Dad Affords Him A Fox Girl Servant as a Reward To Add To Harem

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“I will become your familiar,Natsume. I will always protect you,” These are the words of a young Harutorato Natsume. But now that they’ve grown up, everything seems like a distant dream. Theonce-enthusiastic boy now barely makes it through the boring discussions in class– even if the topic involves onmyo magic. Luckily, Harutora can look forward to popsiclesafter class – the perfect treat on a sunny day. There’s even a special message after finishingit. But for him, it says “Curse.” Ugh, not again. Everything seems to remind him ofhis destiny. His friend, Touji, agrees, especially knowing Harutora's lineage.Suddenly, Hokuto charges at Harutora, nagging him for not answering her calls.He explains he was in summer school,.

And she isn't surprised by that becausehe's the King of F's. To make it up to her, Harutora reluctantly treats Hokuto to some shavedice, which she munches on till her head hurts. Touji reminds Hokuto of her true motives, and shebecomes very serious. She persuades Harutora to become an onmyo mage. There’s no way thathe, a member of the Tsuchimikado family and a descendant of Abe no Seimei, wouldn'twant to be recognized as a State Onmyo Mage. Everyone wants that…well…except Harutora.All he wants is an ordinary, peaceful life. Also, he can’t even sense spirits and comes froma branch family. As things stand, someone gifted should be the head of the family, not him. Andoh, did we mention who the Tsuchimikado family's next leader is? It’s none other than Natsume.Since spring, she's been attending Tokyo's.

Onmyo Prep School. She deserves it more.Besides, Harutora feels better that nobody is counting on him. However, Hokuto implies hecan't be so sure of that. The dripping shaved ice in Harutora's pants interrupts the careercounseling. Still, Hokuto remains confident that Harutora will become an onmyo mage someday.While walking home, Harutora tells Touji that Hokuto’s completely clueless. The currentTsuchimikado family isn't distinguished and hidden in obscurity. All thanks to that “Yakou.”Even so, Touji also believes Harutora should go for it. He adds that it's not a question oftalent but of will. And while Harutora doubts himself, Touji believes he does have talent.After seeing Touji off at the train station, Harutora walks home. He stops at the overpassto contemplate when a girl suddenly approaches.

Him. As the wind blows off the girl's hat,Harutora recognizes her… as Natsume. Harutora asks Natsume about her studies, and shereplies that while the coursework isn't difficult, the tradition is. Also, as the heir apparent,she has no time to idle and make friends. He tells her to lighten up, but she doesn’t havethat privilege. “Not cute at all,” he says. Now blushing, Natsume tells Harutora she will not tryto change his way of life. She claims that she can protect the Tsuchimikado family by herself.Then, she bids him goodnight and walks away. The following day, Harutora andTouji hear about the news in Shibuya, Tokyo. The Exorcism Bureau of the Onmyo Agencysuccessfully purified a spirit disaster. The mages caged the spirit in chained talismans;then, a man cast a spell and killed it with his.

Sword. That’s expected from one of the TwelveDivine Generals, the highest rank for a mage. Harutora realizes that Tokyo is a dangerousplace. It’s no wonder Natsume was on edge. Speaking of her, Touji understands thatHarutora is meant to be Natsume's familiar, according to tradition. However, it seems likehe doesn't want the duty. But Touji hints that she’s lonely and in need of his help.As night falls, Touji and Harutora patiently wait for Hokuto so they can go to thefireworks festival together. When she arrives, Harutora blushes as he sees her wearinga yukata. He may not admit it thoroughly, but Hokuto looks beautiful tonight.They check out various booths together, but the shooting booth grabs Hokuto’s attention. Shetries to aim for one of the rewards but misses,.

