Crown Princess Betrayed by Fiancé, Assassinated by Cousin, and Sent Assist in Time? | Manhwa Recap

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The Story begins when the female protagonisterdella anuas discovers a news report showing that her future marriage has been destroyed shefeels angry and wants to know who originated the false reports so she calls her aide Nathanwho rushes to her side he requests her to calm down claiming they can't do anything aboutthe rumors right now but the female protagonist refuses saying the rumors will ruin her PublicImage Nathan follows carefully as she orders him to fetch her the people who published thestories despite her first response erdella has been expecting everything that has happened fromher fiance putting off their wedding to new rumors that he is neglecting her as she quietly takesher tea she reflects on how she's going to fix things refusing to let her nightmare happen againerdella is a newest Crown Princess and because her.

Father the previous King died while she was youngher Elder cousin Sangre tristani who was also the Duke became the Regent she trusted him entirelywhen she was little relying on her cousin for everything she was thrilled to be engaged toJoshua tenant but one night she heard noises coming from the bedroom with her eyes wide she sawhis fiancee in bed with another woman who laughed at her smugly shattering her heart meanwhileSangre whom she trusted the most began to get rid of her circulating rumors that she was not ofRoyal lineage when her mother the last queen died erdella was taken away by Knights who forced herto leave the castle while the Duke happily watched from afar at the age of 27 the court sentenced herto death and she couldn't help but believe it was all because she was young and naive she went backin time for years and when she awoke she had the.

Capacity to detect lies from other people aroundher currently the princess makes a decision to start a new life refusing to let history repeatitself and as she recalls the suffering that she suffered in her previous life erdella throws herCup on the table telling herself that she will become the villain rather than being a victim sheis determined to bring down those who deceived her specifically Sangre who is responsible for most ofher suffering unfortunately for her erdella will soon meet someone and everything she has lost willbe reclaimed as well all of her goals later Nathan anxiously notifies his mistress that a letter fromJoshua arrived yesterday but she barely glances at it knowing that in the anus Royal Line gettingengaged at 19 and marrying your lover at 20 is a custom Joshua the man she loved was bothlovely and gentle nevertheless before leave.

Fingerdella he cheated against her with hercousin Lily she explains to Nathan that her fiance will be putting salt in her wound bysending a letter therefore she sends it to him after her assistant asked exactly what sheplans to do she thought for a while before laughing and instructing Nathan much to hissurprise that he should forget about the letter he immediately argues noting that any messagesin the palace are documented implying that what she's doing is foolish but she states thathe lost the letter grabbing it from his hands she throws it in the fire saying there's no needto read it because it's just divorce letters as Nathan is still shocked erdella admits thatJoshua did something she requested him not to do and she expresses her desire that her assistantwill not thereafter treat her as a broken lady to.

Which he quickly agrees she proceeds toward whereJoshua is thinking there's something she wanted to offer him later after asking him to preparea carriage since she'll be seeing her fiance later at the Duke's residence the princess's groupis sincerely welcomed but rather than entering by the front door she points out that she wishes totake a less used way explaining how criminals use Less Traveled paths somebody falls from a tree andscreams in agony while they walk along the path when someone says that his fall won't kill himJoshua becomes shocked to find erdella in front of him she questions him what's currently goingon seeing him being naked plus the fact that he had just left Lily's room when people present inthe princess's group begin to speculate Joshua tells her that he knows that she's doingthat because she reads the letter he wrote.

But Ardella merely plays stupid by inquiringher assistant regarding it as Nathan apologies and explains that all of the letters deliveredto the princesses earlier in the day had gone missing Joshua feels concerned the assistantclaims that letters have already been delivered to his home informing him of the situation butbecause Joshua was at home he couldn't have read it yet Joshua terrified assures Ardella thathis action has been a mistake as grabbing for her right hand but she knocks his hand awaydeclaring clearly that she is not any more engaged with him she washes her fingers shockedand demands that the man respects her when he shouts her name angrily she is threateningto execute him for his disobedient Behavior the nearby door suddenly opens up exposing Lilywho shouts declaring that she and Joshua love each.

Other as she inquires as to what she is doing hercousin talks about how Joshua loves her even more than erdella telling how he would always claimthat she is more beautiful than the princess despite her expectations the female protagonistjust Grins and demands that Lily rise the blonde-haired woman intends to accuse her ofhaving been envious when she notices the princess reaching for a night's weapon while Nathan begshis mistress to stop erdella takes the blade and points it towards Lily at the same time a bunchof men are discussing how they are anyways for the very first time before asking their prince princeasyl about what he thinks as the latter says that it's an excellent location to trade discreetlythe guys congratulate the prince for possessing a Keen Eye informing him that no matter how otherpeople judge him which the blonde man appreciates.

