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So you have a Demon Slayer script for me. Yes sir, I do. And I was thinking that we could callit the entertainment district arc. Why is that? Because it takes place inthe entertainment district where funny things happen. So what kind of funny things happen there? Well, a lot of not safe for YouTube stuff. Oh, it's that kind of funny stuff.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right then. Well, what happens in this thing? So Tanjiro and Friends meetthe sound Hashira Tengen Uzui. Oh, is he a cool future plot point? Oh, he is very cool, sir. In fact, he's very ripped. Oh yeah. He with super cool double blades,Uhhuh, and he has three wives.

Oh yeah. Wait, what? Yeah, so he's a Shinobi,so he has three wives. But why? Because he's a Shinobiand shut up about it. Do you think that having threewives is what it takes to be cool? Is the message we wannaspread out into the universe? Well, you see, the wivesare very attractive. Oh, you didn't mentionthey were attractive.

Okay. That just makes everything okay. Yeah. So Tengen shows up at the Butterflymansion and almost assaults Aoi when she refuses to help him on a mission. What then Tanjiro, Zenitsu, And Inosukeare like, we'll go instead and he lets these kids that he's never met go on thismission with him without any hesitation. Why, though? So the rest of the plot can happen.

Well, all right then. And then they go to the entertainmentdistrict and tenge makes them all cross dress and sellsthem just because, no, no, no. He sells 'em to the placeshis wife's disappeared at. And why did they disappear? Because Tengen thinks this is anupper rank hiding in the district. Why? Because funny things happenduring the night, which is also when demon things happen.

Did no one else. From the history of the entire demon,slayer corps, ever make that connection? Apparently not. Alright then. So what happens to the crossresing main characters? Well, Tanjiro folds, clothes,uhhuh, and Inosuke puts his head through a lot of walls. What? And Zenitsu gets captured by a demon.

Oh, who's that demon? Well, her name is Daki andshe's upper ranked six. Oh, she sounds really cool. Yeah, she is. She's like a baby. The moment she faces any amountof difficulty though, wait, what? And so Tanjiro realizes the Daki exists. And goes to fight her.. Oh, this sounds good.

Yeah. And he goes so crazy with Hinokami Kagura. He almost kills her. Really? Yeah. But then his body just kind of decides,oh no, there's no way you're getting away with that this early in the season. Just like that. Just like that, sir.

Well, what about Zenitsu? Well, Tengen finds him and hiswives and a web made of obi. What's an obi? It's like a magic belt. So that dog can do whatever I need her todo for the plot with, oh, inexplicably. Magic belts are awesome. So N comes out of herbox in one v, ones doc. I like. That's gonna be difficult actually.

It's gonna be super simple. Barely annoying. Oh, really? Yeah. She just kicks her around like a lot. And does gonna get stronger to fightan upper ranked demon who we've already established is way stronger than anysingle demon slayer because, fair enough. And so Tanjiro has to calmher down with a lullaby, what? Yeah.

He is gonna sing her a lullabyand make her go to sleep in the middle of this giant fight. He's gonna do that. Uh, Huh? Is dokey just watching it happen. Oh wait. See, Tengen decides to become amain character and just comes in and immediately cuts off Daki's head. Wait, what?.

And then he says she's too weakto be an upper ranked demon. Yeah, it sure seems that way. And then we're gonna find out,she's a brother called Gyutaro, and together they make the upper six rank. So where was he hiding exactly? He was just kind hiding inside her. Say what now? Yeah, he's just gonnamerge out of her neck. Real creepy life.

You know what? Sure, why not? And then he is gonna be likeso much stronger than Doc. Well, if he's so strong, why wasn'the fighting in the first place? Well, sir, I'm gonna need you toget all the way away from my spine about everything relating to logic. Oh, well let me get awayfrom that logic train. And so then everyone wants topull it, like all the stops. Oh really?.

Yeah. Zenitsu has to use Godspeed Uhhuhthen Inosuke decides, getting stabbed just doesn't affect him. Wait, how then Tengen and youtravel are really hard to follow. Fight. Yes, yes, yes, yes. then Zenitsu and Insokue cut off Daki's head. Okay.

Then Tengen and Tanjirocut off Gyutaro head. Okay. Some more. And then, yeah, they're, they're dead. Wait, just like that. Well, Gyutaro body kind of nukes therest of the entertainment district. Oh my gosh. Yeah, it's gonna be really tense. So how many casualtieswere caused by this body?.

Nude? No one, I'm kind of sure. What did you just say? Yeah, you see, Tanjiro told afew people earlier to evacuate. So you know, tens of thousands ofpeople definitely left because of that. Well, that makes sense. And so you learn that Daki and Gyuturohave like the most tragic backstory. Oh, they do. Do they again, the Nezuko heals Tengenfrom Gyutaro's poison and everyone's fine.

Not a single main character is dead. Or harm? Not even a little bit, huh? Well, I mean, I guessTengen's right hand is gone. Oh, that's more than enoughmain character damage. Yeah. And so the news spreads through the crows. Magic Crows, you know, and the DemonSlayers Master's was gonna be like, for over a hundred years, nothing has changed.

But now we will definitelykill Muzan during our lifetime. Oh yeah. What's the supposed main villainbeen doing for the last 20 years? Since we saw him? Well, he is a little kid now, andhe is been adopted into a family. Why though? Because sequel stuff. Oh, okay. That vague explanationmakes everything okay.

So what do you think? Well, I think it soundslike more money for us. Good. Because they've got a great idea tosqueeze more money out of this franchise. Ooh, I like money. What have you got for me? What if. We made a stage play whatHey Guys Anime Pitch here. Hope you enjoyed that video.

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