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Dobby's Flames are blue in color and hotter than his own fathers in my hero Academia however my hero Academia doesn't explain it directly but there is a reason why dabi's Flames are blue in this powerful and in today's video I am going to talk all about this but before starting this video if you are new here please like and share this video And.

Subscribe to our channel for more videos the vast majority of Fire based quirks use red and orange colors it's fairly standard for any Shonen with Supernatural powers of course Dhabi isn't anything like his father or even his brother his fire burns a light-colored blue in my hero Academia he is the only character with that.

Particular distinction and Dhabi just wouldn't be the same without these signature colors however koi horikoshi didn't give Dhabi blue flames just to look cool and there is a scientific basis for his color scheme in my hero Academia it also has to do with Quirk genetics and how Endeavor passed on his powers to his son let it be known that.

Dabi's Flames are hotter than his own fathers in my hero Academia this is purely based on the respective colors of their pyrokinetic works here is what the science notes website has to say about the difference between red and blue fire in the real world the same logic also seems to apply in the anime world of my hero Academia however it should be noted.

That Derby's Flames are even hotter than real life would indicate the blue flame Quirk reaches extremely hot temperatures of 2000 degrees Celsius 3632 degrees Fahrenheit based on f indings in chapter 291 however the question remains why Dabi ended up with a hotter quote than the rest of the Todoroki family and ever had a role to.

Play in making that happen since he was obsessed with the idea that his sons would surpass him Dabi was born with better prospects than Endeavor himself the Pro Hero admitted this in a flashback to Toya todoroi's death scene that he couldn't overtake all might in his current state which is why he shouldered that responsibility to his.

Children in my hero Academia Endeavor wanted his sons to have a quirk that burned hotter than his own it's no surprise that Derby's Flames look the way they do as higher temperatures will correlate with changes in color at the end of the day Davi is simply too powerful for his own good however there is a major drawback that prevented him.

From reaching his full potential which is why Endeavor sought after Shoto instead Dhabi ended up inheriting his mother's resistance to Coal rather than his father's resistance to heat in my hero Academia he cannot use the blue flame Quirk without the potential risk of Burning Alive the worst part is that his blue flames are even hotter than.

Normal ones with great risk comes great rewards in my hero Academia Dhabi can definitely burn through most obstacles without any problem however the dangerous villain has to be conservative with how often he uses his Quirk he definitely stands out when unleashing his full Powers which is why his character design is very popular among.

Flames there is something completely different about having blue flames and that's it for today I hope you all enjoyed this video and I also asked you to subscribe to help us it will also help us to grow more and if you like please subscribe foreign

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