Dana Terrace REVEALS THE PALISMAN Of Amity’s Siblings Emira & Edric Blight in The Owl Dwelling!

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Amity's twin brother and sister in the Owl House are very cool and unique characters and both of them have had such great character arcs they began as mean pranksters who poked fun at their younger sister Amity and loved to embarrass her but once they realized how much they upset her they began to change and were a lot more supportive and.

Loving towards her edric and emera definitely needed more screen time even Lucy's voice actress said she wishes that we got to see more content of the twins as they were introduced as such strong characters early on in the show and she loved the concealment Stone magic they used to hide their blemishes just wanted to let you guys know I have.

Started a new channel called milky Melodies where I will be singing songs from movies anime games and I might make a song as a goodbye to the owl house so make sure to subscribe to that channel link is on the screen in the description and in the comments below I really appreciate any support I really started to love edric and emera as characters.

When they became protective and caring of their younger sister and it was such a sweet way to show two older siblings willing to change to be a better influence on their younger sister's life Amity has her white cat palaceman ghost who finally accepted her and turned into her animalistic form when Amity admitted that she did not know what she wanted to.

Do with her life but wanted to decide this for herself one day and it would have been perfect for the twins palaceman to reveal their true form when they began to care for their sister however we never got to see Emira or edrick's palaceman and Dana did reveal on a post who that they were both supposed to get a palaceman and that it.

Was going to be a moth and a butterfly but she never decided on who was going to get which one it was very fitting that as twins they were going to get a moth and a butterfly because they belonged to the same group of flying insects and are very similar in appearance this also confirms that palacemens are not always in the same.

Type of animal group as their families as Amity has a cat and her two siblings were going to get flying insects the only other family of Postman we've seen is Edith's family the claw Thorns who all have flying birds as their palaceman however we now know that this may have been because they were known for carving palace men not because families have the.

Same type the claw Thorns probably kept birds as a tradition you may think it would make sense for emera to get the butterfly because it's more colorful and suitable for a girl and that edric should get them off but it is much more convenient for emera to get the moth because she is the older twin and it's said that butterflies evolved from moths.

So it'd be far more fitting if their palsman were the other way around do you have any other ideas on the palaceman emera and edric should have had let me know in the comments below and make sure to like subscribe and hit that notification Bell to never miss one of my videos thanks for watching guys

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  1. my speedy thought after you stated dana under no conditions determined which one purchased which, modified into that there modified into no methodology emira wasnt getting the moth. gleaming their personalities i’m capable of actual ogle edric with a butterfly.

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