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Welcome to another movie plot Spoilers ahead! The threat of war between USA andRussia is at an all time high. A nuclear submarine called theUSS Montana is on a mission near an underwater trenchknown as the Cayman Trough. The crew encounter an unidentified submergedobject moving towards them at an incredible speed. The glowing object passes over the submarineand the vessel loses all of it’s power. When it leaves power restoresbut the submarine is off course, veering into a canyon wall andthrowing off their trajectory.

With no other option an officer is ableto launch the sub's emergency beacon just before the sub collideshead-on with another rock, flooding the ship as thecrew sink to the ocean floor. With Soviets in the area attempting tosalvage the vessel and its missiles, The Americans decide to send in Navy SEALs to a nearby underwater oil drillingplatform called the DeepCore, Designed and engineered by Dr. Lindsey Brigman, it will be used as their baseof operations for the mission. Deep below them is her estranged husbandand the rigs foreman Virgil “Bud” Brigman.

Who receives a call from ageneral about the mission but Bud is sceptical as his crew aren’t soldiers, but being promised a substantialbonus the rest are all overjoyed, Even with the news ofHurricane Frederick rolling in. The submerged mining rig is towed by a minisubmarine operated by Lisa ‘One Night’ Standing, while itself towing along its parentship on the surface the Benthic Explorer. Bud receives a call from Lindsey furious at the notion that her rig isbeing commandeered for the mission, however the rig's financier Benthic Petroleum has.

Already agreed to cooperateand Bud does what he’s told, while being silently judgedby Alan ‘Hippy’ Carnes. Lindsey travels down herself in amini submarine with the SEAL team and are required to sit for eighthours in a compression chamber. The SEAL team leader Lt. HiramCoffey insists that they have had all the underwater training required of them, while outside the chamberCatfish shows Hippy the Hammer, But Jammer isn't impressed. They finally emerge from the chamber,.

However no one notices that Coffey hasdeveloped High Pressure Nervous Syndrome. The two biggest personalities argue like usual, with Lindsay having joined them on this mission as she knows more about therigs logistics than anyone. Bud Feels she has always had more invested inthis place than she ever did their relationship, so he gets mad and throws hiswedding ring into a toilet, retrieving it back out when he cools down. The teams prepare to investigate the submarine wreck while Coffey himselfleads the entire operation,.

Demanding orders and angrily reprimanding the roughneck crew when theybegin joking with each other. Another one of the SEALs named Monkshows Hippy and Catfish a high-tech underwater breathing system thatuses oxygenated fluid instead of air, using Hippies pet rat as a demonstration. It fills the wearers lungs with water allowingthem to breathe at extreme ocean depths. The crew descend to the wreckage with Lindseypiloting one of the rig's three mini-subs. She comes across the giant propellerof the submarine and hovers above a mid-ship hatch allowing the divers to gain access,.

As Hippy assists them with one of therig's remote observation vehicles. Noticing the missile hatches Lindseyasks Coffer how many there are inside, which he replies with 192, all5 times larger than Hiroshima. They gain access through the side of thesub and begin searching for survivors, finding nothing but floodedcompartments with dead sailors. While searching compartments on the Montana, Bud keeps his crew from freaking outwith the reminder of their bonus, but when left alone for a moment Jammersees a strange glowing creature and panics, damaging his breathing apparatus.

Bud returns to find himunresponsive and convulsing, but the riggers are able to save theirfriend although leaving him in a coma. Lindsey experiences the samepower loss that the Montana did, before encountering the same strange unidentifiable creature thatcaused the submarine to sink, which just looks at her and descends even deeper. When the crew are all back on board the rig, Lindsey says that she doesn’t know what she saw, but she doesn't think it was a Russian submarine.

