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Hello. Welcome back to the 5 Minute Review. In the frame-breaking match, the next developments have become extremely interesting. Because after the fire riot, in the wind city, Han Phong heard the news and immediately gathered people in the Black Horn Domain to attack Gia Nam Academy. And then, a spectacular battle was fought. immediately took place. The most notable is the duel between To Thien Elder Dou Tong One Star and the two heads of the Black Board of the Black Horn Region, which is Kim Ngan Nhi Lao, the peak fighting strength. It can be said that the battle The battle between the two forces is extremely equal, as long as one side has one more fighting king, the situation will be different. And that luck has tilted towards Gia Nam Academy, when at this time, In their squad, there was the presence of Tieu Viem. At this time, after being discovered by Pham Lao that he was the one who took his son's life, Tieu Viem immediately coordinated with his three friends. Lam Tu Nhai, Lieu Kinh and Tu Nghien beat Pham Lao, a four-star fighting guy who almost died. Because of that, losing Pham Lao, the situation was now completely tilted in favor of Gia Nam Hoc. Institute. And taking advantage of that chaotic situation, Tieu Viem immediately took action to take the fire. However, he still couldn't avoid being noticed by Han Phong. Because of that, Tieu Viem was attacked very strongly by the other guy. However, after many years of evolution, it has acquired spiritual wisdom. Because of that, it immediately counterattacks against the other two and wants to eat them alive in order to devour the other two. increase his strength. And its first target is Han Phong. That's why, when it rushed to attack, the other guy, although he was also a top battle emperor, but because he had to fight against the fire, he had to struggle to repel it. However, the fire dragon. the other hasn't stopped yet. As soon as Han Phong pushed it back, it immediately rushed to attack Xiao Yan. Also because of this, Xiao Yan immediately had to run away to avoid its attack. Fortunately, in the end, thanks to the Medicine Elder. Only after that, Tieu Viem found its weak point and attacked, causing the fire to weaken a lot. And then, the battle for the different fire between Tieu Viem and Han Phong broke out. In the air, the battle skills between the two people also constantly collided. To the end, when the battle was coming to an end, in the hand of Tieu Viem, a small figure of Buddha's fury fire lotus with only one type of fire appeared, after Then, it immediately jumped towards the other guy. At this moment, receiving this blow, Han Phong's face changed, he didn't expect such a young person with such a high talent. When asked, he asked. As we know, the cultivation method that Tieu Viem cultivates is the same as him, that is Fen Quyet, and no one else, the person who taught the kid is Medicine Lao. Knowing this, Han Phong's malicious eyes are present. up, in an instant, he used his full strength. Following that, the flames on his body also quickly condensed. Behind his back, Hai Tam Diem was like a rising tide, and in his hand, a Tam Xa halberd also appeared. Witnessing this change, Tieu Viem did not hide his strength anymore. In his hand, two flames of one blue and one white appeared. After that, the fiery-breathing fire lotus also appeared in the air. With each passing second, the giant lotus flower collided with each other. touched with the sea flame halberd, a terrifying explosion exploded. Immediately, it made this place vibrate continuously. When the smoke and dust passed, now only Han Phong's whole body was burned black, his body immediately fainted. Fortunately for him, Kim Ngan Nhi, after realizing that he still had a bit of his breath, immediately died. Immediately save him. As for Tieu Viem, he was also a little weakened, his face was also burned black a piece. However, when Tieu Viem had not had time to rest, he suddenly discovered, the hot flame of As soon as he and Han Phong broke out, they were completely absorbed by Still Lac Tam Viem, immediately, it was healthy again. Because of that, it immediately rose up and then chased Tieu Viem very aggressively. Elder To Thien, in order to seal the strange fire, he and the elders immediately formed a formation to surround it. Also because of this, after a while of pursuit, it seemed that Xiao Yan could run away. When he escaped from the seal, who would have thought, in that life-and-death moment, the other fire suddenly spewed out a stream of flames. Accepting it, Xiao Yan's weak body could no longer resist, he that's it However, after that moment, the seal was completely covered, so the other fire was also sealed and returned to its original position. However, Xiao Yan so it also fell into a state of disappearance. A lot of people understand, after that moment he died. Even so, is there any miracle behind. Subscribe to the channel to learn more. Video ends here. Good bye and see you again.

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