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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown that a boy named Tanjiro is carrying his injured sister by kicking her on the back for treatment. In fact, Tanjiro is telling his family and his siblings to do something during the new air. To avoid shortage, no one goes to distant villages to earn money by selling it. The specialty of Tanzar was that his head was as strong as a hammer and his ability to smell was amazing. He also helps many people with this ability in the evening when When he is going home after selling all his goods, a man advises him not to travel at night, because beggars hunt people at night . When he reaches his home, he sees that all his family members are bleeding and killed, only one of his sister Niji, who is not completely mine, is taking her for treatment only to save her and to Tanjore The story starts attacking that.

If the person is not private, then his family was not killed, but because there is no trace of blood on his hand or mouth, and he will have the smell of another person as his own, he is lying that this is no less private. Hai Nijiro is attacking Tanjiro that only then a man is about to cut the throat of private people out of his own selfishness but Tanjiro private people have a child . Neji has a demand and he has to kill fewer daemons, Tanjiro stops him from doing so. He wants to turn his sister back into a human from daemon but Giov doesn't agree . Gehti doesn't even know about it and faints, then Prijit throws Ghiya away with a blow and starts protesting Tanjiro. Gehti is shocked to see this because demons are hungry for human blood, for that they do not care for anyone. He leaves them even if they are his family members but.

He did not do so that there is something special in them, he leaves both of them that he goes to meet a person living under Mount Sagdi and so that he tells Tan Ziro that Don't take Prijiva in the sun because he dies in the demons, after that they both bury their family and go out to find Prijita, Tan Zero makes a basket to protect Prijiva from the sun, but Prijiva sits down and they continue the journey. On the way, he encounters a demon, both of them together start fighting with him for his life, Privya separates him from the neck of the demon, yet he does not die and starts attacking them, but somehow He succeeds in trapping the demon on a tree, then a man wearing a mask comes there and asks Patanjali to kill the demon, but the tanjir does not know how to kill him . which was making him weak, only then the sun came and that demand burns.

And dies. Only if he is late to join Demons Kirk and his training begins Slicing Badar into two pieces is said to take 6 months , but he does not know how to divide Badar into two pieces. There are many students of Khuda on both sides, after this, after 6 more months of training, Tanjiro comes to him at Badar's place and finally after defeating the evidence, he divides Border Guddu into pieces, along with this both of them disappear in the plane. A lot of students had accepted him in the final selection of Slayer Corp,.

So he did not want Tan Zero to go for the final selection, so he gave such a difficult task to Taktan Zero. Hai that Tan Zero will definitely join Demons Corp, he also gives him a mask which will protest him in any way, after that he sees his sister and leaves for the final selection the next day and thinks of God that these How does Tanjiro know the name of the two slain students is actually evidence and mother Ko Mo's spirit helped Tan Jiro during the slicing of Badar, they both die fighting the daemons during the final selection after Tan 0 reaches the entrance of the final selection, the two guides tell them that there are many demons inside here, who have been captured by the demons layer shot, they cannot escape from here because there is a waste or tree, which the demons do not like. Is.

And you guys must have spent 7 days in the jungles of this mountain to pass the final selection. Tanjeer gets many demands in the jungle and he finishes them all with his opening plate and water breathing style, he rings his bottom Given that has the power to kill demons, after that Tan Zero is faced with a demand that has killed evidence and Makumo, he has killed life, living here, he has killed more than 50 people. And kills only 15 students. Seeing Fox's marks, he recognizes who is the student from Uruguay, after that a fight starts with him . And with water breeding style, Tanjiro gives Kat to her hard throat, marking her daemons, he is not happy that he knows that all daemons do not become daemons by their own will, sometimes they have to reduce them even if they don't want to,.

They are forced people. Even after that he has to fight with many dames and finally he reaches to the second chhod with him there are some other people who pass the final selection all are hurt and tired after that they all get one bird each. Meets those who can communicate with them and clothes and swords are also made for everyone. Back to others so that after reaching 00 I have seen that the condition of the private has improved a bit and God impresses him a lot with this work. There are other types of demons who use blue demon techniques and have super natural abilities. They are very dangerous but they hope that Tanjars will be able to face them all . He doesn't need human blood to grow, after that Tanjar gets his sword and he gets his first assignment where girls are suddenly.