Like Coffer communicates back to hiscommanding officer on the surface. The officer tells them that a Russianattack sub was detected in the area and orders them to retrieve a Tridentmissile warhead from the Montana, arming it as a contingency incase the Russians get too close. As the Hurricane roles inCoffey and the SEALs take the rig's largest mini sub without authorisation, Using the sub's large mechanisedarm they are able to open a launch door of the Montana and extractone of the Tridents missiles. However the large mini subis the only vehicle capable.

Of disconnecting the station'sumbilical cord to the Explorer. So upon their return One Night is forced toquickly attempt disconnecting the umbilicus, while the SEALs secure their warhead. But by this time the Explorer is beingtossed violently by the powerful storm, making it impossible for OneNight to disconnect the cable. It begins to pull the mining rig with such force that it drags the station along thebottom towards the Cayman Trough. But luckily as they approach the drop offthe station catches on some outcropping, stopping it in it’s tracks.

Though the stress on the Explorer causes it’s crane to break away from theship and sink to the bottom. Bud gives the order to brace for the impactas the umbilical begins to reach the rig, before the crane crashes down to theocean floor just managing to miss them. Relieved that the crane didn't hit the rig, it soon rolls into the chasmjerking the rig into the floor, causing massive damage andflooding some compartments. Hippy manages to save his bagged Rat from beingcrushed by the submarine in the moon-pool, but one of the Seal’s isn’t so lucky.

Lew Finler attempts to save some of the station'screw trapped inside a flooded compartment, but the hatch closes and Bud isforce to watch them all drown. Bud is only saved from the same flooding when his wedding ring prevents adoor from closing completely, and he's rescued by Catfish and Sonny. Things calm down and the crew begin repairs, with tensions towards the SEALs intensifyingover the deaths of their friends and colleagues. Lindsey ventures out into thewater to activate some O2 tanks but the electronics begin toexperience more strange fluctuations,.

From what appears to bethe same underwater beings. The small one from the submarine checksher out for a bit deeming her a non-threat, and then a much larger illuminated vehiclereveals itself, allowing her to touch it. As both take off out of sight into the chasm below she is able to take a few pictures ofthem before the power comes back on. Lindsey shows the pictures to thecrew which most don’t seem to believe, and she dubs the entities asnon-terrestrial intelligence. Bud takes her aside thinking shemay have hallucinated the NTI’S, but she assures him that she isn't sufferingfrom the pressure sickness like Coffey,.

But he still doesn't believe her. Hippy uses the R.O.V. to spy on the Seal’s, where Coffey and one of his men arerigging a detonator to the warhead. While showing the footage to Bud Lindseyoverhears them and marches to Coffey's quarters, pounding on the hatch until he opens the door. She demands him to take thenuke off the rig but Coffey seems very anxious and orders her out of the room, but the crew have now noticedhe is suffering from the shakes. Cut off with contact from his generalon the surface due to the storm,.

A cracking Coffey is beginning to lose it. While the crew wind down after a hard day, a tentacle made entirely of water enters the rig. It comes across Lindsey andthe whole crew including bud is finally convinced of it’s existence. It morphs into faces Lindsey pulls inan apparent attempt to communicate, then takes off to another roomto briefly inspect the warhead. But when Coffey finds the tentacle's base in themoon-pool he panics and closes one of the hatches, turning the forward half backinto water and the remainder.

Looks at him then retreats back into the depths. With Coffey deeming the NTIas hostile He convinces SEAL Schoenick to aid him in taking control of the rig. Hippy discovers them secretlystrapping the warhead to another R.O.V. intending to send it down to wherethe NTIs appear to be coming from. So Coffey forces the rig crew and Lindseyinto the rig's kitchen and lock them in, leaving Schoenick behind to keep them fromescaping while Monk tries to talk them out of it. Lindsey tries to reason with them through thedoor when suddenly it opens and Jammer appears, having come out of his comaand knocked out Schoenick.

