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Previously on “Dead Mount Death Play” – Thelegendary hero Shagrua is facing off against the necromancer corpse god in what promisesto be a battle of the century. In the final confrontation the necromanceruses a reincarnation spell and wakes up in an unfamiliar world, where he is chased bya hitman. Despite these obstacles, he manages to regainall of his memories and utilizes his magical powers to deal with the hitman. In order to avoid local authorities, he useshis magic to revive the hitman and joins forces with her employer in hopes to create a peacefulworld. After Polka's heroic act of rescuing childrenfrom a burning building, news about walking.

Skeletons and a giant skeleton arm floodsthe internet. Despite the buzz, Misaki is unfazed and evenimpressed by the turn of events. It seems that Polka will be employing hisminions on a regular basis. Misaki doesn't mind hanging out with the guywho killed her; it's quite the opposite, she might be in love. Kuruya always suspected that she had a loosescrew. It turns out that Clarissa is the owner ofthe building known as the torture building, but Polka is happy to live here. The building is filled with ghosts that hecan use to supply his magic.

Polka's body was originally owned by someonewho had a family. To put their minds at ease, he decides tosend them postcards to let them know that he's on a prolonged vacation. Although he can only recall the family namesof the original Polka, recovering memories from the distant past is difficult. One memory in particular, however, has lefta strong impression on him. Polka is uncertain if he's in another worldor not, as the creatures in this world are the same as those in his own. What matters most is that the Geldwood religiondoesn't exist here, which is a relief to him.

Back in his world, he was considered an abominationby the followers of this religion, and they had tried to destroy him, which is given sincehe was a colossal skeleton. Polka reveals that his true identity is thatof the “Corpse God.” While Misaki finds this revelation fascinating,Kuruya seems less impressed. Peace is within Polka’s reach, all that’sleft is to find whoever paid to have this body killed. Misaki and Kuruya are both unaware of whoordered the hit on Polka, but Clarissa possesses the knowledge and is keeping it a secret inexchange for his use of the building. Polka intends to conduct his own investigationto identify the culprit and bring about peace.

Kuruya notes that Clarissa is not the onlyintermediary for assassins, but acknowledges that few possess the ability to kill Polka. He considers the possibility that the Lemmingscould be able to, but dismisses the idea just as quickly. Kuruya wonders if bringing this nutjob backto life is really a good idea. Despite her killing the original Polka, hehas forgiven her, I mean the original has, he is right there, using Kuruya’s droneas a vessel. Polka possesses the ability to transfer soulsfrom one vessel to another, and admits that human life is like a toy to him.

This revelation prompts Kuruya to remain cautiousaround him. To begin his new life, Polka contemplatespossible professions that would allow him to earn some cash. Misaki suggests that he could be an excellentassassin, but Polka admits that it's not his strong suit. However, after seeing how effortlessly hedealt with her, she disagrees. As they receive an unexpected visit, Misakiis approached by someone who informs her that hitmen are after him and seeks her aid indealing with them. Misaki is hesitant to accept the request untilPolka volunteers to take on the request, and.

Then Misake agrees as well. The informant discloses that the hitmen aretaking rest in an abandoned warehouse, making it an ideal time to attack. He adds that they have previously worked withsomeone whom Misaki has killed before, referring to her old “friend.” Without hesitation, Misaki charges in, butit turns out to be a trap. She is confronted by several men armed withmetal bars, yet she easily overpowers them. Even when caught, she breaks free and knocksout her assailants, but is shot from behind by the same person who had requested her aid.

It turns out to be a revenge attack for killingtheir former boss. However, Polka appears out of nowhere andsurprises the attackers, using his magic to revive Misaki and giving her the added advantageof being a zombie. He asserts that a few bullet holes won't harmher and Misaki proves his point by sending one of the thugs flying. Kuruya wonders if Polka knew that it was atrap all along, but Polka explains that he didn’t, he accepted the request, not fromthe hitmen, but from the spirits of children who haunt him. With his giant skeleton arms, he crushes allthe thugs, thus freeing the children's spirits.