Frustrating Harutora as he tries to instruct her.In that case, Hokuto demands that Harutora wins the first prize for her. Well, Harutora tries…and fails over and over again. (T^T) After spending 1000 yen, he’s down to his final shot.Focusing on his target, Harutora doesn't want any disturbance. However, Hokuto has something inmind as she moves timidly closer to him. Then, she whispers, “If you get that for me, I'll giveyou a kiss.” BANG! Well, well, well. What do you know, Harutora hits the prize. He wants toconfirm what he just heard, but Hokuto plays it cool by pretending she didn't say anything.Now for the prize… It’s a bubble blower set, but Hokuto only wants the ribbon around itsbox. What the heck??? She uses it to tie her hair and be all cute and shy at Harutora'sface. A thousand yen just for a ribbon because.

Harutora hasn't admitted earlier that she lookscute. Very mature of you, Hokuto… *sighs* After playing with the kids, Hokuto disappears.Later, the boys find her in the wishing area. Harutora finds out that she still wishes forhim to be an onmyo mage. He can’t understand why she’s so persistent in this, and herwords cut him like a knife as he remembers Natsume calling him a liar. Harutora mindlesslyhurls the ema, which immediately offends Hokuto, making her run away from him.He apologizes to Touji for his harshness and explains that he doesn’t want tolose his days with his friends. But suddenly, Suzuka, the youngest of the Twelve DivineGenerals, appears and asks if the head of the Tsuchimikado family wants to participate inher experiment. She thinks Harutora is Natsume,.

But Touji tells Harutora to just go along with it.Suzuka wants Natsume’s help to perform the Taizan Fukun Ritual. But before she can elaboratefurther, three armored cars from the Onmyo Agency surround her and sets up a barrier. Suzuka’sunder arrest for the use of forbidden magic, but she’s not the type of person to surrender.She summons Asura, the artificial type model M3. Asura fires a barrage of talismans that stick tothe barrier. After hiding Suzuka under her skirt, Asura activates the talismans to burst likewater from a dam, crashing onto the ground and dragging the officials throughthe waves. Asura grabs Harutora by the neck as the water magically disappears.Suddenly, Hokuto comes running toward them, calling Harutora by his name. Suzuka realizesshe's been fooled. She then asks Harutora to.

Send a message to Natsume: “I will definitelycatch you.” If he doesn’t convey the message to Natsume, Suzuka will cut off his balls.Provoking them further, Suzuka gets closer to Harutora's face… and kisses him.The fireworks are not the only thing that explodes tonight, but Hokuto's heart, as shehopelessly watches another girl kiss Harutora. Episode 2Even on the following day, Hokuto’s still mad at Harutora. But girl, it wasagainst his will. *sighs* Still, she ignores his texts and calls. This frustrates him as he doesn'tlike what happened but gets blamed either way. Meanwhile, Touji has researched the ritual Suzukamentioned. In the past, Harutora's ancestor, Yakou, performed the spell to reincarnate someonebut ended up causing the Great Spirit Disaster..

His failure has disgraced the Tsuchimikadofamily to this day. There are also rumors that Yakou reincarnated as one of his descendants– Natsume. Upon learning this, the boys believe Suzuka might want to reincarnate someone.Unexpectedly, Harutora receives a message from Natsume asking him to meet her. She apologizesfor involving him in her problems. She admits that Suzuka’s a child prodigy and that shewouldn't know what to do if she found her. Harutora advises her to return to Tokyo,but she refuses because she has to protect the altar for the ritual. Despite not knowingwhat to do, she must defend it at all costs. Seeing her resolve, Harutora volunteersto guard the altar on her behalf. Besides, he's also part of the Tsuchimikado family, whichmakes it his responsibility. He even gives Natsume.

