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A lot of people still don't believewhat I say even to this day. But I hope that someone would believethat the horror I experienced is real.. So that I could ease my pain even a little bit..That’s why I am posting this to this community… 7 years ago, one deep dawn, I woke upsuddenly with goosebumps all over my body. My heart stopped for a second as soon as myvision came back slowly from the darkness. That was because around 7 people withknives in their hands were staring at me. Their faces were painted with white paint. At that moment, I learned that in such a horrificmoment, even a single voice does not come out. As if they were waiting for me to wakeup, they surrounded my face with knives..

7 knives surrounded my face, leavingjust about 1 cm away from my face. If I moved my head even just a little, bit,my face would have been stabbed all over. Frozen, I moved my eyeballs around.They were laughing like psychos, staring at me.I screamed. One of them put their knife right under my chinso that I could not open my mouth to scream. I asked why they are doing this to me, crying.They did not say a single word. Instead, they breathed grotesquely, as if theywere animals that couldn’t speak. After suffering from extreme horror without movinga single bit for hours, I eventually fainted. The next morning, when I opened my eyes, Ivomited frantically with a terrible headache..

Although the window was broken and open, the traceof them coming and going was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t breathe properly, and my heart beat3 times faster than usual and would not s top. I collapsed on my bed whilemy body was still shaking. I could not believe what had happened to me. Although I reported this incident to thepolice, the investigation was not easy, for there were no direct wounds left on mybody and there was no evidence that they left. I stayed at my friend’s house for a while,but I had terrible nightmares every night. However, this is not the end of the story. One day, I heard the news that a woman in her60s had died of a heart attack in her sleep..

A neighbor of hers saw the windowbroken and reported it to the police, and the police started to investigate,but they concluded that the reason for her death was a heart attack, sincethere weren’t any wounds on her body. There were no fingerprints of theculprits, no evidence at all to be found. But I thought I knew who did it..I was certain that it was them.. So I said to the police. However, when theyasked me what the criminals looked like. I couldn’t explain it to them properly becauseall of them were covered in white paint. After that, I moved away, and havenot heard if they were caught. However, I still suffer fromhorrendous nightmares even to this day..

Even tonight, I jumped out the bedbecause I felt a blade on my face. However, that was just in my imagination. After being panicked again for awhile, I could not go back to sleep. It is 4:00 in the morning, andI am writing this post to upload to this website because I can’t sleep.I still have no idea why they did sucha thing. or what their motives were.Even now, although 7 years have passed, this incident remains a mystery, and theterrible trauma left in me remains unsolved..

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