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The chapter begins with a flashback Hannah has about her mother she was promised by her mom that after her business trip her mother would attend Hannah's recital during the recital Hannah watches his other moms encourage their children while her mother is nowhere in sight then the news came in about her mother being in an accident.

Hannah then remembers herself being at the hospital with her mother she clutches tightly to her blanket and weeps Haru is sad just watching her from across the room the next morning Haru tries to talk about yesterday but he gets brushed off as they need to head to school as they walk to school people still continue to.

Point and makharu Hannah then questions him about his recent Behavior the cleaning and him calling her master Haru says that's how all the other Wolves at school behave Hannah tells him that it's the other werewolves and their owner's relationship not theirs she also mentions that she can no longer touch a violin as it reminds her of her mother.

She then apologizes for what happened they then lightly argue about whose fault it is before smiling at each other she then reminds him of how he was the one that cheered her up and gave her strength after what happened to her mom she proclaims him as her closest friend and therefore has no business calling her master.

They then hold hands and head to school together internally horror thinks to himself he is content with being her closest friend and the way things are currently he wants to continue protecting her and is ready to lay down his life for her he made up his mind that he is her werewolf all of a sudden a car with.

Faulty breaks dries towards them the car owner shouts for people to get out of the way Haru covers up Hannah immediately to protect her when he opens his eyes he sees that the car has been stopped by another werewolf one with silver hair and only one eye chapter 7 everyone including Hannah and Haru stare at the strong werewolf who stopped the.

Car the wolf's hand is trembling before reverting Back To Human Form despite being at fault the loser car owner is angry at the werewolf for the damages the werewolves owner then arrives stating that it was an old car anyways and that the owner should be thankful it got scratched up Hannah recognizes the guy is her senior the car owner.

Continues to bother them before an assistant is called up to handle the car troubles someone rushes over to see if Hannah is awk before she faints and is taken to the infirmary Anna assures everyone that she is fine before being told she should stay in bed by Haru she asks saiwan if that is his werewolf before he says yes and that the wolf's.

Name is hook she thanks hook but he mentions he only did what his master told him to do he also mentions it was the loudest his master had ever screamed before which makes Hana blush but playing wingman annoys Haru Hannah tells Haru it will be Hook's first time at school she tells him to show hook around and be friends hook and Haru then greet.

Each other Haru notes that hook is quite scary before Simon tells hook to smile Hannah mentions how strong Hook was in that form before horror says that he is strong and can do that as well Hannah teased Char about him being scared of cats before pinching his cheek so one then interrupts and jokingly mentions how jealous of how close Haru is to Hana.

Which causes Haru to growl aru is later seen showing hook around but hook acts very coldly towards Haru book then kicks Haru he then tells Haru not to ask about his master and tells Haru to start speaking properly hook tells Haru to shut up and mentions he only put up with Haru earlier because they were in front of his master.

He then grabs him by the tide and asks if horror has a problem with that hook then leaves and tells Haru to stay away if he's scared as he leaves he mentions how he hates werewolves like Haru Haru enters class and sees hook which annoys him the classroom is Rowdy before cook shouts for everybody to be silent.

Everyone is clearly scared and Silent Thor is told to do something but he is scared as well Haru then complains to himself about hooks sitting behind him in class chapter 8 the group of werewolves and their master all sit to have lunch the owners question why everyone seems so gloomy and their lack of an appetite.

Previously in class Pope bullies all of Horror's friends Haru gives him a growl before girls viciously back horror begins to say it's Hook's fault but Hanan abruptly calls for hook who happens to be walking by to join them for lunch he says that he is headed somewhere else to eat as he walks away the owners speak positively about him.

Han asks what horror was talking about earlier to which he responds never mind the group talked about the sports day and how werewolves can participate they mention a prize being up for grabs Thor and his owner leave to train for it everyone else decides to go train as well Joko is saddened to see this before his owner tells him to come play Jack.

Stone the werewolf group is later seen playing with one another as they walk horror sees hook napping after having eaten alone hook seems to awaken to this Hannah says she is going to karaoke with the others on the weekends and that horror should come Hara sings excited and asks if they can go to the movies as well he also wants to go to all the.