Healing and defense talismans, which she canuse to assure her safety. He adds that although he’s pretty unlucky, the worst never happens tohim. As for Suzuka, he admits that she’s cocky, but she has cute moments too. Plus, she'sdumb enough to have mistaken him for Natsume. Hearing the word “cute” sends intrusivethoughts to Natsume's mind. So… Harutora finds Suzuka cute, huh??? “Lucky you, your firstkiss was with a cute girl,” Natsume says coldly. He trembles with this sudden hostility andknows he's got some explaining to do. However, a jealous girl will never want to listen to anyexplanation, no matter how rational it is. Uh-oh. Suddenly, Harutora falls to his kneesand vomits a familiar in the form of a bee. The bee stings Natsume's neck,taking away her spiritual powers..

Although he had no way of knowing Suzuka'strue intentions, Harutora still blames himself for Natsume’s predicament. The two set out tothe main house to get magic tools to restore her spiritual powers. While on their way,Harutora receives a phone call from Touji, who explains the scenario at the policestation and urges him to be cautious. But it's too late for that. As their taxi passesthe road, the walls along the street suddenly blow up with water gushing from its holes.It has to be Suzuka. Left with no choice, Harutaro steps out and decides to faceher while buying Natsume time to recover. He heads to the center of the commotion and findsSuzuka already cornered by the Bureau. By the looks of it, she’s at a disadvantage. Well,not to her. With all her might, she summons.

Yakou's famous military familiar, Tsuchigumo!Like a spider crawling out of its burrow, Tsuchigumo is ready to pounce on its prey.The Bureau's familiar attacks Tsuchigumo with all its strength, but its powers are no match forit. With just three strikes, Tsuchigumo destroys the poor familiar. Now, it’s up for some snacktime as it spews its web and wraps it around the state mages, sucking their spiritual powers.Harutora’s about to escape, but he stops when he overhears Suzuka talking to her bee and callingit “Big Brother.” His phone unexpectedly rings, alerting Suzuka. Now it's pointless for himto remain hidden. He greets her casually, but she teases him for having a love quarrelwith the “ugly girl” from yesterday. Suzuka’s clearly cute but malicious. And yet,Harutora senses some humanity in her..

Harutora bluntly warns Suzuka that thismight not be what her big brother wants because it harms many people. She shoutsat him, claiming he doesn’t understand how she feels. She reveals that her parents have beenexperimenting on her since birth. More tragically, they ended up murdering her brother becauseof their weird obsession. Due to this, she’ll do everything to bring her brotherback – even if it means sacrificing herself. Still, Harutora tries to talk some sense intoher. He explains that her brother won't be happy to sacrifice her and live alone. He adds thather life is just beginning, and she shouldn't waste it. Suddenly, a surviving state mage castsa binding spell on Suzuka's legs. Angered by this, she summons Tsuchigumo to attack the man, butHarutora pushes him away. As he hopelessly.

Looks at the monster’s giant claws about tostrike him, Harutora realizes he's done for. Until someone saves him…Hokuto… Even with Tsuchigumo's claws piercedthrough her body, she casts a spell to release herself and tame the monster.He rushes to Hokuto, trembling and crying as he can’t fathom the situation.It can't be. Why Hokuto? Why??? “Sorry… for not saying anything… fortricking you,” whispers Hokuto. She holds Harutora's face and begs him to just run away.”I love you, if you die, I won't forgive you,” cries Hokuto before she fades away. Allthat's left of her is a piece of paper. Suzuka interrupts his mourningby commenting how disgusted she.

Is that he made his familiar his”girlfriend.” But Harutora doesn’t get this – he doesn’t even want to hearanything. Suzuka smirks at him and leaves. Drenched in the rain, Harutora remembersthe first time he met Hokuto. It was the first summer of Junior High School. Shehad a strange reaction to seeing him, but she kept following him no matter where hewent. He got fed up and chased her until they laughed at how foolish they were. And on the lastday of summer, Hokuto finally told him her name. Harutora runs, cries, and screams through therain until he reaches the main house where Natsume’s waiting. This time, he won't stop herfrom protecting the altar – but help her. He's already decided to become her familiar. To makesure Hokuto's sacrifice will never be in vain,.

