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Good day, gentle viewers in today's news. Crunchyroll teams up to help teach youJapanese, KamiKatsu gets a delay and a whole bunch of new entries into existingfranchises are announced this week. So without any further ado, I am Tristan Gallant And welcome to Glass Reflection. Let's jam. Crunchyroll comes into the newsas of late in two separate ways. Firstly, the company has announceda partnership with language app Duolingo, integrating with their Japanese languagecourse.

And adding in 50 animespecific words and phrases. Now you too can be absolute crap at japanese because let’s face it you ain’t finishing this course. Even more so than before. 50 phrases. It doesn'tactually seem all that much to me, but then again, most of the informationI've ever read regarding using anime as a way to learn Japanesehas always boiled down to just don't. It is in many placessaid to just be a bad idea. So perhaps these 50 words and phrasesdon't do much on their own and they're just thereto potentially add a bit of flavor.

And keep some people on trackwith their language. Learning by adding in some,you know, things that they recognize and gets them back to being energizedand wanting to learn Japanese. runchyroll has also stated that they areadding a small number of their easy to understand anime series to essentiallyfree viewing with ad support. These anime include Bananya, Free,Nichijou and Laid Back Camp, which you knowis a nice gesture that I remember of time when all of these shows would have beenavailable for free with ad support. Regardless, and not just because of someweird promotion with a language app.

Remember the days when Crunchyrollhad the majority of their library availablefor ad supported viewing? Those were the days. Now Crunchyroll is also in the newsbecause they release a whole slate of upcoming home video releases. You remember that thing that I was worried they were just going to forget aboutwhile honestly looking at this list. Honestly,they still might have like attack on Titan and Dragon Ball are here,but those might just be continuing.

What Funimation was doing in the past. Just, you know, now with a different setof logos on the spine. So it's going to look real weirdon your shelf. In fact, in many ways, a lot of thingson this list just seem like funimation holdovers in one way or another. With only a few exceptions, like Spy Family is getting a DVDBlu ray combo release in July. And then there are also things like Devil as a part Timergetting its second season release as well.

I mean, even if I could say that,like Devil is a part Timer is only getting a second seasonrelease because the first season was released by Funimationback in the day and did really well. So why not do season two? Spy Family getting a home video releaseis the most unique thing out of the bunch. But I mean, it's also likeone of the most popular shows that Crunchyroll has hadin the last number of years. So it almost makes sense for themto try and milk it for all it's worth.

Like these days, streaming rights and homevideo rights are two separate thingsthat the company needs to negotiate for. And since streaming is, you know,the thing that Crunchyroll is its bread and butter. Most of the time when they negotiatefor things, I very much doubt that they even bother to put the homemedia license on the table to begin with. So a lot of timesthey license things for streaming and don't really care about their the DVDor Blu ray releases. And even looking at this slate of upcomingreleases,.

I still think that this is the case. Perhaps someone in a boardroomsomewhere is looking at this whole thing and really hoping that the Spy familyreleased does well enough so that they can justify it to the brassto do more home media releases. But I don't know. I'd love it if they did more homemedia releases. It's been a long time since I've had largeexpansions to the shelf behind me, but even with this trickle of info,I am still discouraged. Moving on to a brief PSA.

For fans of the currently airinganime series KamiKatsu It has been announcedthat the eighth episode of the series originally set to release onthe 24th of the month, has been delayed to the 31st due to various circumstances. Nothing really else on whatthose circumstances are, but they just say that they want to deliverbetter work to the viewers of this show. And I'm finding this hilariousbecause it's KamiKatsu, the series that decided, Hey,let's narratively have our God bring over modern day farming equipmentto this old medieval fantasy town.

And we visualize this in the adaptationby taking live action footage of actual farming equipmentand use throwing a really shitty Photoshop filter on it and then rotoscoping out the head of the farmerwith one of the secondary characters. It looks real weird. Like this series is already ridingthe line of being completely slipshod. So something tells methat an additional week ain't going to help that, though This marks the second timethat one of the airing shows for.

This season has been delayed, thoughat least in KamiKatsu’s case. We're not getting a recap episodeor anything of the sort. We're just flat out skipping the week,unlike when Witch from Mercury did it a couple of weeks ago. But with luck, that will be all of thedelays for this season, all of them, because we were already like halfwaythrough the spring season and starting to get ever closer to the endof the season and the start of summer. So with any luck, we're not going to see any more delays,at least until that we can hope anyways.

Now, before we continue,I wanted to give a shout out to supporters of this channel over on Patreonbecause yes, this video is not sponsored and the more supportthat we get over there, the less sponsors that Glass Reflectionwill need at any given time. So an immense thank you,especially to patrons like: We can't continue thiswithout you guys support. So however much you are able to help,I am eternally grateful. In the realm of upcoming anime, manga and light novels,we have three things worth mentioning.