The prince emerges from the trees and explainsthat the residence in front of them will be where he's going to be trading tomorrow'smorning he's going to tell them they should turn back because they're simply surveyingthe area when they hear someone screaming as the prince turns his head back he noticesan argument close and laughs believing the dark-haired woman is fierce at the same momentas Lily's blonde hair drops onto the ground erdella mocks her cousin claiming how her cousinalways has been hungry for everything that she has Lily has always wanted anything erdella had sincewhen they were children yet she had to give up simply to prevent the blonde from sobbingeven so the princess declares that this is her last chance at pointing her weapon at her andtelling other women to quit wanting what is hers.

Joshua reaches for erdella's arm imploring forthem to speak in private but she merely snatches her arm aside she now aims her weapon at himas she tells him she's breaking up with him much to his surprise he falls on his knees asshe threatens to execute him if he ever speaks with her again after returning the weapon toits rightful owner the merciless lady demands her ex-fiance if he would remain silent he crawlsnear her shaking with fear licking erdella's shoes still the princess proudly declares thatshe would be repealing her engagement to Joshua citing Royal deception andcunning as the basis for the separation Lily and the rest of the group keep mute declaringit an insult while Joshua attempts to argue erdella on the other hand punishes him announcingthat he along with everyone else in his family are.

Expelled and must continue to live on the bordersof the empire when the princess adds that every single one of her ex-fiance's properties andhonors would be taken her ex-fiance drowns in despair finally she warns him that unless he getsgranted forgiveness he will be unable to leave his area until he passes away and she calls Nathan andthe Servants of the tristani duchy as eyewitnesses erdella laughs as Lily suddenly pipes outlabeling her an evil person because she did things like this the female protagonist expressesgratitude to her cousin for identifying her as one especially because other people are unawareof this truth the princess asks whether or not she receives her warning considering the blondemerely has to look in her own mirror to find out erdella reflects on her trip back consideringthat Joshua and Lily who harmed her in the past.

Had already deceived the princess beforehand whenshe arrived in her new existence her ex-fiance and especially became acquainted with a slewof promiscuous women and was seduced by Lily then she recalls Sangre the one who framed her andstolen everything off her and she vows that she'll make him suffer next Nathan becomes worried as theprincess Shivers and asks if she's cold but she just tells him she's all right before wonderingabout the people who began the unfounded story he responds that the knights were previously awareof the situation and had succeeded in apprehending the perpetrators erdella is happy when he says thepurveyor should now be at the Imperial residence The Carriage suddenly comes to a stop causingthe occupants to jump from their seats Nathan ultimately asks his mistress if she'sokay and she nods when her attendant opens.

The door and demands to know what occurred he isconfronted with a cat Towing figure who begs for mercy and pity Nathan approaches them as erdellawatches after the princess tells him to find out what's going on after he returns he claims thatthey are the source of the fake news having escaped the royal guard before coming on to theprincess's carriage the female protagonist steps out expressing her dissatisfaction with the fakenews report distributed by the frightened figures the terrified Lads exchange glances before theyounger one apologizes once more pledging never to mention her personal issues again erdellagets annoyed and orders him to continue to keep his mouth shut unless he desires his deathsighing she adds that she's not the kind to call off an engagement on the whim of the momentassuring him that their news Goods was incorrect.

When she wonders who shared the reportof her false withdrawal Nathan replies it was a Youngster johab who publishes fakenewspapers so he can financially benefits and the boy who is older is his brother Tonyafter Nathan mentions how they pretend to be journalists and write misleading shards theprincess wonders why they're doing it and johab replies that it's the only method availablefor them to keep their family from starving their family had already been without food forthree days when he got the news about her Della softens as she realizes the youngster took riskssimply so they could eat and she remarks that he's extremely brave for his age because it was anissue of survival the princess declares she can't bear a grudge against them before asking Nathanmuch to her surprise to supply them with money she.

Gives Tony a gold coin and says she will not holdthem responsible for their deeds but she warns them that if their deception hurt their victimthey would have done an even more horrific crime she gives both Lads a chance which Peaks the Elderboy's interest unexpectedly recalling her previous life she claims she opted to end her relationshipwith Joshua indicating to them that she was the one who initiated the annulment of their marriageafter Tony Praises her she turns to yohab and hands him an additional gold coin directing himto bring an updated version of the news piece the next day erdella tells the youngster it'scompensation for his Services before handing him the money which he joyfully takes as sheenters the carriage she warns them not to do anything that may undermine their worth the nextday words circulated that princess erdella had.

Called off the marriage on her own record withelegance and resolution the female protagonist grins joyously as she enjoys the headline of thenews item which depicts her as a Confident Woman

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