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Damien was like family now we passed talking then maybe you just have tofind out what's going on so all my movie fans out there and welcome back to the channel we are backdiscussing a new Creed movie that's right Creed 3 coming to theaters next week your boy got achance to see it early in theaters and I'm so excited to be here with you all because I'm a fanof this franchise so we're gonna be talking about the good and the bad I'm gonna give you my scoreto film and by the end of this video I'm gonna let you all know if Creed 3 is worth seeingin theaters we'll be discussing that and much more in today's spoiler free review but before weget into it let's start the conversation in the comments below let me know number one if you'rea fan of the rocky slash Creed films and if you.

Were excited for this new movie and of courseonce you've seen Creed 3 let's talk about it what worked for you all what didn't work let's talkabout the writing the direction the performances and if you've seen all three Creed movies wherewould you rank this one amongst the others let's have those conversations below and of course ifyou all enjoyed my review today consider hitting that thumbs up as well as sharing this video withthat being said let's talk about Michael B Jordan Direction now after being in front of thecamera since he was 12 years old and having the opportunity of picking the brains of all thevarious directors he's worked with in movies and shows this marks his directorial debut and I gottasay man I was pretty impressed by Mr Michael B Jordan's Direction and his directing sensibilitiesnow he's kind of sort of following the footsteps.

Of Sylvester Stallone in the sense of we knowStallone directed five of the rocky films and obviously this is Michael B Jordan directing theCreed film and the way Michael captures this new side of Adonis to me we've never seen this andI really appreciated seeing him because if you followed the franchise you know he didn't grow upwith Apollo so we get to see Donnie as a full-time father a full-time husband and him approaching hisback half of his boxing career and what comes with that is this new level of maturity a new level ofresponsibilities and after seeing this film I'm confident in saying to you all I would be excitedto see another Michael B Jordan directed film now there were some shortcomings that we'll talkabout a little bit later but overall I was pretty impressed by his Direction and kind of stickingand I would love to see by the way I would love.

To see him direct maybe another Creed film ormaybe a spin-off to the rocky Creed franchise but going to his performance I'm gonna be honest withyou all this to me wasn't my favorite performance as he plays Adonis but again I come to appreciateseeing this new side of him the more reserved side he's not as arrogant or as cocky or as reactionaryas we've seen him in the previous films it was to me a nice contrast a nice change of pace and Ireally appreciated this new element of him and again his performance his Direction was prettysolid across the board so Switching gears and talking about one of the more fundamental thingsthat I like about the Rocky movies and now the Creed films is how important the family is andsticking a family in preparation our re-watch Creed one and two and I really enjoy seeing thisprogression of the relationship between Donnie.

And Bianca and Marianne and now throwing theirdaughter and the mix and going back to Bianca played by Tessa Thompson she means to Donnie iswhat Adrian meant to Rocky and no disrespect to Adrian because she's so integral to those filmsit's a rocky in the family and the life they built together but I personally feel Biancahas just a little bit more to do in the films than what Adrian did and she's kind of able toseparate herself from just kind of being that role of a wife and we get to see that with hercareer as a musician and we see that within this film and test it to me does a really good job ofchecking Donnie at times of this movie especially when she's learning new things about his pastand has this strong presence throughout the film and also sticking to the family conversationthe young girl who plays their daughter to me did.

A really good job because this film explores aplot line I was introduced in Creed 2 where they just had the newborn baby there might be someissues with her hearing and we get to see the results of that in this film and I thought theyhandled that pretty well but transitioning to a mother that we or someone a TV mother that I grewup with I know a lot of you all probably grew up with her as well I'm talking about Felicia Rashadas Marianne Creed who definitely has more to do this time around compared to her second film aswell as I would say she probably has more to do in this one than the first one as we get to seeher in this film her and Donnie we've always seen this Dynamic where Dany really appreciated hertaking him in as a son but we've never really seen her perspective of the situation so in thisfilm without giving too much away I appreciate it.

