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Hello everyone and welcome to today's episodeof Beyond The Mask. Today we're going to be re-addressing Scream VI for a moment; pointingout a fresh rumour regarding a missing aspect from the movie and one that was definitelymissing from the trailer released last week. As a fan of watching YouTube reactions, one thingI did notice that people said regarding the new Scream VI trailer, was how it appeared somewhatdifferent in tone to previous installments. Many aspects that made the franchise what it is todayactually were somewhat absent from the trailer, except from the inclusion of Ghostface himself.One thing that certainly was absent was the meta use of movie discussions through Ghostface'sphone calls. This could be being saved for the movie itself, however it seems this installmentwill ditch the trivia, movie references in favour.

Of a more brutal, hands-on Ghostface, who careslittle about the characters knowledge of movies. The latest rumour, which isliterally just a rumour and should be taken with an extreme grain ofsalt, is that this movie has phone calls, but they have no mention of horror movies,no discussions about Stab and no emphasis of the characters understanding theworld of horror in order to survive. When the movie went into production, one half ofthe producer duo, Tyler Gillet, actually stated this movie will be different and push boundariesmore th an ever before. With the latest trailer already showing Ghostface using a shotgun, beingmore of an open, brute force as opposed to a home intruder stalker in the night, it alreadyhas treaded a different line than before.

The movie trivia aspect was something thatwasn't always attached to Scream however. The first installment had the movie commentarythroughout due to Billy Loomis himself having a love for the genre, with his desire beingthat he wished to create his own horror movie. Scream 2 and 3 had virtually no horror triviaalso. In fact that aspect was brought back in Scream 4 and Scream (2022) due to both eventssomewhat mirroring the pattern of the original murders. This movie however is trying tobe set a new standard for the franchise. One that removes the meta movie aspectin favour of a more serious approach. I feel this is a wise move personally,however I'm not sure everyone will agree. The Scream franchise has set itself apartfrom other slasher movies due to its overall.

Self awareness and the movie tropes it hasimplemented to poke fun at the horror genre. Despite movie trivia not being an aspect Scream6 will use, it's also been speculated that the movie won't even discuss any kind of rules,patterns or even address the sequel tendancies expected from a 6th movie. The movie will in factlean into the real life events instead. So the murders from 1996 to 2022 that happened within theuniverse are what will be a focus in the story. As i said, all of this is just a rumour butthe reason I did this video today is get your opinions. Do you think separating from themeta/movie aspect is a wise move for the franchise, or could this be a nail in the coffinfor the franchise? Share your thoughts below. As usual don't forget to like,.

Share and subscribe. I'll see youguys in the next video. Until then… “The rules say some of you ain'tgonna make it. I didn't…”

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  1. Yeah, they may presumably perhaps perhaps additionally gentle maintain the “how one can dwell to affirm the story a dismay movie” theme, even supposing just refined, short lines right here and there.

  2. Right here is why I maintain just like the killer is somebody pretty older and more “gentle”. If that’s the just note? Honest correct wants to safe issues DONE. I’m in actuality pondering the killer, or the one pulling the strings no longer no longer up to, is Billy’s father. It would assemble manner more sense than any of the different theories I’ve heard and read. Rather definite he’s been recasted by Henry Czerny. It will be identical to with Mrs. Loomis. Hiding in unpleasant discover and even conversing without a longer no longer up to at least among the major persona. I’m pondering Sam. Per chance being her therapist. Talking to her, gaining her have confidence. Perchance even manipulating her a technique or the other. Then he’ll be published finally.

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