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Previously on “Dead Mount Death Play” – Thelegendary hero Shagrua is facing off against the necromancer corpse god in what promisesto be a battle of the century. In the final confrontation the necromanceruses a reincarnation spell and wakes up in an unfamiliar world, where he is chased bya hitman. Despite these obstacles, he manages to regainall of his memories and utilizes his magical powers to deal with the hitman. At the Shinjuku police station, Iwanome iscurrently briefing his colleagues on the latest case concerning human knots. As members of a special force responsiblefor dealing with paranormal suspects, they.

Have encountered and caught many individualsover the years. Due to the strange nature of their cases,none of the arrests are ever made public, as they know that no one would believe them. However, there are still three notorious troublemakersthat are yet to be caught – Grim Reaper, Fire-breathing Bug, and Lemmings. Recently, they've added another case to theirlist involving skeletons from a fire that occurred a couple of days ago. The special force is currently relying onthe fact that a single footprint at the scene matches that of Lemmings.

They also suspect that the Fire-breathingbug started the fire that led to the appearance of the skeletons, but they cannot confirmif the two are linked to human knots. Nonetheless, they cannot ignore this possibility. Regarding the skeletons, the special forceis uncertain as they believe that it would be challenging to fabricate the amount ofvideo evidence they have, and the fact that the children were rescued. They have been able to solve all the otherparanormal cases, which they believe were committed by highly skilled individuals. None of the incidents involved real ghosts,and they expect the same in this case.

At the torture building, Polka has successfullytransferred Original Polka's soul to a stuffed animal from the drone and returned it to Kuruya. He apologizes for assuming Shark's identityand assures him that he will return it soon enough. Misaki suddenly bursts in and is immediatelysmitten with the stuffed animal. Kuruya finds it unbelievable that Shark couldget turned on by someone who killed him. Polka could make Shark talk, but he wouldneed human vocal cords. However, creating them using magic would requirea lot of mana, which is scarce in this world. Nevertheless, there is another way to obtainmana, which involves exorcising ghosts and.

Converting their power into mana. This makes the torture building an even bettersource of mana than an old battlefield. Moreover, this world has magic stones suchas diamonds and sapphires, which could provide a massive amount of magic power and make Polkarich in no time. However, Kuruya reminds him of the realitythat these stones are incredibly expensive in this world, unlike in his own world whereeven a kid could afford one. Despite this, Polka is determined to saveup money and buy every jewel he can manage for the peace of humanity. When he inquires about the price, the clerkinforms him that it would be around 4 billion.

Yen for their shop alone. Misaki points out that Polka could have drainedmana from the stones through the glass, but Polka believes that would be unfair to theshopkeeper as the stones would crumble and has a moral code against theft. Suddenly, Kuruya spots Arase, one of the membersof the special division, who swiftly jumps past Misaki and Polka, grabbing the drone. Meanwhile, Iwanome finally manages to reachClarissa. His cheerful tone immediately turns seriousas he discusses the human knots and the building fire.

He begins to suspect a connection and wondershow deeply involved her organization is in these events. Arase apologizes for startling Misaki andPolka, but Misaki senses that he is bad news. Arase attempts to speak with Kuruya, but Kuruyathinks about playing dumb so that Misaki and Polka can escape. However, Polka reveals his involvement withKuruya's group, causing Arase to try and intimidate him into cutting ties with that scum immediately. Remembering the persecution he faced in hisold world, Polka refuses to be told who he can be friends with and activates his powers.

Arase jumps back in self-defense, and Polkamanages to grab the drone from him. Excitedly, Arase believes that Polka mightbe the skeleton guy they have been searching for and wants to learn more about him. Kuruya narrates that although Arase may bea special force detective, he is scarier than any thug. When Kuruya used to run intel for a streetgang, he witnessed Arase demolish eight of their top fighters in no time flat. Through the earpiece, Kuruya warns Polka notto reveal his powers to Arase, or he could kiss his peaceful life goodbye.