Being able to see this time around how importantAdonis was to her and what that meant to her life and they share a really good touchy moment inthis film but lastly y'all as far as performances I gotta talk about my favorite performance andthat is Jonathan Majors who's having a hell of a year so far and him as Damien who comes infrom Donnie's past and he has a hell of a ship on his shoulder this man's presence was definitelyFilled from the first time you see him on screen and throughout the duration of this movie Jonathandoes such a a great job of making you understand his side of the story and you see where thishatred stems from and this pain is suffering from within and it actually shows in his fightingstyle within the ring now I know there's been some early conversations about this might be the bestRocky villain of all time it's debatable but I'm.

Not going as far as saying that but I will sayas far as the Creed films go oh yeah without a shot of a doubt he is the best villain withinthis Creed franchise and he reminds you like I said we can sympathize with his character but hereminds you he is a terrible person sometimes he does some dirty things in this film to kind ofget him in a certain position and also I gotta talk about how much I love this West Coast Swaggerthat he brought today and he definitely has that juice in this film y'all so if you're a JonathanMajors fan he's a hell of an actor and he does a really good job in his movie as Damien so a couplelast points before we get to my criticisms as far as the story goes it's pretty straightforward aswe come to know with these Rocky films slash Creed films but I really enjoyed exploring the themesin this movie for example your past even though.

It was important to you at that time it doesn'thave to necessarily be in your present or in your future we also get to tackle more of the themesof family secrets this is very important in this film we also get to tackle these themes of brokenpeople and broken relationships and finding the lessons within your trauma and moving past yourtrauma and learning from them for the betterment of yourself and others and not allowing your hateto shape your life or life decisions as we see with the Dame character so I thought the themeswere really strong and a couple more things I want to mention the soundtracks fires a lot of WestCoast vibes from Dr Dre nipsy hustle and I can't leave without mentioning the fight sequences whichwere pretty amazing in this film and the way that Michael B Jordan decided to handle it creativelyspeaking it took me a little bit to get used to.

But once I got used to it I thought they werejust some of the best fight sequences we've seen in this entire franchise and just seeing the wayMichael captured it the way he did a good job of displaying the brutality and the force with withinthe ring especially when we get the fight between Dame and Donnie Adonis might be my favorite fightin the entire Creed franchise so those are my main positives Switching gears and talking about mycriticisms with this film I will say first thing first the first half of the film to me felt a bitoff in the pacing it was a bit slow I'm gonna be honest with you all I feel like obviously we haveto catch up with what's going on with Chris this last time we saw him we gotta establish thisrelationship between him and Dame and the whole family Dynamic and I and I appreciate all thatstuff but again the first 30 35 minutes were very.

Slow as far as the pacing of this film which alsobrings me to when we transition into the film gets better as it goes on but there is a very importantemotional beat that takes place in the second half of the film and I feel for being honest withyou all I felt that emotional element in the film was rushed it kind of was glanced over thingshappen pretty quick and when it comes to sticking and Landing I don't feel like they did so becausewe go buy this scene which is so big for our main character it actually ties the directly into oneof my other big criticisms and that is filling the lack of Rocky in this movie now without getting tothe weeds if you all do not know there is a lot of behind the scenes drama involving SylvesterStallone and the whole story of him and the ownership of Rocky and his relationship with theproducer Erwin Winkler and again there's a whole.

Public conversation about that and if you allhave filed the franchise to me creature did a good enough job of establishing the scene where we seeCreed after fighting Victor we have a moment where Rocky says to him is your time now kid right andthat to me was like him passing the mantle on to Michael B Jordan to carry this franchise of creedbut I'm not gonna lie I felt his presence not being there in this film and there's two scenesand there's two kind of particular elements in this film not going to spoil it here but I'll justsay this there is a moment in the film that I felt like Rocky was needed one goes hand in hand withthat emotional moment I was just talking about how I felt that that element was rushed I'll just sayyou would have thought there were at least been a phone call I'll just say a phone call was neededin that scene and also I love Wood Harris I mean.