He promises to be true to himselfand take on his responsibility. Natsume smiles and takes her knife todraw blood from her lips. She gets closer, and with her blood, she draws a star onHarutora's cheek. Using her spiritual powers, Natsume turns Harutora into a spirit seer.”With this, you are mine,” says Natsume. Episode 3That night, Natsume and Harutora ride Yukikaze to the shrine. With Hokuto in mind, Harutora’s eagerto avenge her and fulfill her ambitions for him. Meanwhile, Suzuka has prepared the offeringsand her brother’s corpse for the ritual. As she expected, some disturbances have arrived.She summons the armored demon soldier, and it immediately releases its webs to create a barrier.Natsume and Harutora land on the ground,.

Luring Tsuchigumo to follow them. As the demoncatches up, they fly again. Harutora shouts at Suzuka to stop her madness, while Natsumeinsists that the ritual is something the living shouldn't interfere with because it'sforbidden for a reason. Their efforts irritate Suzuka because she feels the Tsuchimikado familyis gatekeeping the ritual. And so, she summons Asura, who instantly leaps for an attack.At this point, the pair can neither fly nor run on land. Harutora quickly draws his swordto defend against Tsuchigumo’s attacks. But now the monsters strike simultaneously, and Natsumepanics as she can’t determine their next move. While they're distracted, Suzuka starts theritual. Her two monsters continue their assault, which leaves Natsume no choice but to pullYukikaze higher, causing Harutora to lose his grip.

And fall. Natsume immediately summons Hokuto (thedragon), the Tsuchimikado family's guardian beast and one of the few real dragons in the world. Now,it's Hokuto's turn to attack Asura and Tsuchigimo, while Natsume has to catch Harutora again.Asura releases all her weapons, including talismans that explode, but Hokuto remainsunscathed. Meanwhile, Natsume imbues her blood on Harutora's sword with a spell, turning itinto an enemy-destroying sword through the power of Sakra. On the other hand, she’ll use a bowinfused with magic that does not need arrows. Natsume distracts Tsuchigumo while Harutoraslashes his sword at him. Though not as graceful as he intended, he still manages to put thedemon down. He climbs on top of its head and determinedly breaks its outer core. Natsumefinally sees the inner talisman and shoots a.

Magical arrow at it, thus breaking the barrier.Surprisingly, Tsuchigumo gets back on its feet and chases after them. Luckily, Hokuto comes tothe rescue as she has already gotten rid of Asura. But Suzuka won’t let them get to her thateasily. She releases a whirlwind of talismans, immobilizing Natsume and Harutora. Withno one else to stop her, Suzuka continues the ritual. The bee enters the corpse, and ablinding light appears. Then, the skies open, and a dark entity descends. Whatever it is,it’s not a god. The corpse fully absorbs the entity, and the ritual is complete.Suzuka is overjoyed when her big brother gets up and says her name. She embraces himpassionately, but her big brother grabs her by the throat with a snarling grin.”Not enough,” he says..

This boy isn’t the kind and warm big brotherSuzuka remembers. He keeps repeating, “not enough, not enough,” as he chokes Suzuka even tighter.With her remaining breath, Suzuka stutters that she would give her life for him…if theycould just spend a little more time together. Meanwhile, Harutora looks on,horrified and conflicted. For a moment, he thinks Suzuka deserves this forkilling Hokuto. Despite his anger, he can't stand by and watch this happen to her.With full force, Harutora breaks free from the talismans. He then frees Natsume, who immediatelycounters the spells cast upon them. He attempts to grab Suzuka's big brother, but a spirit pulsecontrols the body, making it impossible to touch. He tries to slash it with his sword, but to noavail. He throws his ancient bag as a last resort,.