Disappearing and he has to eliminate the daemons who are doing this. Before going on his first mission, Uruda gives him some information related to clothes and sword and also gives him a special box in which he can keep Nijukos or the box is very light and strong, thus Tan Zero is very happy and He goes out for an assignment, he completes this assignment with the help of his ability and niju, then he gets another assignment where he meets the creator of the demons for some time and he comes to know that the one who created all the demons. He has created and he comes to know that the one who created all these demons is a relief among many people by being a human being. Meanwhile, Tanjars also meet two good dames who help the injured people,.

They need very little blood to live, they buy and drink blood to fulfill this need. Hain Lady Damon Tamayo has not been made into her son Damon . Will have to study Blue's sample to see how he has survived without Blue for so long, as well as the Blue of powerful demons related to Mujhand. They attack and a fight ensues. One of the daemons introduces herself as a member of the 12 daemons . With the help of this film , I call him by demand, so that the demand is also made, in fact, no one.

Can say the full name of Damon Bhujan out loud, or by doing this, the blue cell of evaluation inside Damon will give him his name. You kill yourself they come to know that this demand you were not a member because you are the number in the eyes of Daemon Moon these Dual Daemon Moon are the most powerful daemons of life after this 0 goes from there by anger to him and a He gets an assignment and meets her on the way. He is a fake lover and also a member of Demons Corp. He is very scared of his life in the mission but somehow Tan Zero takes him with him. It is a score that is already behind the demand, it was necessary for the demons to have rare blue, so it has caught the red blue child, because this blue is from itself and in the lower six of the 12 moons. Patanjali could have reclaimed his place, does not allow this to happen and kills the demons, during this time we also know the power of genes.

When he is not conscious, he destroys other demons with the speed of light, but when he regains consciousness, he becomes a coward again, after that he wants to open Inoz's Tan Zero's box outside, he comes to know that There is a daemon inside it but Junku has to stop her from doing so then Tan Zero comes there and tells everything that inside it is his sister but Enos doesn't care about it he wants to kill the Nezukas that's why between him and Tan Zillas There is also a fight in the end Tan Zero bangs him in his head with his head so hard that he faints for some fear actually Inoz wants to show that he is stronger than Tan Zero then all three of them unite And they get an assignment in which they have to go to the hill but before that they are sent to the guest house to rest and recover. There Jinson sees Prijit and on seeing Prijit, he follows Nejibo and the next day they go there. From there they study in the forests of the mountain,.

There they feel some powerful demons, but those who do not go ahead because of fear and sit there, body zero and go ahead, they find the body of many demons layer in the forests, some are killed . Some of them got injured and one of them somehow goes back. He tells them that on coming here all the demon layers went to fight with each other, because of which all of them killed each other and only then the rest of the injured demons attack them. Let's fight they find out that someone is controlling them A web like a puppet is controlling them They cat those waves Escaping from the rest, they reach there and kill the demons, but there Tanjiro comes to know that there are many more demons here, along with them there is also a member of the 12, and he also goes to the jungle in search of Tanjiro. He goes there.

He encounters a spider demon with a man's head . Says that now you will also become one of us in some fear who gets scared in the morning. He remembers his past that how his trainer saved him and gave him training but he was very scared and fearful . A lightning had fallen on him, due to which the color of his hair was also cloudy, but on this also his trainer saved him, but today even after being a member of Demons Layer Corp, he is still coward and now he is going to become a monster, only then he is afraid. Because of this he faints and his second personality comes out and he kills all those daemons by electrocution and himself falls on the ground weakened by the effect of poison on his trainer and he faints there. The head of the Demons Layer Corp has come to know that their.

Members are also there so they send two beauties to him, one from the gym is gay and the other is Shinobu . On the other hand, Tan Zero and Nas Ke find another powerful demon, he is so powerful that even the ring blood below Tan Zero is unable to kill him, he throws Tan Zero far away, they think that these are 12 demons. He is a member of Moon, now he is alone in front of the demons, he breaks the sword of Demon vein and makes him very injured, that's why Haseena comes there and in one blow she beheads Siddhi Maa. On the other hand, Haseena also reaches Jinsen and helps to remove the poison inside Jinson but reaches a place where a damon is punishing his sister for running away from the fight and.