You talk about Above the Rim Remember the Titanspaid in full and I really like him as duke in these films but seeing Duke ringside with a Donand seeing Duke with the training montage with Adonis trying to motivate him I feel like Rockyjust Rocky did it better I'm just being honest with you all so again I don't think the lack ofRocky hurts the film and Hurts The Narrative but it was just two scenes in particular the emotionalmoment I'm like Rocky definitely would have been there and then again I I appreciate Duke and Iappreciate Wood Harris but I think that Rocky just kind of fits better within that motivationalside of Adonis within this film so last thing I want to talk about there are some off-screendevelopments that we don't get to see in this film I'm more focusing on the boxing perspectiveand the boxing career of Adonis he accomplishes.

Certain things that I wish I would have been ableto see between Creed two and three and then even focusing on the Dame character he the way he'sable to position himself in this film happens pretty quickly so again that goes back to someof the pace in some of the directional choices and creative choices I wasn't a big fan of butlast thing I want to talk about Michael B Jordan I talked about him a little bit early and again Iwas pretty pretty solid performance especially in the second and third act once you get to see himget more engaged in the story him and Dame have to have their beef that's to me where Michaelreally kind of excels in this role but some parts in the first half I felt like he was kindof going through the motions I feel like he was kind of formal leg in his role as Adonis it waskind of stale his performance and I don't know if.

This is to be true I would love to talk to MichaelB Jordan about this as far as that transition from an actor term director and directing yourselfand want to be there for your other actors I wonder if there was some sense of I need to bethe director for the betterment of this film for the betterment of these actors and I feel likeyou felt that in the first half because he was kind of he was in the film obviously he's a leaderof the film but I feel like his performance was kind of hindered from him being the directorand I might have took him away from some of those lackluster moments that I felt in that firsthalf so those are my game Pros those are my main cons before I give you all my overall score andlet you know if this film is worth checking out in theaters if you stuck around to this point inreview I appreciate you just a friendly reminder.

If you're enjoying yourself and you appreciate mycommentary consider hitting the thumbs up sharing this video and of course subscribe to the channeloverall Creed Three to me has become one of my favorite trilogies in the last decade this filmis able to continue the tradition of how important family is fighting your demons facing your pastcontinuing the traditions of the legacy of creed and what that name means to him at this pointof his career yes there were some pacing issues that I had some character developments I wouldhave seen on screen and I do feel like Rocky was missed but overall y'all after walking out of thetheater I was sitting around a three out of five but now thinking about it sitting on a little bitmore I'm confident in giving Creed 3 a 3.5 out of five and answer that question I post up top isthis worth seeing in theaters hell yes I've seen.

Bigger screen possible especially seeing thosefight sequences on the big screen with something worth checking out by itself but again overall3.5 out of 5 and you should buy your tickets to see Creed 3. so go ahead and now this is where youguys interact the video once you've seen the film Pros cons what work what didn't work favoritemoments least favorite moments thoughts on the performances the direction that you feel the lackof Rocky in this film let's talk about that and also speaking of Rocky I might make a short videoor maybe even a longer video just kind of talking more about those scenes that I didn't want tospoil here as far as where I think Rocky would have been perfectly suited in this movie so keepan eye out for that and also I'm gonna probably make a video ranking the three Creed films so goahead and share your rankings share your thoughts.

In the comments thank you so much for watchingthis review further reminder before we wrap this thing up to hit that thumbs up share this reviewleave your thoughts in the comments subscribe and hit that notification Bell hope you all enjoyedtoday's review hope you're staying safe as you all can see on the screen now come and join thecommunity check out my other reviews from this year so far check out my most recent breakdownand we'll catch you all on the next video

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  2. I mediate Creed 3 is the finest of the trilogy. I do know many will disagree nonetheless it became correct. (It would possibly maybe most likely presumably additionally’ve been 15-20 mins longer so to add more about 2 obvious backstories.) 8.5 out of 10.

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