Demon Slayer’s Most Controversial Scene Was Lastly Moving

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Demon Slayer goes viral with horny bathhouse scenes it's time for the latest news out of Japan Demon Slayer season 3 has finally begun tanjito has arrived at the swordsmith village and his journey is back underway but Demon Slayer fans have been distracted from the story it's time for the answer to a long-awaited question about this Arc.

What would the production do about the Missouri bathhouse scene the question was largely debated even years before the Demon Slayer anime reached this point it was an extremely memorable fan service moment from the manga fans who are aware of the scene were sharply split with some arguing that the scene should be cut entirely While others were.

Already coloring in the manga page with the anime still needing to work through a lot of material to reach this point there wasn't any real sign of what the production would do the final result however has seen an overwhelmingly positive reception UFO table brought a light touch to the scene adding in sound effects to accentuate mid-series.

Movements and animating tanjos reactions perfectly they mostly leaned into to the comedy element people are sharing memes of mitsari all over Twitter talking about both her time in the bath house and her encounter with tanjito as you would expect a bunch of fans enjoyed the fan service but as usual demon Slayers quality took the scene beyond what.

Anyone expected even fans who are less excited by the idea still enjoyed this part of the episode pointing out how wholesome tanjito was focused on helping Mid City while Demon Slayer has always had an excellent reputation the fact that this moment managed to unify a fairly heavy fandom split is impressive and is a very good sign for the quality.

Of season three while the fan service has been a heavily focused on point fans have not forgotten the gorgeous camera pants that came earlier in the episode or the Glorious Majesty of its new OP even the most questionable aspects of the episode haven't been enough to deter fans a simple shot in the manga introducing upper Moon one kokoshibo was.

Amazingly over the top in the anime featuring a massive sweep around the infinity Castle before returning to the meeting this is kind of excessive on a technical level to the point of one fan laughing at just how overdramatic the studio had gotten in any other anime the edit would be jarring and take viewers out of it some even compared it to.

Bollywood editing but the consensus for most has been that the scene just helped hype kokeshibo up emphasizing how scared akasa is to be standing next to his Superior one person even called it the best scene of the episode there's been a lot to love in season 3 so far and it's only just begun meanwhile Sega decided to make fans Happy by killing Sonic.

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