started shooting at him, forcing himto lock himself in a storage room. Meanwhile, Fancy untied Walter and reassuredhim that Buddy didn't open the basement. They then prepared themselves to capture theyoung man. In the room, Buddy found the burglar immobiledue to too much anesthetics. He had a cloth with some Japanese writingsin his hand.

The guy asked for help and revealed that therewere more of them. Just then, Walter busted into the room, soBuddy made his escape and ran upstairs. Fancy tried stopping him, but he only pushedher to the floor. With this, Walter went after Buddy himself,who was in the attic loading a gun. When Walter made it up there, Buddy immediatelystarted shooting but ran out of bullets. They then began fighting, and this time, Waltergained the upper hand. However, the window suddenly broke, and apiece of glass buried itself on Walter's back. Buddy then kicked him, causing him to falldownstairs. As Walter tried to catch his breath, Buddytried opening the front door, but Fancy knocked.

Him out. The following morning, Buddy woke up in histruck in the middle of the road with the lifeless burglar beside him. The police arrived, and this was how he wasarrested for allegedly killing the burglar from Walter's house. At the station, Buddy tells Jones to checkthe couple's basement because there must be a reason why it's guarded with multiple bolts,adding that he found the guy clutching the cloth with Japanese writing. Jones thinks he's making this up, so he givesup on interrogating the man.

Just then, Lisa arrives, and he allows thecouple to talk. Buddy then tells Lisa to believe him, butit's hard for her after discovering that he slept with Fancy. Meanwhile, Detective Newton tells Jones thatthey might be onto something. Buddy mentioned that the guy had a piece ofcloth with Japanese writing, and it so happens that a missing lady was last seen wearinga silk dress with the same writing. With this, Detective Jones immediately goesto Buddy while Lisa leaves. He then shows the writings to him, and heconfirms that it's what he saw. This boggles Jones, so he tells Newton toget a search warrant.

Newton, along with some other officers, thenheads to the Franklins' home, and they explain that they're suspected to be doing some foulthings. The police ask Walter about his beat-up face,and he replies that he got into an accident because of the storm. He acts calm and pretends that nothing iswrong as he welcomes everyone to his home. The rest of the officers check out the basement,and Newton follows them, leaving the couple to Officer Garrett. She cruises through the long basement anddiscovers someone behind a locked door. In the living room, the couple panics as theyrealize that they're about to be busted.

Fancy refuses to leave her home even thoughshe initially wanted to run away with Buddy. Walter berates her for dragging him into herplot, excusing that he just wanted to expand their family but refuses to be jailed forit. Because of this, Walter beats up officer Garrettand runs outside to save himself. Meanwhile, Newton opens the door and findsthe missing woman. They then rush upstairs to catch Fancy screamingfor her husband, who has now taken the car to escape. At the station, Jones releases Buddy as they'vefound a nightmare in the Franklins' basement. When Buddy gets home, Lisa is already on herway to leave him for good.

Twelve days later, Walter is still on therun until one day, he shows up with Lisa as his hostage to confront Buddy outside a diner. Buddy tells the waitress to call the police,then he faces Walter, who's dressed in his uniform. Walter forces Buddy to reveal his secretsas revenge for him exposing theirs. With no choice, the young man admits thathe never helped his friend and just let him die. This disappoints Walter, calling him a coward. With sirens closing in, Walter tells Buddyto come to him, and when he does, he releases.

Lisa and holds him hostage. The police arrive, and he announces that he'llrelease Buddy in exchange for Fancy. However, Jones replies that she's in a mentalfacility, but they can surely talk this through. However, Walter claims he's done talking. He then announces his rank in the Marineswhile Buddy begs him to stop, realizing what he's up to. Still, Walter releases the man and brandisheshis guns, forcing the officers to shower him with bullets, ultimately killing him. During this, Buddy gets shot in the shoulder.

He later ends up in the hospital, where Lisatells him that they can fix their marriage one step at a time. Days later, the incident gets reported onthe news, revealing that the Franklins abducted their victims and forced them to bear childrento fulfill Fancy's dreams of being a mother.

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