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The anime opens with a storm that has ruineda village and the lady giving birth to a child the ruler of this Village [__] is the father ofthe baby who is tired of Storms and epidemics his town has been devastated by continuous hurricanesand epidemics so he walks to a legendary Hall of hell he is here not to beg for mercy but to makea deal with the demons he also kills the priest who forbids him to make a deal with demonsbecause once he becomes a demon's worshiper he will never return from it he has to spend hiswhole life in Hell there is no way back to push his worshiping however he has made up his mind andoffered anything as a sacrifice to the demons in exchange for his ruler and prestige in the town aloud thunder hits the hall and prints a cross on the forehead of the [__] as the confirmationof the deal Dago's wife has given birth to a.

Boy who turns demonic with a loud lightningstrike the Thunder turns the breathing but without limbs eyes nose and even skin it's justa skeleton with blood all around [__] laughs to see that his deal has been accepted he let thenanny take the child and throw it in the lake his wife Rebels a lot but he is not pitiful atall he asks her to Bear another child who would be the heir of [__] they also notice a statue ofBuddha which got struck by lightning and lost its head the second wife explains that the Buddha hasjust given a sacrifice Nanny places it in a boat with an amulet and wishes him luck for his futuresuddenly a monster appears and kills the many a blind man with his violin senses the presence ofa demon and slashes it with his sharp sword he is so Vigilant and robust even when he is blind thescene changes to 16 years later when a young boy.

Called dororo sells stolen stuff but the ownersfind him and ask for the Betrayal he escapes the owners of the stuff by throwing horse dung at themhowever he can't escape for longer because the owners blackmail him by hurting a little pet doghe surrenders and they try to kill him by drowning in the sea after his continuous rubbish talk astrange guy is looking beside them silently and suddenly a monster appears out of the water theguy can't see hear or speak also he is wearing a mask still he challenges the monster and rescuesdororo he lures it into a bridge and then slits it into pieces the monster's body tears apart intoseveral parts dead after splashing into the water with the bridge the Royal brings the prostheticarms of the boy and thanks him but soon he realizes that he is dumb and deaf shockingly theGuy's mask falls off and new skin is impregnated.

On his horrific face he can't even understandwhat's happening with this but the same extreme thunderstorm hits the village and [__] realizesthat the deal has been completed as he notices that one of the statues of the demons in the Hallof hell has been slid into two he shouts to see the expected Calamity of the Town hence the nameof the guy is revealed as hayakimaru he is the son of [__] but he doesn't know dororo is scared tosee all this meanwhile the Dago's wife has given birth to another child the heir of the [__]however she still remembers his son and wishes for his protection the episode begins with thesame blind man who witnesses a huge-faced monster with a ding in his hand he instructed somethingand lets it go dororo and hayakimuru have become friends and hayakimuru lets him closer because hedoesn't sense any danger from him he is born like.

A dead soul but his strength vitality and senseof detecting dangerous colors are strong he can precisely predict the location of monsters andkill them with his strength while walking down a street he stops to eat some berries and fishdororo is always with him hence the monster starts hunting a village and disappears The Travelersand tourists the villagers are so worried about their economy and safety conditions instead ofall precautions they can't even hurt the monster dororo knows all this and thinks of a plan tobecome rich using the hayakimaru's exceptional skills he makes a deal with the Villagers to killthe monster and they would pay a tribute in return they are offered with a hearty meal and a place tosleep suddenly the monster appears but hayekimuru doesn't kill it Toronto is Hell scared and reallywants to activate his strengths and senses but he.

Lets the monster walk away their oral compensatesby giving hops to the villagers the next morning they are taken to meet the village Chief whosename is Bandai and she can't walk because she lost her legs in a traumatic incident the lady greetsthem well but hayakimuru takes out his prosthetic arm and jumps to attack her with a pointed nailthe villagers get offended and they throw both of them out to the storeroom of the village dororois so pissed off because his one wrong judgment makes them starve again they meet the same blindman in the storeroom who welcomes them by judging the strength of hayakimaru he reveals that hecan see the inner Souls of anyone pure souls are just white flames and evil Souls come in devilishdark colors suddenly they notice an evil presence and hayekimuru instantly slashes its hand withthe pointed nail he follows the monster to the.