Other human places as well someone hook then arrive before he and Hannah talk to one another the two of them talk about how they think hook and Haru get along they turn to see hook with the fakest smile towards Haru hook threatens Haru to start making the right facial expressions someone tells her that he.

Wants to say something privately later someone and Hannah tell each other goodbye later alone Hana Comfort taru before saying she won't be able to go karaoke she reveals that Simon asked her on a date chapter 9 at dinner Hannah gets asked if something happened as she is very happy she says it's nothing as Haru is visibly sad Hannah's father.

Mentions they should go on a trip this weekend seeing how Haru is getting accustomed to the outside world Hannah gleefully says that sounds good before realizing what her father said this weekend she shouts that she has an appointment already before they can really ask who it is Hannah says it's a friend the father asks if that's true to.

Haru before he responds saying he does not know the father says it's all right and asks if it's her soul mate Hannah says she doesn't know and does not want to talk about it before looking in wayly at Haru the father says she still needs to tell him who it is Hannah has had enough and doesn't want to say anything as her.

Father would respond the same way as grandma would she says it is a boy and then leaves the dinner table the father proceeds to chug heavily on the glass of wine later the father talks about the situation saying it's fine and Hannah is at that age before spitting out water when being told this might be Hannah's first love.

Hannah is picking out clothes and when she asks Tara if it's good he just says he's sleeping she then sits near him and asks him what's wrong and what happened Haru calls her a liar for saying she wanted to go have fun with him this weekend he says she promised him and asks her to go with someone next time Hannah says she can't and that she's.

Sorry Haru just says whatever she kisses him on the cheek and tells him to not be angry he covers himself with a blanket as Hannah pleads with him he opens up and asks if she really likes someone like that to which Hannah says yes Hannah then calls him a brat and is joyful he calmed down he tells her to just keep her promises from now on they.

Then spend the night picking out clothes horror later at night asks what people do on dates he then asks if Simon had a girlfriend already Hannah says they broke up recently after a short relationship She searches on her phone about first dates and reads about how someone had a kiss on their first date this shocks Hannah and she wonders if.

Someone will try to do the same as well she then searches up how to kiss before asking Haru if he wants to kiss her chapter 10. a coach is seen telling the werewolves that they are participating in the sports events and should not disappoint their owners they will be allowed to compete in a semi-wolf state he shouts at them to scream if they.

Understand before starting the training all the werewolves then transform into their semi-wolf state students in the classrooms look out and explain how cool they look some female werewolves are hesitant and embarrassed to transform before Prince greets them and tells them to just walk into the shade with her Thor seems to be working hard while the.

Group in the shade watches they wonder why he is working so hard before someone mentions the winner will get rybai at that moment hook zooms past Thor all the students in the classroom are in awe at how fast Hook is going hook then sees horror walking before getting him a bump he tells him to go play with toys and get out of the way if he wants to be.

Lazy like that horror then leaves and ignores his friends asking him where he's going he then goes to the sinks where he covers his mouth with his hands before splashing water on his head in a few days we see Hannah all dressed up and telling Haru to look over the house she then leaves and then Haru proceeds to do.

All the house chores he stares at a picture of Hana before sitting in a dark room listening to the clock Oak tick tock he then hears Hannah's voice in his head asking for a kiss his heart begins to thump and he begins remembering what happened Hannah asked him if he brushed his teeth AR was confused on what she means by a kiss and if it's just like.

The peck on the cheek she then asks him if he is ready he turns his head nervously before she just grabs him and goes for it the scene lasts for what seems like ages both are blushing lightly after they finish Hannah covers her mouth afterwards and then mentions how weird that was Haru is flustered and asks why she laughs at how.

Red he gets he angrily leaves to get some water he then tells her to brush her teeth which makes her question if she has bad breath she is annoyed but then asks herself if she really just had her first kiss with Haru back in the dark room Haru grabs his chest and his heart continues to beat he begins to imagine Hannah with Simon on their date.

He visualizes her smiling before seeming to begin to cry

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