Hoping the Tsuchimikado family can work miracles.He has a sudden vision of Yakou and his familiar discussing a promise. However, the vision quicklyfades as Natsume casts a spell to defeat the evil spirit. Natsume clings to Harutora and warns himto shut his eyes, or his soul will be sucked. Finally, it's over, and only Suzuka's criescan be heard. Harutora approaches Suzuka, and she tells him to kill her out of vengeancefor Hokuto or whatever reason. Instead, he tells her to see her brother offproperly, which makes her even cry harder. Harutora holds the talisman Hokuto left andwhispers at it that it's over. He hands it over to Natsume, who sadly informs him that it’s beyondrepair as the spirit has already left. However, with reddened cheeks, she adds thatthe person interacting with Harutora.

Through Hokuto is still alive. Whoever that is,Harutora hopes he'll get to meet her someday. The following day, Harutora tells Touji abouteverything that happened. Touji, on the other hand, isn't that surprised to learn that Hokutowas a familiar since he had long noticed something strange about her. Despite her being gone,Hokuto remains a girl full of mysteries. Suddenly, Harutora opens up abouthis thoughts of going to Tokyo… And so he turned the idea into reality…Butnot without a little persuasion from Natsume, his master. Soon after, Natsume comes to pickhim up, but her outfit is… kinda strange. Natsume explains that the family heir should actmanly in dealing with problems. Well, she seems to have taken it quite literally, but yeah, it'stradition. Harutora remembers what she's talking.

About and gently replies that he knows everything.If Harutora knows everything, then Natsume has nothing to say but, “Sorry… for notsaying anything… for tricking you.” Well, this is probably obvious to us, butHarutora’s oblivious to the twist of this story despite Natsume's implications. *sigh*Good thing Touji’s around to put some sense into him. Since being affected by the spirit disaster,Touji has been able to see spirits. And after all this time, he has known about Natsume's secret. Heeven compliments how lovely her ribbon is. Still, Harutaro’s stupid enough not to see the obvious.Having enough of the embarrassment, Natsume walks away while Harutora apologizesto Touji for her behavior. However, Touji tells him she has always been like this.Finally(!!!) Harutora recognizes the ribbon.

Natsume’s wearing. It's the same one he wonfor Hokuto at the fair. Yes, Harutora, whatever you might be thinking, you're probably right.And now, the three embark on a new journey to enhance their skills at the prestigiousOnmyo Prep School. This time around, no more lies, for Harutaro is morethan willing to fulfill his promise. Episode 4Touji and Harutora are up for their first day in mage school. Upon enteringOnmyo Prep school, the two are greeted by the talking statues, Alpha and Omega, both high-gradeartificial familiars. They have confirmed and registered their spirit energies and even listedHarutora's familiar, which he’s unaware of. Then, they are welcomed by a talking cat askingthem to proceed to the principal's office..

In the office, the principal introducesherself as Miyo Kurahashi. However, she addresses Harutora and Touji as “Hishamaru”and “Kakugyouki.” Miyo goes direct to the point about the rumors involving Natsume: that she'ssupposedly the reincarnation of Yakou. The special attention on Natsume might be redirected to them,and Miyo can only hope they'll get used to it, just like Natsume did. Harutora clencheshis fist as he realizes what Natsume has been going through. Miyo quickly catches on tothat and asks them what they think about Yakou. Harutora bluntly replies that Yakou’s a famousrelative who’s a big bother, while Touji knows him as the man who developed the Imperial OnmyoMagic at the military's request during the war. Unfortunately, he messed up a ritual causing adevastating spirit disaster in Tokyo. Despite.

His flaws, Touji believes Yakou’s a genius.Suddenly, Jin Ohtomo, their homeroom teacher, interrupts them as he's about to lead them tohis class. While walking down the corridor, Mr. Jin tells them that Miyo may not looklike it, but she pulls most of the strings here. He also explains that the nicknamesshe addressed earlier are Yakou's familiars, who were always at his side to protect him.The two boys introduce themselves to the class, which prompts curious looks from theirclassmates. However, Kyoko decides to voice her sentiments – she deems it strange fortwo students to suddenly transfer at this time of year. Is it because Harutora is from theTsuchimikado family??? That's unacceptable! Suddenly, Natsume speaks up to refute Kyoko'soutrageous speculations. She says it’s a.