The bullet holes on Misaki's body heal immediately,a testament to her newfound monstrous nature. Kuruya is left to ponder why Polka listenedto the children's ghosts. Polka confesses that even though he sees humanlives as mere toys, he takes good care of them, especially since they can make childrensmile. Kuruya finally grasps the essence of theirvalues and how they differ in their perception of toys versus lives. He acknowledges that Polka is a dangerousindividual, but perhaps he and Misaki are the true scumbags in this scenario. Later, Kuruya reports to Clarissa about therecent incident and wonders if she truly backed.

Out of the hit on Polka. She assures him that she did and notes thatthe remnants of the gang they dealt with earlier are unlikely to pose any further threat, asthey have made too many enemies. Meanwhile, the same gang that was targetedwants to launch a full-scale attack on Misaki and Polka, but their entire group is alreadymassacred by the infamous Lemmings. Polka mentions that vampires were real inhis old world. Misaki finds the idea of being a vampire cool,and Polka admits that with enough mana, he could transform her into one like a characterstraight out of a video game. Kuruya watches their antics, wondering howlong they'll continue playing house.

Nevertheless, he doesn't mind as he was gettingbored with his life anyway. Meanwhile, Clarissa is enjoying her massageand contemplates Polka's weakness for children, which she sees as a way to control him. Suddenly, she receives a call from her clientwho wanted Polka dead. She demands more information about the target,but the caller informs her that Polka is just a high schooler. Dissatisfied with the answer, Clarissa terminatestheir contract. A man is apologizing to a group, explainingthat he cannot afford to pay because he did not realize that a single beer would cost60,000 yen.

Meanwhile, a drunken customer is searchingfor Clarissa and complains that more and more bars are ripping their customers. He even mentions the rumors about skeletonsand inappropriately touches a girl's bottom, despite the lounge's “hands-off” policy. At the torture building, Kuruya expresseshis curiosity about Misaki's body, and Polka explains that she can self-repair and resistdecay, making her practically immortal. Additionally, she is now “a bit” strongerand less sensitive than before. Polka advises her to consume raw meat if shesustains a severe injury. She’s a carnivore now.

Moreover, her saliva contains a potent paralyticeffect. Kuruya wonders what kind of creature she reallyis and she even tests it by biting Polka, paralysing him. Misaki playfully asks if “Kurupon” wantsher to bite him too, but he's not interested in 3D women who view a kiss from them as a”reward”. She’s a monster through and through. While paralysed, Polka wonders if this worldhas superhuman bogeyman, such as the legendary hero. The police are investigating the area wherePolka took care of the thugs.

Suddenly, a man covered in bandages, Lemmings,appears and destroys the boulder apart. When the police rush to investigate, he vanishes,but they find the thugs' bodies. Meanwhile, the man who couldn't pay for hisdrink earlier beats up the scammers and receives a call. At the same time, the drunk man who was lookingfor Clarissa also receives a call and becomes furious that he won't be able to see her today. He leaves the bar in a huff. Kuruya is still curious about Polka's worldand asks more questions. Polka explains that their world also useda decimal system and most people had ten fingers,.

With some variations. Polka can't wrap his head around the factthat this is another world since the people here look the same, and magic works in thesame way. He wonders if somehow, their two worlds areconnected. Eventually, Kuruya's paralysis wears off andMisaki notes that her new ability is quite useful, as she can save on nails. Polka agrees, stating that the more ways youhave to incapacitate someone, the better. Kuruya concurs, particularly after seeingPolka's last performance in which he conveniently hid the corpses.

However, Polka points out that they are stillalive, but probably no longer sane enough to testify. He made sure they’ll never be able to killanyone again. The man from the bar and the one that beatup the scammers meet up, they are part of an occult investigation team. The thugs are really alive, and the two havenever seen human square knot before, no wonder they were called first. The team's top suspects for the situationare the Lemmings, the Grim Reaper, and the fire-breathing bug, but they believe thatthis situation doesn't match their typical.

Work. With a new suspect in mind, they become excitedto continue their investigation. Thank you for watching, subscribe for morevideos like this.

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