Well the blind man follows him with dororo theypass the Dark Dynasty of the well and reach the room of the chief burden hayakimuru is also thereand is ready again to kill her the blind man also reveals that the color of the soul of the chiefBandai is like the murky blood color have I list among the evils she turns into a mighty monsterin an instant but hayakimuru doesn't even wait for a second he just opens up his prosthetic arms andtakes them to the Jungle he pierces the Monster's eyes with the pointed nails and then kills itby slashing it with robust moves and Flawless fighting skills however the lady Bandai changes toanother monster and hayakimuru stabs a nail into her forehead to kill her with this the monstersand the lady Bandai are dead the caretaker of the village is sad to lose their Chief but the OldMan reveals that he is the one who let the lady.

Bandai Kill The Travelers he allows Bandai eatsThe Travelers and in return in return he gets money from The Travelers the monster with theBell appears and dororo follows it however it gets disappear and leaves a spot in the groundthis spot is filled with a lot of money which the caretaker used to steal from The Travelersthe village is saved now and the caretaker is guilty their oral feels sorry for behaving rudelywith hayakimaru so he apologizes he feels a sense of closure with dororo and writes his name on theground Phi finally he knows his name as the blind man senses it with this the blind man gets toknow that he was the same little boy on the boat 16 years before alternatively [__] is losinghis worth as a ruler day by day a nearby Village has summoned a war with him and he sends a soldierto investigate something he realizes that another.

Statue of the devil in the Hall of hell has beenslotted into two halves hayakimuru is in so much pain and probably getting his limbs back theepisode starts with a war between two Clans and the Sheba Clan is the Arrogant dominant one theytorture the People by piercing their bodies with wooden logs violence and humiliation are at theirPeak and the doctor zhukai serves the Sheba clan for so many years when he can't bear the evil ofhis leaders he commits suicide but gets rescued by a random group a large queue is standing outsideDr jukai's house and he is treating the people free of cost he made prosthetic Limbs and grantedpeople the ability to walk hold Run and Jump again Khan name is his adopted child who feels pleasurein working for him he saved him with a prosthetic leg long before when he found him alone on thestreets one day Kane finds a little boy with a.

Cut arm on the street and immediately takes himto Dr jukai he treats the wounds but the arm is still unfinished khanim gets to know that Dr jukaiserved the Sheba Clan during the war he gets Too Furious to know because he lost his father inthat war he is so rebellious and ready to kill the doctor but he requests to wait for the littleboy's arm and Kane lets him wait a few more days Connie lived these few days in resentment inso much despair the doctor doesn't care for his life but wants to ward off his sins by helpingthe people for God's sake he treats the little boy's arm and allows khanim to kill him but hespared his life and left him Forever by throwing his granted prosthetic leg bear zhukai is intears but he has nothing to say hence after some days he finds hayakimuru in the boat andtakes him home he treats him well and grants.

Him artificial skin and limbs he even teacheshim fighting swordsmanship and the Art of Living all these years when [__] is busy with makinghis other Sun expert in swordsmanship hayakimaru is learning to kill monsters and sense themwith their inner Souls hayakimaru can't defeat a monster at the start after the practice andthe Duke rescue him he also realizes that he holds exceptional abilities and the potentialto kill monsters so rigorous and continuous practice starts he has become strong enough tokill any monster with a slash also the slashing and killing are nothing for him revealing that hissense of pain and feelings are also lost with the curse as days pass hayakimuru gets his one of thelib regrows too which is Impossible by the way so the doctor realizes that the boy is cursed with adeal and he will get his limbs back whenever the.

Deal ends finally the day has come when hayakimaruis trained enough and leaves his master all alone while leaving he touches the face of jukai andthey cry while hugging he also gives him the amulet to find his parents dororo and the blindman are guessing his history and he feels awful to realize the cruel Act of his parents hayakimurucomes in and play places his foot on fire probably he is getting back the sense of pain the episodestarts with a cruel act by a king where he instructs a fearful not so experience to kill aman with a cursed sword dororo and hayakimuru stop near a house where a beautiful lady is prayinghayakimuru spends some time listening to the Rain their Aurora notices the lady near him and asksthe reason for her firm warm prayers she explains that her brother had gone to war five years backand she always prays for his return instantly a.

