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We are first introduced to staz a vampire living in the demon world he is the boss of his territory in hell he's an otaku obsessed with human culture but most specifically japanese culture soon after his head enforcer deku calls status to tell him that a young woman fuyumi has wandered into the demon world into staz's territory instead of killing.

Her as danku suggests staz eagerly has fuyumi brought to his room he instantly feels what he calls attraction to her not only the romantic liking of her but his vampiristic instinct to suck her blood while this is happening a man is gathering a crowd advertising his business to sell large plant-like creatures although deku quickly picks.

Out the man and tells him that he needs to have permission to do business in staz's territory however the plant cellar's true intentions are to battle staz for the control of his territory staz is alerted of this by deku and after much urging from fuyumi he goes down and easily defeats the plant cellar however while this had happened one of.

The murderous plants came up to staz's room where fuyumi was and ate and killed her when daku and staz returned to find her in this state staz no longer feels attraction to fuyumi he then vows to bring her back to life even though he doesn't yet know how to go about this fuyumi then remembers how she arrived in the demon world through a portal between.

The human world and the demon world called the black curtain the appearance of this black curtain is very strange because it is supposed to have closed once its owner has successfully traveled through it staz then decides he wishes to go to the human world along with fuyumi they then travel to see mame and sari in the cafe third eye when there.

Staz asks the owners of the shop mommy and saty what they would do about the human world after mame and satya used their combined third eye to analyze the situation they are in they tell staz that though fu yumi's existence is unstable she should be fine while there deku comes and introduces mimikyoshira to staz who wishes to join staz's gang.

Yoshida as the name implies is a mimic who can transform his appearance into whoever he wants when staz and the others get into a predicament about how staz will remain the territory boss if he travels with fuyumi they realize yoshida is able to take staz's place with this it seems that the preparations for traveling into the human world are.

Complete fuyumi and staz go to check out what fuyumi says she traveled through the black curtain though staz is shocked by this he quickly decides that he will go with fuyumi to the human world after passing through the curtain they are transported into fuyumi's room in the human world soon after staz decides he wants to leave and on the way out of her.

House the two run into fuyumi's father yanagi yanagi quickly questions where fuyumi has been since she had gone missing and why she returned with a boy of all things to avoid further confusion staz sprays yanagi with his saliva which has his vampiric magic inside by doing this he's able to control the person without.

Actually biting them because of this yanagi quickly dismisses staz's appearance and welcomes them both home afterwards fuyumi and staz arrive at fuyumi's high school after a little time there fuyumi begins to realize her situation as a ghost when she speaks to her friends their memories begin to clash and soon she's noticed less and.

Less as the weight of the situation begins to affect her staz returns to her and points out that she is starting to disappear in this world her legs and arms begin to fade and she is literally disappearing in order to keep her safe staz allows fuyumi to take some of his magic by having her drink a drop of his blood he again vows to always keep her.

Safe though the magic is initially too powerful fuyumi turns back to her normal ghost self soon afterwards staz decides it's time to return to the demon world so that he regains enough energy later to travel to akihabara staz then questions about the whereabouts of fuyumi's mother and we learn that she does not know.

As they return to fuyumi's room they are met by belle hydra belle a treasure hunter and sorceress of spatial magic she introduces herself and explains that she knows that mimic yoshida is replacing staz in the demon world since she is able to see in any part of space as long as a frame is created to look through belle tells the two that she's.

The owner of the black curtain and that she's trying to figure out the mystery of how she left her curtain open even after she put it away properly bell then describes that fuyumi and staz must pay a fine for using her curtain and she decides a total of 60 million yen however the two obviously think that that's ridiculous so bell quickly.

Punishes them by transporting stazz to a random street in the human world while bell hangs onto fuyumi and threatens to kidnap her if staz does not retrieve a certain item for her staz then travels down to the store on iglo and meets the store owner because belle only told him he would know the item when he gets there stass questions the owner and is.

Quickly led to a special room to staz's surprise the prized item is a pair of ogre undies and he must battle the store owner in order to get them in the meantime belle is explaining to fuyumi that the curtain she put up is no longer hers and it was stolen from her by someone very powerful because of this she is not able to put the curtain away.

And is instead looking for the person who did it this is why she made staz fight the store owner to see just how powerful he is back in uniqlo staz quickly and easily defeats the store owner and shows belle that he is very strong however she knows after an explanation by fuyumi that he did not steal the curtain however she.

Does know something that may help fuyumi return to life she mentions the book of human resurrection and says that it is in wolf's territory an old enemy or friend of staz the three then decide to go and retrieve it staz and crew decide they must travel to the western part of hell in order to retrieve the book of human resurrection they must go there.

Because beru said wolfe the boss of the western territory is in possession of the book because they don't want it to look like the start of a territory battle between staz and wolf they decide to call upon the chicken brothers the fastest transportation in the demon world though they run fast they are very slow at counting money after they finish.

Counting their pay the chicken brothers take stats for yumi and mommy beru can simply use transportation magic when she feels like coming quickly to the western territory during the ride staz orders mommy to use his third eye to navigate a path to wolf with the least amount of run-ins with others however mame quickly realizes at the speed they're going they.

Will run head-on into wolff and his two companions wolf and company who soon see the carriage approaching also realize they are on a collision course despite this wolfe calmly uses his brute strength to slice the carriage in half after quick introductions from the two longtime friends staz learns that wolfe does not have the book instead he asks.

Wolf to aid his search using his influence over the territory but to do this staz will have to win a competition between him and wolf after hearing this fuyumi is worried about the outcome deeming as if she was the decided prize if staz loses however staz coolly explains that the competition will be a bowling match and with his magic that.

Can affect things at distances he will be able to control the ball to his liking they then go to begin the match with wolfe and realize that staz misheard and the competition is actually boxing because of wolf's physical magic affecting his strength wolf is at a clear advantage the match soon begins and staz is quickly showing signs of.

Losing after a few minutes of getting beaten up something happens to wolf that causes him to become fatigued earlier in the match sthaz had grabbed onto wolf and used this chance to bite wolf and leave his tooth pierced into his skin and that's the end of the video as always if you liked what you saw subscribe to the channel i'll be.

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