Couple Had Intercourse for the First Time after 6 Months of Marriage, however Did Now not Ride the Pleasure

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The couple finally had sex for the firsttime after more than half a year of marriage But the inexperienced couple failedto make it after several attempts Marie sat on the edge of the bed in despairLouis went back to his room to write in his diary.But then the servant brought the sad news that the king was dying.On the other side of the room came the news Madame du Barry, who was about to marryand become the queen of the kingdom. She rushed into the chambers in a panic.The king's face was already covered with herpes. The doctors diagnosed it as smallpox.It was not only incurable but also highly contagious.The doctors advised everyone.

To leave the king's chambers.But Madame du Barry insisted on staying by the king's side.The king was not only the man she had been with for half her life.It was the only man she had ever relied on in her life.Louis was also anxious outside the house. He realized that he was aboutto become King of France. Louis insisted on entering the house to conveyto his grandfather a very important message. But Marie would not allow her husband,the Dauphin, to risk his life. She said she had already had smallpox.So she could go into the room and deliver the message for Louis.Marie then went to the king's bedside..

She told the king that Louis was now readyto take over the Bourbon dynasty. The king burst into tears at Louis's promise.He then told Marie to take good care of Louis for himand to be by Louis' side at all times. And his last words wereabout Madame du Barry. He asked everyone to treat Madame du Barrywell and to let her live with dignity. In 1774 A.D.Louis the Fifteenth, the fourth king of the Bourbons, died of smallpox.Louis and Marie, who were waiting for the news in their room, were also confronted byservants who knocked on their door. In a sacred coronation ceremonyLouis was officially crowned as the.

Fifth king of the Bourbon dynastyThe political career of Louis the Sixteenth began.Marie finally survived all the insults and ostracismand became the Queen of France How will the young couplelead a tumultuous France? Marie's first act after herascension to the throne was to go against the wishes of the late kingShe sends Madame du Barry to a convent. She also came to congratulate Marie on becomingqueen and to bring an end to their relationship, which was not a friendship.The two of them may have had a lot in common. They were just two women tryingto live in a sick world..

The war between Marie and Madame duBarry has finally come to an end. But Marie's challenges are not over.Although she was now the queen. But Marie's lack of childrendid not earn any respect. Joséphine, who was pregnant with theheir, stole all the limelight from her And Louis, who had just succeeded to the throne,had a lot of national business to attend to. He had no time for Marie, sohe gave her the Petit Trianon, which the king had built for his favorite woman.So that she could entertain her friends and get rid of her boring lifeAnd Marie decided to take this opportunity to consolidate herdominance in the Palace..

The extravagant queen of France did notknow that she would be accused of spending the treasury at the age of 39and sent to the guillotine. Nor did she know that all the gifts offate were already priced in secret Since Louis the Sixteenth'saccession to the throne He felt guilty for not beingable to satisfy his wife Marie. To make Marie happyLouis gave her Petit Trianon. But since thenMarie began to live a life of unrestrained extravaganceShe spent her days throwing lavish parties. and was inundated withexpensive jewels and fashions..

Marie's style of fashion sweptthrough the French aristocracy. Marie was even addicted to gambling.Her reckless spending drew the discontent of the courtiers and the public.But the cowardly Louis still pampered the spoiled queenUntil this day Many small notes suddenly flew out of Versailles Rumors of Queen Marie's indecencyspread throughout Versailles. By this time, Marie'sreputation had become a joke. Louis sent royal spies to investigate the person behind the rumors in order tostop the spread of the rumors..

Louis came to Petit Trianon towarn Marie in person However, on the night Mariereturned to Versailles She is teased and humiliated by her sister-in-law,who is walking with her pregnant belly However, at the dinnerLouis announced his upcoming appointments in public.He nominated the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the old princesses, not Marie.The spoiled wife was furious Marie once again chose toleave overnight in anger But this time she did cross the lineAlthough Louis was weak and lacked decision making as a monarchBut Marie's capriciousness challenged his.

Authority as the king of the countrySo this time Louis sent the French ambassador with an edictto forcefully recall Marie to Versailles. But Louis took the initiative to talk to Mariethat night in order to resolve the conflict. He said that he wanted to protect her by notinvolving her too much in political issues. But Marie did not understand herhusband's good intentions at all She even mocked him for his weakness.Louis decided to answer the question with action. But his slightly violentbehavior frightened Marie. She refused and slapped him in the faceThe conflict between the couple escalates The musicians Marie brought to the ballroomnot only clash with the Second Prince Provence.

Moreover, Provence is so frightened thathe sits on his pregnant wife's belly Josephine cries out in pain The woman who is about to “miscarry”pulls out a pillow from her belly She cuts her thigh with a pair of scissors tocreate the illusion of childbirth In order to consolidate their position,the second prince and his wife teamed up to stage a fake pregnancyHowever, the royal spy who was hiding under the bed discovered all this.Marie doesn't know this and comes to Josephine's bedside to comfort her.As a woman, she doesn't want to see such a situation.The royal spy tells Louis about.

Josephine's false pregnancy.Louis did not choose to expose his brother's deceptionMarie is not chastised by him either The disharmony between himand Marie's private life and the great contradictionin their personalities Louis grew to feel that heand Marie were incompatible He also develops the idea of divorcing Marieand giving each other back their freedom. Louis confides in the Prime Minister,who is also his mentor and friend. The Prime Minister already disliked Marie.With Louis' consent, he began to draft a divorce agreement between the two of themThe political union between France.

And Austria was about to fall apart.Marie's brother Joseph II quickly arrives in France to stop his sister's nonsenseand save the marriage from ruin. Joseph is different fromMarie's tactless personality. Joseph is able to keep his head above waterand knows how to get a foothold in the palace. He quickly made the two oldestprincesses smile and laugh. Not only did he recognize each member ofthe royal family exactly on first meeting He also knew their temperaments.Joseph had the ambassador to France deliberately slow down the divorcenegotiations with the prime minister. While gaining Louis' trust with hishumorous manner of speaking and acting.

Then he made an analogy with Louisthrough hunting Joseph realizes that Louis is notdevoid of feelings for Marie. So he creates a chance forthe two of them to talk. But he clearly underestimatedMarie's capriciousness Marie is now tired of this boring marriage.She even wants to get a divorce and go back to Austria as soon as possible.She says something outrageous and leaves. It's true what Louis said.Marie and Louis couldn't communicate with each other.However, the next day Louis chose to arrive atthe interview as promised..

Only Marie didn't show up.When Joseph found Marie, he found her having fun at the gambling table.Joseph immediately dragged her out of the casino and clearly informedher of the danger she was in. She would not be free to return to Austriaafter her engagement to Louis was broken. She would be locked up in a conventfor the rest of her life. The regulations of the divorceagreement were already in order. Louis decides to see for himself the”cell” where Marie will be held. But when he saw the cramped and small room,he couldn't bear to do that to Marie. Then he offered to talk to Josephone last time with Marie.

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