First up, attack on Titan. The final season Part three. Second half gets a new visual. Why is this noteworthy? Well, arguably it's not. Personally,I can't keep passing up the chance to make fun of its name at this point. You know, with how many divisionsof parts and seasons that we've been getting. It’s so monumentallystupid to mean that this is even a thing.

So I'm going to continue to pointed outwhile it is relevant. Beyond that, though,we got two franchises from the 2000 that are coming back into the spotlight. First,after 11 years, the light novel series Shakugan No Shana, is receiving a new volume. Now, technically, it is not a mainlinestory volume and instead is going to be the fourth shortstory volume. Like a lot of times, light novels series have a lot of short storiesthat are written for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes if it's like a new animecomes out or something else that is worth promoting Alongsidethe main light novel series, an author might come out with a short storyto commemorate this event. Those short stories are then combinedand released in one volume on their own. It's a little hard for me to get a precise read on when all of the short storiesfor Shana have come out and how much of this new volumeis actually going to be new material. Because like Kadokawa did release a Shanaa short story back in 2017. But that's kind of allI've been able to find.

Since the ending of the mainlinestory back in 2012 until now. Either way, even if this is justkind of a bit of a supplemental hurrah, it is still good to see more of Shana. Like Shana was one of the very firstanime series that I ever watched when it was airing back in 2005. That was the thing. And then I watched its follow upseries in 2007 and 2011. Oh, I didn't really like some of themassive changes that the adaptation did to the source material because, youknow, it like skipped the entire volumes.

Shana is one of those,I want to say like mid-tier popularity, anime from the 2000, the kind of show where people that werealready into anime probably picked up and enjoyed, but it didn't really dragnew people into the fold, at least over here in the West. Needless to say,it was one of my favorites from the time. And as much as I would love for Shanato get like a redo anime adaptation, I just don't think that's evergoing to happen or be in the cards. It just plainly has too much contentto be worthwhile for an anime adaptation.

Or re-adaptation in this case. Plus, if they did a re adaptation,they might try to recast Shana and that would just. Well, it would just make the whole projectdead to me. Moving on though,the second series from that period of time that is getting morecontent is Full Metal Panic. FMP is set to launch a brand new volume, a brand new seriesin celebration of its 25th anniversary. Now, unlike Sean,and that is just supposed to be.

A short story collection, Full Metal Panicis instead releasing a brand new story set a whole two decades after the original. So like instead of high schoolers,our main characters are now what in their mid to late thirties. It has now been confirmed by the seriesauthor that it will contain some amount of slapstick that full metalpanic is known for, but not to the extent of the very well-received full metal panicFumofuu, which still to this day, I will say is like one of the bestcomedic anime put to screen ever. So you can also imaginethat this is extremely depressing to me.

Like while I am mostly an anime watcherwith full metal panic and haven't really read the The Light novels, the slapstickhas always been one of my favorite parts. I once described the first seasonadaptation of Full Metal Panic as being this perfect blend of actionand slapstick only for then The two seasons that followed it Fumofuuand Second Raid to be like weird separations of those two aspectsand then perfected in each individual season. The most recent anime work, howeverinvisible Victory, seemed to just continue on the very serious actionheavy focus path,.

And I don't think it was anywherenear as good because it just felt like such a downer in comparisonto the rest of the franchise. Hopefully the author can get backto striking a good balance between the two again,but really, who knows? I will say the author already has probably a little too much high hopesfor this new series. He is on record musingthat while this new series could just end in the single volume, depending on howthings go, this could last a whole epic saga of like 20 volumes,which personally,.

I think that statement rightthere is a death flag for the whole thing. Any time a creative has come outand publicly stated that we have plansfor like X amount of films or X amount of contentbefore anything has even been released, like it never then becomes popular enoughto warrant any of it. So in this particular case,I think that the author is getting way ahead of himselfby even contemplating that this new series could get 20 volumes when the original Full Metal Panicthat he released only got 12.

Like, perhaps he has some seriouslightning in a bottle. To think that this new series is about torelease is going to be that good and that popular. But I doubt it. Like I want to see Slash. Read more Full Metal Panic. I love the series. Honestly. And like the idea of having those characters,the main characters from the show aged up.

Appropriately to basically be the same ageas the original audience that followed along with the series backwhen it first came out. That sounds great to me,but I have yet to see even a proof of conceptthat this new series will be anything more than like a big Memberberry romp for fans of the original. Hope for the best. Expect the worst. I mean, they didn't even announcethat there was going to be a cameo by Bunta-kun.

So that's like the travestyin and of itself. But that's it for our video today. So subscribe if you haven't hit thelike button, if you enjoyed the video. And until next time,as we continue to sit here in the closet of anime. Watch more of it. Watch more anime and stay frosty.

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