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Hi there this is a short recap of the animation feature called The Witcher nightmare of the Wolf the movie starts with the appearance of a young boy named Sugo he sings a very sad song as he pees his father stops him saying that the song is frightening his younger sisters sico blames his father for getting them lost in the very Forest.

That have been rumored to contain beasts that murder humans when his younger sister hears this they become more frightened and they ask their father if it is true while the dad tries to calm them down a creature kills him and the daughters Sego manages to escape but soon he encounters one of the tentacles of the monster a man grabs him from.

Behind and signals him to keep quiet the man then goes out to confront the creature during the battle he refers to the creature as a lesson and states that they cannot talk he drinks a certain green portion which heightens his abilities and he defeats the lesson by burning it while the fire burns the lesson the man notices that it speaks a.

Strange language Sego immediately deduces that the man is a Witcher Sugo asks him why this lesson could talk The Witcher seems confused himself he harvests the money from Sugo's dead father before leaving before he leaves he tells Sugo to practice his sad face to get passersby to have compassion on him Sugo is lucky enough to be picked up.

By Tetra Gilchrist a Sorceress in the royal castle Sugo narrates the tale to Tetra she consoles the boy and tells him that his family will receive a proper burial Petra presents this before the king is a reason to eradicate the witchers however late eat serps deposes this motion after a long boring argument the king decides that the eradication of.

The witchers can be considered if Tetra is able to provide evidence of the allegations laid Against The Witches by her vessemer The Witcher who saved Sugo earlier is seen in a bathtub as he talks to his elf friend named Phil short for Philip Andrew they both discuss the strange occurrence of the russian-speaking alien an elf language.

Phil also tells vesimir about The Disappearance of little female elves from the forest he puts forth a theory that it could be linked to The Disappearance of a certain elf who could speak alien named kitsu Phil asks for vessimir's help in finding the missing elves but vesimir demands payment Phil is disgusted by his greediness so he.

Leaves him the next scene shows us when Bessemer was still a young boy he is seen looking at a honey cake on the table while his father and a Healer try to tie up a woman who has been experiencing mental illness he is sent to the market to get some herbs to calm the lady down while trying to get the horse prepared to go.

To the market his female friend named Eliana throws some snowballs at him he beats the horse so it kicks the stable and causes snow to fall on her he jumps out to save her but they end up falling together vessimir expresses his dissatisfaction with the poor life they both have as slaves an idea pops into his head to use the money given to him.

To buy herbs to buy a honey cake and then steal the herbs they both ride into town and execute the plan with Mastery they succeed and they both settle down to eat the honey cake in an alley while eating they both stare into each other's eyes and start to approach each other for a kiss unfortunately we don't get to see that lovely scene thanks to a.

Witcher named deeglin who interrupts them due to the herb they were holding he deduces that it must be for a person suffering for mental illness so he threatens to take them back to the market if they don't take him to the woman diglin arrives at the place and Maps out a circle around the lady's bed with a certain powder the others leave.

But Bessemer shows us to stay deeglin then gives him a bag to catch the monster that comes out of the lady the exorcism begins and the circle around the bed begins to burn with blue flames the creatures eventually come out of the lady but vesimir fails to catch it so deklin is forced to kill it after the exorcism deeglin shows vesimir how much.

They paid him for that simple exercise he tips vesimir some coins for his effort vessemer tells deeglin that he wants to become a Witcher but diglin refuses and tells him that he is still too hesitant the following day Ileana and vesimir meet again vesimir expresses his dissatisfaction again in their poor lives eliada on the.

Other hand says she would be content with a normal life she asks vesimir what he would do if he had all the coins in the world vessemer says he will travel the world Eliana on the other hand says she will get a house by the lake alongside her husband after failing to convince vessimir to stay and be content with a normal life Ileana leaves vesimir.

To his fate later that night after leaving a honey cake by eliana's bedside vessimir sets out to meet diglin back to the present day vesimir arrives at the witcher's hive he meets his friend named Luca he shows his money to Luca Luca too shows his little earnings to vesimir too Luca.

Makes a statement saying that they are putting themselves out of business by killing more monsters then a truck arrives full of little boys who will be trained to be the next set of witchers vessemer reads the petition that Tetra wrote against the witchers while with diglin they also discussed the new set of monsters that are.

Emerging vessimir sees it as a problem deglin sees it as a good way to make more money vesimir encounters the young boys who are candidates for the next set of witchers practicing with their swords outside one of them approaches vessemer saying that they haven't been fed for days vessemer scolds him and warns him to appreciate the little he is being.

Given the next scene traces back to vesimir's Childhood he seems to have fully joined the other boys being trained to become witchers he consoles a crying boy in The Stables the boy seems to be worried about the trial of the grasses a deadly and fatal final test to filter out the weak candidates however vesamir manages to console and.

Encourages the boy not to worry vessimir and the other boys wake up in the trial of grasses they are given medallions that vibrate when it detects any monster nearby they came unprepared which leads to the death of most of the boys leaving only vessemer who can escape from the claws of the monsters vessemer wakes up in an infirmary severely wounded he.

Walks into a room with a large tree in it bloodstained medallions are hung all over it he picks one of them and runs to the corridor where he cries bitterly while crying The Medallion vibrates which indicates the presence of a monster he traces it into a room which looks like a laboratory and is full of different monsters at that moment a mage.

Appears from behind him and reveals that the he created these monsters and created the witchers to kill them vesimir begins to express his anger at the crazy Theory when diglin arrives and tells him that someone dropped a letter for him vesimir leaves angrily and goes to his bed to read the letter the letter is from Eliana she explains that she has.

