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Yo, I have news Zoey is dating Asher? What do you mean? Since when? Well, I don't know for how long, but I knowthey're dating. Seriously? Yesterday, I messaged her, and she didn'treply. I hope she didn't show him my messages, it'llbe awkward. I wanna see those messages. At least I try.

It's time to finally find a girl for yourselfbecause how much longer can you go on like this? In your case just write to Dominika and that's it. Why should I? If you want a girlfriend, she's perfect. She's always looking at you during class. Few messages and you have one. Really? I'm telling you. You must be blind, she's probably lookingat you guys.

That would be cool. I'd prefer someone else. Who? You know who. Just so you know, stay away from my sister. In my case, I could date Amy Coraline, Sarah,Zoey, Ruby, that one girl that people call “stuffie” and… And that's it? I guess so.

You're not a picky one, are you? Well, you'll have to wait for Zoey. Why do they call her 'stuffie'? Because she stuffs her bra. We have time, we're not girls who need tobe with someone. Well, that's true. Hey, you have a nice hoodie? You think? I just wanted to start a conversation.

Oh. Hey, Hey. I can reach some books for you. No, thanks, I already have everything. So, if you want, we can… Get your grimy hand of my sister. You mean grindy? But we're not doing anything.

Go home and study. I promised Dad that I'll watch over you, andI'll keep that promise. You're a party pooper, you know that? What did he do? Tell him. You have so many options, and you make thingsdifficult for me. Find someone else. Well, for now, I have to focus on my studies. I'm on my grindset.

Alright, but you can still go out with someonefrom time to time. And for what reason? The chance that the girl I'd be with rightnow is the one is not very high. My mom met my dad in elementary school. Good for them. You telling me that they are together sinceelementary school? No, they went to different high schools andmet again later. Times have changed, for now we need to focuson work, and then we can pick and choose. Otherwise, we'll need to go out with them,pay for them, and lose time for them.

You have to take her out and meet her parents. It's too time consuming. I prefer someone who doesn't have parents,I'm so scared of those meetings. And what's the problem with meeting her dad? Just tell him what he wants to hear and thats it. What exactly does he want to hear? Lies He's actually my best buddy, we've known eachother since kindergarten. Yeah, since way back.

We weren't in the same groups, but I'd goto bat for him any day. Oh man, that's pretty cool. Totally. I still remember how he saved me from thatdog once. Oh, a real hero! You bet. Here's what happened. I was trying to hop on the fence to get someapples from that tree but didn't see the 'beware of the dog' sign. And he just yanked me back by my shirt, soI fell off the fence.

Right then, the dog comes charging… How's those things called? German Shepherd. Yep, luckily I still have all my limbs. You wanna see them? Anyway, ladies, let's switch places. You heading home? Yeah, seems like it. Need me to get an Uber for you?.

Nah, I'll manage on my own. Alright, cool. Hey, you why the bicycle fall over? Because it was two-tired! I don't get it. Two-tired, as in too tired. I'm still not getting it. Yeah, never mind. Hey, tell me, what's the deal with those transfers?.

Got any any news lately? Nah, not really. He didn't mention anything? Well, he was talking about various stuff. His wife, his car, and he ragged on you aboutmissing that deadline again. But I did finish it on time. Maybe, but he didn't bring up any transfers. So if anything changes. I'll give you a heads-up.

Thanks. Is it really that hard? Yep… Maybe you should try some Tinder or… but be reasonable with the age range. I'm not that desperate. Very nice. What the? And here's my little son, Jimmy. You're going to adore him.

And this is my beloved Eliza. Children grow up so fast. You won't even notice when they walk downthe aisle. It's all because of this shirt. The bright color makes me look different inphotos. Over time, I came to realize that love doesn'treally exist. It's easier than to figure out who's worthit and who's not. At a certain age, you get that you are lookingfor someone who will help you with some of your responsibilities. Believe me, I'm just as surprised by thissituation as you are.

How's it going? Same as always. I brought you an invitation, for my… right. Leave it on the dresser. I don't see any dresser? Is something wrong? No. How was the date? Do you really need to ask?.

She seemed normal. She wasn't. Why? Well, think about why a 30-year-old womanmight be single. You're also 30. That's different. What's the difference? Significant. Then explain.

If I have to explain such trivial things,it should be obvious why. If it's so trivial, you can surely explainit. I'm single in my 30's because I wasin my grindset in my younger years, They're single in their 30s' because they'reinsane. Understand? I guess so. So you do know the difference. Here's an invitation to my wedding. When?.

October. I'll be there. Alone? Get out.

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