Arase still doubts Polka's decision to joinforces with Kuruya on his own and wonders if he got dragged into trouble. He questions whether Polka's parents evertaught him not to trust strangers, but Polka's past is murky as his parents sold him. Arase is keen to know Polka's name, and Kuruyaknows that if Polka is connected to Clarissa, it could trigger a full-scale investigation. To prevent that, Kuruya intervenes by callingArase and claiming that both Polka and Misaki are his gaming buddies. He urges Arase to go easy on them, warningthat any harassment of teenagers will be recorded.

And posted on the internet. In an intimidating tone Arase says “Havingsome distance between us sure makes you cocky.” Kuruya was the one who sold out his old gang. Telling that he would do it to the two ofthem as well, just to save his own skin. Polka notes that Kuruya is loose-lipped, butthat’s better than what Arase is right now. Arase senses that Polka is not just an ordinarykid, but rather has the aura of a battle-hardened boss. He theorizes that Polka could be a soldier,but he is too young for that to be true. Polka doesn't want to reveal his true identityand wonders what Misaki intends to do, but.

She’s gone and suddenly appears behind Arase,knocking him against the wall and claiming that she acted in self-defense. She takes Polka's hand, and they decide toflee. Arase knows that no normal kid could landa kick that strong. They run onto the street, but Arase can'tlocate them since they used Polka's skeleton hand to escape. Kuruya recalls about the past incident withArase and expresses his gratitude towards Polka for defending him. However, he admits that Arase's accusationswere true, as he would betray Polka to save.

Himself. Polka, on the other hand, asserts that Kuruyaunderestimates his worth and that no secret is more valuable than a friend's life. Kuruya wonders if Polka's tenacity is a remnantof his past life. He recalls that in his previous life, theGeldwood Order's holy arts could force people to confess against their will, rendering thenotion of “selling out” meaningless. Back at the station, Arase asks Aikawa toinvestigate Misaki's footprints. Aikawa recognizes them immediately, as theywere crucial evidence in the human knot case. This discovery excites Arase, as it finallyprovides him with a case worth pursuing.

Other departments start to take notice ofthe unusually rowdy behavior of the special divisions. Detectives hear rumors about the seriousnessof the Lemmings case, and they are aware of the dangerous reputation that precedes him. It is said that he is a monster who will doanything to complete a job. Despite being attacked with submachine guns,he reportedly broke all his opponents' necks, while shot. The detectives know that they can only relyon Iwanome's special division to handle such cases.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, Lemmings hasbeen present in the same room all along, invisible and staring at the footprint. Iwanome is having a good time at the bar,even though he came to question Clarissa. He cannot gather more information than justasking since he has no warrant. He is drunk and begs Clarissa to confess,even revealing information that cannot be made public. However, the bar is a part of the underworld,and Clarissa is sure Iwanome is doing it on purpose to provoke them. The bunny girls consider warning Polka notto be seen with them, but their timing is.

As always impeccable. Iwanome notices that they are too young tobe in the bar. Misaki promises to order only milk. Suddenly, Iwanome receives a message fromArase describing the distinctive traits of the people he saw on the street. Iwanome quickly pieces together the informationand promises to treat the two to some juice if they keep him company. Kuruya sees Arase leaving with a squad fromthe police station and heading straight to the bar.

As Misaki spins yet another one of her elaboratetales, Polka discovers the best thing he's ever tasted: orange juice. Suddenly, Kuruya warns him through the earpieceto get out of the bar as soon as possible. But it's too late – Arase and his squadhave already arrived. Iwanome calls him over and Misaki notes thatArase is the bad guy who tried to force himself on her. Despite the joking, Iwanome just wants toask the two some questions. Then the lights go out. The pair crawl away, but Clarissa insiststhis isn't one of their tricks – it's someone.

Else. Polka activates his night vision, tellingMisaki to hold onto him. But for the first time, Polka is afraid ashe looks up to see Lemmings on the ceiling. Arase and Iwanome both sense the presenceand are visibly shaken. Clarissa shines some light, revealing Lemmingson the ceiling, who then makes a grand entrance. Cracking his neck as if ready to fight. Thank you for watching, subscribe for morevideos like this.

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