Cramped mommy Yaoyao

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Sleeping aether Time to get up! Your breakfast is ready, so you'd better hurry… [email protected]*(RFH#7*)#R&**DHG* Uh, huh? You still wanna snooze a while? Well, okay — but five minutes and that's all, okay? Five minutes, and I'll be back to wake you up again.

*sigh* I knew I should have sent you to bed earlier… Now, don't forget: You don't wanna nap right away after a big lunch, but you also mustn't go racing off on an adventure. You gotta wait for your food to go down, or you'll get a tummy-ache. go outside Ehh You're going out again tonight? Hmm, what time do you plan on getting back?.

Well, it's dark out, so be really careful… Time for your bedtime story… Now, where did we get to last t—time… Ah, yes: “Ever since ancient times… the mighty and illuminated adepti have protected Liyue against evil. Among them, mmngh mmph…”

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