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Hi Nekousers and weeaboos, the people who want to be eaten by the female titan are creatures that are very difficult to understand. When asked where to eat, the answer is up to you , but you never want it . also let me change dimensions even the majority of us believe.

That the prophet Adam came down to earth because he was invited by Eve who was tempted by the devil to eat the khuldi fruit so because of that Eve created human life on earth as it is today therefore I want to discuss it but the anime version where the women in this anime are also the cause of the big problems that occur in.

The anime. If she didn't do this , maybe the drama in the anime story wouldn't have happened . Turn it on or not, usually the subtitles come from editing software I want , maybe because of that some of you feel disturbed,.

Now with this YouTube system you can freely activate or deactivate the subtitles , of course these subtitles will be very useful for you if there are words from me that are unclear in pronunciation , so what do you think, bro ? cases in the anime world because of the behavior of women.

Without strings attached, shinobi no wa jidai wa owaru Reynare or yuuma amano from anime high school dxd even though Si issei is destined to have power within him but the main trigger why issei participates in the drama drama devils and fallen angels because of Reynare or Yuma Amano, so the story is when Issei is single for a long time, his missile is already worn out.

He really wants to have a girlfriend until one day a woman shoots him . yuma amano is a fallen angel who wants to kill si i ssei because he thinks that Issei is a threat , if he stays quiet and doesn't cause trouble.

Or at least doesn't kill Issei, maybe Issei won't hate himself and Issei doesn't have stories where Issei enters the group of demons, Makeup and there aren't any dramas. it's easy to save makeup from the phoenix I think if Issei hadn't been killed wow, the waifu's makeup.

Is going to be the same as Fakboy Bajigur and the story ends, Kamihiro Rize from the Tokyo Ghoul anime, one of the women who makes the main character's life suffer , what can I do or not? because of him, Kaneki was.

Dragged into the drama of the Ghoul coy, a human flesh-eating monster . met at a bookstore now this girl seems to be interested in kaneki like that or not h because of Kaneki's missile or not,.

And this girl is really pretty, especially when I wear glasses, if I'm Kaneki, I think I'll be tempted too, sis. I'm a girl named Rize. The next day, they immediately went on a date at another cafe until the evening.

That woman suddenly bit Kaneki and apparently she was a Ghoul, a man-eating monster . If this Rize didn't have too much dating behavior with Kaneki , for example, her date with Sumanto and Rize was eaten, I think the drama Kaneki experienced wouldn't have happened.

Even because Rize ate Kaneki Taneki so very tormented life to the point that he couldn't eat like a human in general plus he was also tortured by people until his hair turned white his memory was changed until his name became Sasaki even his friend hide was dragged into the drama drama between Ghouls and humans oh oh oh oh.

It's a woman huh malty melromarc from anime shield our hero must appreciate this woman with a punch or kick because it is lawful for us to torture her. The only woman who makes playing this anime character suffers very, very much has you ever heard of these words “women's slander is more powerful than the devil's slander”.

Yep, it looks like this anime depicts so clearly after naofumi moves to this isekai world he will meet 3 people who are the same as himself and they are summoned to this world because they want to be made a hero but naufumi is looked down upon because he is just a hero shield shield shield lu never met the captain America.

At that time there was also a woman who approached the naufumi and she was chosen to be his adventure partner, the naufumi , but unfortunately it turned out that the woman was a traitor and told everyone that Naofumi wanted to rape her, even though that didn't happen at all and was done by Naofumi , even though the slander was so severe this woman is.

Naofumi to the point that she hates all royal people and her name as a hero of the shield is really, really bad. You can imagine, slander of one woman has an impact like this, especially when they play among us, it looks like the earth explodes rin from the anime Naruto Shippuden , actually it's not Rin's fault, but the person who loved him died, namely Obito.

Before the Akatsuki incident wanted to eliminate suffering in this world. At first, the culprit of why Akatsuki was able to deviate from the path of finding Mugen Tsukuyomi's strength was from the death of a character named Rin, one of the female characters who Obito loved so much and those 2 characters is a friend of Kakashi's team …. the story is that when Rin was kidnapped and was about to be made into the 3 tailed jinchuriki,.

Kakashi accidentally killed Rin because Rin didn't want him to become bait to destroy Konoha, so Obito, who saw that, was very angry, even because he loves that woman to death, he wants to change his life by awakening Mugen Tsukuyomi and living together with Rin in his dreams. You can just dream dreams or.

Not, don't invite people like that to make his dreams come true , he influences an organization called Akatsuki , whose initial goal it's very noble to want to target biju biju and there was a drama of the 4th ninja world war because of the death of one woman, Kaguya from the Naruto Shippuden anime again.

, if earlier this was the origin of the 4th shinobi world war drama, this is the culprit why is there a biju chakra for the war of senju and uchiha until there is a moon in Naruto, right because of this hot girl So, in the past, Naruto's world was like an ordinary world , but suddenly there were aliens who really came to earth, were interested in trees that grew on the earth.

, but because there was a missile from a man, Kaguya was carried away with the missile, that man , because of this, Kaguya was crazy about missiles. she was pregnant and there were 2 children named hagoromo and hamura until the story continued bla bla bla bla where hagoromo and hamura sealed their mother and after that incident hagoromo divided the chakra into 9 bijuu.

Hagoromo also had offspring of indra and asura origins from the senju and uchiha clans and war war war war war hashimama made the village war again war again Basically, because of this girl who was carried away by the big Tenji's missile, stories happened in Naruto's world, all the way to Boruto, if you know that,.

You know why Naruto became an orphan, then Hiruzen, corruption, yes, the origin of the roots, yes, from Kaguya, who is crazy about his missiles the tenji Eida from the anime boruto naruto next generator, if earlier the origin of the Naruto world was because of Tenji's missile, now this is the problem because of Kawaki's missile, so the story is Dimanga boruto chapter 79,.

It is known that Eida is willing to change reality where she will do whatever Kawaki wants , how come that can bang? You can be cool because Eida is lulled by Kawaki's missiles because the reality now has been changed, people think that Boruto killed Naruto.

And Kawaki is Naruto's son . There's no one else he can trust, everyone is starting to hate Boruto , but only the uchiha is myopic, well , just try it, if Boruto's missile is big, Eida will definitely be more interested in Boruto.

. only hinata got carried away with the raikage really big missiles are everything coy can make aliens go crazy can make hokage's wife go crazy for the sake of missile kawaki eida changed history according to kawaki's will I think the story of the origin of naruto world is more suitable the title.

Is shippuden ymir missile from anime attack on titan, earlier the gaming missile missile this time, the main problem is very similar le coy , that is, releasing pigs, yap, releasing pigs until there was a 100 year war and Rumbling occurred , releasing pigs.

. The initial story was that Ymir was an ordinary slave in a kingdom where he deliberately released pigs. Because he released the pig, he was being chased by 1 tribe. coy and fell in a tree where the tree had a parasite , the parasite merged with Ymir and Ymir turned into the first titan , now.

The power of this titan will later be used by the kingdom to become a war force and defeat other kingdoms , of course, the power of the titan is very overpowered in this era Moreover, this kingdom alone has the power of a titan. Well, the origin of the titan, the titan who killed Eren's mother,.

Became a Rumbling tool, yes, it originated from a girl who released a pig, try if this jimir doesn't let go of a pig, there's no story about the Titan, the Titan MUKBANG ASMR eats humans well, guess that's it The 7 girls in the anime are the big troublemakers, what do you think about the other troublemaking girl characters,.

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