Severe insult to the Tsuchimikadofamily. Instead of backing down, Kyoko accuses her of enrolling her familiar inthe school so he would always be nearby. Natsume then asks Kyoko if she's implying that Onmyo Prepbowed to the whims of a lowly student. Besides, if we're talking about family influence in thisschool, Kyoko has the upper hand. Whether Kyoko accepts it or not, she can't do anything aboutit. The class watches on as a rivalry between Natsume and Kyoko unfolds before them.After class, Natsume apologizes to Touji and Harutora for the altercation earlier.She says Kyoko’s feisty, but she also got a little worked up. Don’t we all sometimes? SinceNatsume has to attend a special curriculum class, the two make friends with the other students.Well, the first victim, I mean acquaintance,.

Is Momoe. Touji tells him about their spookyencounter in the countryside to start the conversation. Their main goal, however, isto know more about Kyoko. Momoe tells them that Kyoko is Miyo's granddaughter, and herfather runs the Onmyo Agency. Simply put, the Kurahashi family is highly prominent.On the other hand, the Tsuchimikado family has a higher historical status. That'swhy Kyoko sees Natsume as a rival. Plus, they're the only ones who have defense familiars.Momoe thinks that Natsume must have a soft spot for Harutora for her to get worked up likethat. Well, he might be correct, as Natsume fumes over Harutora’s F mark. This calls forspecial training! Yes, a special training will do to have Harutora's brain working. (T^T)Later that night, Harutora remembers the familiar.

His dad gave him as a parting gift. As he gazesat it, the star-shaped symbol on his face glows, and surprise!…a cute little girl with fluffyears and tails pops out. To top it all off, she's extremely excited to meetHarutora. Everyone, meet Kon! Keeping Master Harutora safe is Kon's toppriority. Even though she has no recollection of it, she has served the Tsuchimikado familyin the past. Among Kon's many talents are invisibility (applause), flight (woaaah), firemanipulation (cooooool), and… turning Harutora's enemies into rust on her beloved sword, Kachiwari.To sum up, Kon has psychopathic tendencies. (-u-') Harutora admits he doesn'tknow what to do with her, yet she’s still thrilled to serve him. Shealso tends to blush at the slightest praise..

The fluffy ears and tails are a bonus,and Harutora can't wait to play with them. But because of Harutora's extremecuriosity about Kon's tails, Natsume catches him in a veryawkward situation. Oh no!!! (OuO) The next day in class, Harutora spacesout, and Kyoko isn't pleased with it. So, she tells Mr. Jin to abandon those who can'tkeep up. While that might be one of the school policies, Mr. Jin isn’t fond of it. Besides,the school made him their teacher despite his stance. It's complicated, but it's the reality.Mr. Jin asks Harutora what he thinks, and he says he doesn’t want to cause trouble, but he alsowon't hold back. He will stop at nothing until he achieves his goal of becoming an onmyo mage. Butstill, Kyoko keeps insulting him until Kon pops.

Out of nowhere, threatening her with her sword.Harutora quickly grabs and scolds his fox spirit, but it's too late as Kyoko summons her familiars,Hakuou and Kokufu. Now that it’s come to this, Mr. Jin suggests having a battle of familiars.Harutora’s unsure about this since he’s still a novice. Mr. Jin, however, believes in hiscapabilities. He says that Harutora only has to recognize and develop his abilities.It wasn’t long ago when Harutora was just living his carefree life. But after all he’s beenthrough, he’s now determined to become an onmyo mage. Many challenges await him, but together withhis friends, he’ll overcome them – no matter what!

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