Been bought by a royal family and now living her best life she also wishes vessimir luck in his Chase for coin after a lot of tormenting trials vesamir's eyes change to Yellow which indicates that he is now a full-fledged Witcher back to the present vesimir and Luca are seen drinking in a bar while telling some women Tales of how they.

Swindled gullible citizens for their money while the women leave to fetch more wine some Knights confront them about abusing their power the argument turns into a battle that leads to the death of the knights Petra uses this as another opportunity to oppose the witchers in front of the king lady serps deposes saying that the witchers only.

Defended themselves the argument between these two annoys the king and he orders them to shut up lady serps then suggest to the king to use Luca and vesimir to kill the monsters in the forest that have been tormenting the kingdom as payment for your crimes while avoiding war with the witchers the king agrees lady serps goes.

To see vessimir in prison where it is discovered that she is Eliana she tells vesimir how the son of the royal family she was sold to fell in love with her and married her she also tells him about one of her daughters that just made her a grandmother the duo continues Reminiscing on the past before a soldier comes in so they go back to.

Being formal Eliana tells vesimir that he will be killing the monster that has been causing trouble in the forest while accompanied by Terror the following morning before vessimir and Tetra leave for the forest vessimir promises Eliana that he will slay the beast on her behalf on their way to the forest vessimir wouldn't shut up as he keeps.

Talking about the elves later in the night when they have dinner Tetris uses a story to prove to vesimir how corrupt the witchers are during the dinner vessemer also notices that tetry uses Fire magic which is forbidden for upstanding Mages the following morning they discovered that they have been going in circles in the.

Forest Petra is quick to deduce that it is an illusion she mutters some incantations and casts the illusion away she almost falls off a cliff before vessemer saves her Tetra is shocked at the size of the illusion and wonders about the magic Source at that point they see kitsu on a tower alongside a dragon-like creature.

The creature approaches them and a battle unfolds between them during the battle vessimir and Tetra keep saving each other they deliver the final attack as Tetra encloses the creature in ice while vesimir punches a hole in the ice structure and releases fire into it killing the creature kitsu approaches the creature and begins.

To cry the cliff near them starts to collapse in the middle of the chaos kitsu changes into a fox and flees the scene they discover that the cliff collapsing is an illusion vesimir picks up his sword stained with blood and smells it he notices that kitsu blood smells like Amar vesimir put a theory saying kitsu could be a crossbreed they.

Both decide to go to the elf school to get some answers when they get there they meet Phil tied to the wall they free him and he tells them that kitsu has been kidnapping the female elves and experimenting on them during their discussion Tetra then asks who mutated kitsu now that she is the one mutating others Petra looks at the equipment on.

The table and both her and Phil assumes that vessemer might be behind all this just to create more monsters to kill for more coins while vessemer is trying to prove his innocence he remembers deeglin telling him that more monsters mean more coins he tells them again that he isn't behind this at that moment a mutated little elf.

Girl appears behind them Tetra is quick to use her weapon as she Fires at the elf girl but Phil quickly protects her and tells Tetra not to hurt her she refuses and tries to pull another arrow before vessemer puts his sword to her throat Phil swears that if the elf causes any trouble he will kill her himself then he leaves Petra dances on a.

Cliff and summons energy that she uses to destroy the L School word reaches the kingdom about the witchers creating Monsters the king immediately orders the execution of Luca despite eliana's police vesimir arrives at the witcher's Kingdom and discovers a laboratory where monsters are being created deglin appears and explains to.

Vesimir that they need to keep making monsters to keep them in business vessemer disagrees with the whole idea of creating monsters so a battle unfolds between deeglin and vesimir they are interrupted by a Mage and Eliana who came to warn them that Tetra had spread word all over the kingdom that the witchers are responsible for making the.

Monsters they go outside to meet an angry mob at the castle Gates ready to battle the witchers Eliana tells vesimir that she will take the children to safety she kisses vessimir before leaving vesamir approaches Tetra at the Battlefront and Promises Tetra that there will be no monsters Petra asks if he gives her his.

Word but unfortunately diglin doesn't and this annoys Terra she opens a portal to another realm where kitsu summons out demons to fight the witchers a full-fledged battle unfolds between the witchers and the demons during the battle diglin tells vessemer to finally Anna while he keeps fighting vesimir drinks the green portion that serves as.

A power booster to the witchers he quickly finds Eliana in the Captivity of tetra he threatens that he can kill all her men in the blink of an eye but then kitsu appear suddenly and puts vesimir in an illusion where he lives in a perfect world with Eliana after a while he can sense that he is not in a real world he breaks free from.

The illusion and kills all of tetra's men dead before facing her in kitsu in battle he defeats them both after beheading Tetra Petra's head Falls and turns into that of a Mage and vesimir realizes that he has been in an illusion all this while then suddenly Tetra delivers an attack on vessemer and a fatal one on Eliana.

Fortunately vesamir is saved by diglin who kills Tetra from behind before dying himself grief stricken vessimir carries a lyanna to a frozen lake and defrosts it by channeling fire through it he does this to give Eliana a view of the lake before she passes away vessimir finds all the surviving child witchers and throws bloodstained medallions at them.

Offering them a chance to join him and become full-fledged witchers he tells them that there will always be another monster the movie ends as one of the children picks up a medallion and stares at it I must admit this is a masterpiece that makes you wish the original Witcher movie was also just done in anime form.

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