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It's Isaiah Colbert the otaku of Kotaku the year 2022 has blessed us with plenty of animes most memory characters take chainsaw man's cobeni g-witch's suleta and MOB psycho 100 season 3's reaganara taka to name a few all of some would Crown spy family's peanut loving telepath Anya forger as 2022's meme Queen.

There is another unsung pink-haired hero to rule them all much like the cute girls do cute things in music anime K on Mochi The Rock follows a group of high schoolers as they form their own after-school band however our titular character hitori Bocce goto carries a heavy cross she's got severe social anxiety like I'm.

Talking we'll curl up in a ball and die if she's ever put into a social situation type of debilitated social anxiety the anime sometimes pulls the deepest anime reference pools to illustrate boji's social awkwardness and many avatari's freak out moments push the barriers of how far the anime.

Medium can go to show us exactly what it's like to be a terrified little bee look no further than this scene in episode 4 where Tori is confronted with the reality that her friends want to take pictures with her that scream isn't digitally edited by the way her Japanese voice actress Yoshino aoyama really did that with her.

Human voice But anxiety be damned because this girl can shred on the guitar she might be a puddle of depression and angst rolled into a limp noodle rocker girl's body but boti truly makes Ernest steps towards becoming more confident in her abilities and worth as the show goes on like a basketball team pulling off a.

Comeback 40 points down in the fourth quarter boji's anime fail woman Antics and me more the freakouts snatch the mean queen crown from Spy family's little orphania do you agree with our decision to Crown Bocce as 2022's sovereign mean queen let us know in the comment section below

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