Meanwhile Coffey heads to thesub-bay and Jams the door closed. Not able to get through the locked door, Bud and Catfish go through a hatch to the outside and swim to the sub bayunder the rig in freezing cold. Bud leaves Catfish behind atanother hatch to catch his breath and makes his way to the moon pool,where Coffey is sitting down unaware. Bud has second thoughts aboutbludgeoning him with a pole and tries to grab Coffey's pistol but is spotted. He tries to shoot Bud pointblank but the pistol is empty,.

Having been previously unloadedby the forward thinking Monk. Bud and Coffey fight in melee combat with Coffeyeventually gaining the upper hand and choking Bud. But Cat appears and introduces the Navy Sealto the hammer, wanting to do that all day. Coffey retreats to the sub and escapes the moon-pool with the intentof launching the missile. While Catfish takes shots at the rogue SEAL,Bud puts on a diving suit and goes after him, trying a rope from the a railing on the rig. Coffey attempts to crush Bud with the submarine but Lindsey piloting one of the rig'ssmaller subs crashes into him head on,.

And manages to get Bud inside. But while trying to stop the missile fromgetting away from the rig Coffey comes back, crashing into them and letting the warhead escape. During an intense chase between the submarines, Lindsey kicks up some dustblurring Coffey's vision, then blindsides him into the side of a cliff, destroying both crafts and leaving thelarger one dangling from the trench. A trapped Coffey falls offthe edge of the trough and is crushed within his submersible by the pressure.

Trapped in their rapidly-flooding sub and withonly one diving suit to swim back to the platform. Lindsey Suggest that she will drown herself, hoping the cold water will preserve her viahypothermia until she can be resuscitated. So she does so and Bud swims backto the rig with Lindsey in tow, alerting the rest of the crew to the situation. Arriving back at the moon pool the wholecrew begin working to save her life, when emergency equipment fails Bud not wantingto give up begins slapping and shaking Lindsey, which eventually works. The team come up with a plan to fillBuds lungs with the oxygenated fluid,.

Enabling him to reachincredible depths without injury since his body will have liquidin his lungs rather than gas. Bud goes to the edge of the trench and jumps in, two miles down and deeper thananyone has ever gone before. Talking to the crew through text the drop takes a significant amount of time andthe pressure begins to affect him, eventually even busting the R.O.V. heuses as a guide to reach the bottom. Tumbling down for a little while, he regains control and reaches themissile on the side of the cliff-face.

But his glow stick makes itimpossible to determine the colour of the wire he has to cut on the missile. He chances it and manages to get the right one, but with only 5 minutes left of oxygen he finds that he doesn't have enoughto make it back to the rig. Lindsey becomes distressed but Bud tells herthat he always knew it “was a one-way trip”. His final message to her says that he lovesher and still considers her to be his wife, she tells him she loves himback before losing contact. Accepting his fate, Bud is discovereddying by one of the beings,.

Now longer in one of theirvehicle and in full view to see. It takes him deeper into the trench to an immenseglowing city hidden on the floor of the ocean, their spaceship. They take him to a room where theyremove the water and normalise pressure. They playback Bud’s compassionate messages to his wife and acknowledge hisbravery for his sacrifice. Bud is shown projections ofhumanity's destructive behaviour, and the NTI’s are using theirwater-bending to form giant tsunamis all over Earth threatening to destroy us.

He asks what right they haveto judge the human race, but they retort with historicalclips of war and genocide. Fair play However seeing Bud's transmissionto his wife and his selflessness to save everyone at the cost of his own life, the NTI’S realise that humans do possess compassion for each otherand decide to spare them. Back on the rig Buds friends are sittingaround upset waiting to be rescued, when suddenly they get a message fromBud telling them that he's alive,.

And has made some new friends. The rig begins to shake as the entirealien craft rises from the chasm, lifting the Deep-Core and surroundingnaval fleet right out of the water. The underwater crew emerge froma hatch atop the alien city, realising that they should havedied without decompressing and that the NTIs must have done something to them. Bud walks out of the spaceshipa hero and approaches his wife, where they engage in a passionate kiss. And the movie ends.

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