Demons do not like this at all and he starts attacking Tanjiro with his web. Tanjore with great difficulty disentangles his attack, he realizes that this demand is very He is powerful, then when Tanjiro attacks his web, Tanjiro's sword is broken, he is about to tear Tanjiro into pieces with his web, and Nijju's body is badly cut in the middle. Seeing this he says to Daemon that I also want a sister like you who is ready to do anything for her family and Daemon says that if you give your sister to me then I will leave you Tan Zero angry on this threatens to kill her, removes the hair from his eyes and says you want to kill Dual Moon, this demon's name is Hui, who is a lower 5 demon, she is lying with her broken sword.

Tanjiro webs with strength Tanjiro feels that now his death is certain only then he remembers that his father performs a big dance in the form of Prayer in front of God of Fire his mother tells him that every new air I do this dance so that the God of Fire protests his family. With this belief, Tan Zero does not lose his courage and activates the fire film with his breakup water technique and breaks the waves of Hui. Ko also activates her hidden power and together they destroy Hui's waves. Dan Zero cuts Hui's garden apart. Tanjiro thinks he has killed Hui, but Hui revives him. Even before Zero's attack, he had separated his garden from there, because of which he does not die and now he.

Attacks 10 with his flower power, only then he reaches there and he falls on Tanjiro. Hui ki gives rock to us, spoils the matter and hui ki gives cat to her garden even before she blinks . Musan made him powerful by making him a demon and Hui shamed his parents and even killed them. He always wanted a true family so here he created his own family of a demon. Seeing all this, Tan Zero thinks that all those damsels are only humans trapped in some compulsion, whom Valuem uses for his own benefit and makes them daemons. There is a fight between the snakes, everyone is treated because he is kept with him and does not kill.

Those whom he tells, for this there is a fight between the two Hasir Rasas, but only then a message comes from the head quarter of Demons Layer Corp that body is zero. And let 's talk about killing Niju in the next scene showing us Niji in custody because they don't have any faith in Demons . And Wind Hasir even throws a sword at Niji, so that Tanjaro gets angry and knocks him down with his hit, then there comes the head of Demons Corp and eats, all the comic rasas bow down before him and give him respect and say to him That we should leave Tan Zero and Niju even though he is a demon but he has not killed anyone in these two years. Former Hasina and Khuda Ki also assure them that there is no danger from Niju. Ras.

Expresses his consent and understands that here Tan Ziro is such a person who has met Maujan face to face and Maujan has not received any news of coming to Prijivi, it means that there is something in Prijivy which is more than others. Wind is different on this, Haseena Mane is not ready, he cuts his hand and his blood comes out in front of Nijiko ; Seenu gets permission to keep it private, she takes him to her house for treatment, where Tan Zero and him are taken care of, as well as Seenu also makes him undergo recovery training, Ken came and Kanhao in this on the pretext of signing. helps Daan to do well in training Daan Zero learns the flower fox breathing technique On the other side Flame Haseer Rinku is going to the story Sao asks where they are going Rinku tells that there.

Is news of an immense moon demon I am going to complete this mission. Rinku leaves for the mission. It was in flowers, a man was taking it away for sale . Kar takes a decision, while during the training, Tan Zero is repeatedly defeated in the name of Tan Zero, but later he defeats Kanhao in the training by learning Fox Breathing and all three are fully ready for the next mission. Bade asks in the breaking of fire. He has no knowledge of Srinagar. She tells him to ask Renuk but he has gone on a mission . He has come in the form of a lady, he gets angry with me for being too weak, and he does not like their frequent change of position, he tells them in his elder.

That he has been with me for many years and he is not doing well. doing so he decides that he will destroy the lower mind only and keep only the immense original he kills all the lower mind except one Because of his cleverness and cleverness, he gives him more of his Blue and gives him a promise to kill a beautiful girl and says that if he kills Tanjiro, he will give him more of his Blue and advises him to send her on the mission. He has faith in the ability of Tanjars, as well as he will get information about his breaking of fire from Rinku, which his father used to do to him, he says that he gives Tanjars the permission to die in the mission, after that the body is not of zero and Kano will know all the things. Thanks for the same he understands the tension that we don't need to jump to take any decision, we should take our decision from our heart, all three thank them and.

Leave for the next mission in their mission. They have to go on a train [MUSIC] Vivah starts acting weird Jeannot understands them better in the train and finally they get on a train and are taken away for their next mission Now they are about to face off and this is But this season ends. If you like the video, then do like and subscribe. Thank you [music]

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