Man with trembling feet comes for help but diesand this lead to Bloodshed in the trees dururo and hayakimuru wonder who is so brutal to killall of them suddenly hayakimuru sends something and starts running toward it it is a crowd dyingin fear and Terror but he finds no one suddenly a white face straight man appears revealing thatthe cursed sword has done everything as it is alive and needs pure blood it does everythingI to kill people to drink blood Dora doesn't believe in him because he is smiling like a demonso hayakimuru doesn't spare his love and attacks with his pointed Nails a fight starts betweenthem and the evil man hits the prosthetic leg of the hayakimaru he lost concentration and theman fell off the cliff the beautiful lady found her while dororo rushes to search for his leg butfinds the cursed sword he tries to take out the.

Sword from the prosthetic leg the sword is chasinghim to kill some people for fresh blood when that man is revealed to be her brother of her she isso happy to get this brother back however he has not spoken a word yet and keeps waiting for hissword to return also he is the same inexperienced Warrior who can't kill a man with the same swordhe was not able to kill anyone until the king made him daring enough to feed the cursed sword withblood with a little motivation he killed several people out there just to fulfill his thirst forthe sword he has become cruel and cold-hearted he notices The Sword in dororo's hand and immediatelyrushes to take it back the girl tries to stop him but he doesn't listen to a word he calls thecursed sword in nairu hayakimuru senses evil energy in the hands of dororo and helps him to getrid of it by continuously slashing and throwing.

It away the man finds his sword back and againstrives to fulfill his thirst he starts fighting the hayakimaru but after a few moves he is killedby the sharp pointed nails of the hayakimaru the full lady moans to see his brother dying butshe can't do anything but cry also the sword is broken and the curse has been removed hayakimuruis getting his sense of hearing back his ears are regrowing and he can hear everything now Tegofinds nothing about the nanny and the baby even after so many years the episode begins with thehayakimuru's newly discovered hearing sense he finds all this disturbing and avoids it byputting his hands against his ears he can't resist the voices of birds running waterand human voices dioritize his ears with a headband to block some of the noise but it'sstill stinging his ears a bird approaches them.

And they try to counter-attack it hayakimuru openhis pointed nails to fight it back but he is so weak and distracted that he can't focus on thebird the bird Monster's chirping voices create an extreme distraction in his fighting howeverthey are rescued by the old man who slashes the monster into pieces the old maku incidentallyfinds them again and helps hayakimuru to accept the human voices hayakimuru is sleeping buthe hears a melodious voice at a distance following it he finds a girl in a water streamand faint near her she takes him to her place and allows him some medicines and food for them she isliving with some children who lost their limbs in the war the town is on the verge of war and theyhaven't anything to challenge the girl makes both ends meet by serving in the Army the opponent ofseika's King [__] their Aurora takes care of.

Hayakimaru and the old man goes out to see a pathto sneak out of the war [__] worries about the drought because it's almost a month with no rainthe crops are destroying and they are returning to the Reckless condition of 16 years hayakimer wantsa song in the voice of the beautiful girl of Sika she sings the famous Mariko song hence the oldman comes up with a path to sneak out of it but a demon possesses it hayakimuru immediately setsout to clear the place the old man follows him and dororo stays back the beautiful girl goes on towork and dororo also wants to help so he follows her hayakimuru finds the monster and takes outhis pointed nails to remove the prosthetic arms he challenges the strong swirling monster intothe well and the old man helps in getting rid of it the fragments of the monster are so violentand Rapid that hayakimaru can't stand them he lost.

His original leg and started screaming in pain hisvoice is back also while dororo notices that the girl offers her body to the soldiers in returnfor the food for the children he is shocked to see that the episode begins with disappointmentand resentment for dororo because he is worried about lady Mia the children are living only on herand they are hopeful of getting rice growth one day anyhow he finds hayakimuru injured and helpshim get back into the place he is shocked to see his cutlim but amused at the same time to get hisvoice back aego has harvested the fields in hopes for the rain to grow them better hey tumaru Dago'sSecond Son really wants to join the war but his father refuses him to join the Army he requestshis mother but she also tries to counsel him to avoid Wars hey a tumoru knows that his parentsare hiding something from him they seem suspicious.

Sometimes and even his mother is always busyworrying about something because he has seen his mother worshiping the broken statue of Buddha mostof the time hence he takes out the horses and goes on a ride lady Mia finds out about hayakimuru'scondition and freaks out she helps to clean his wounds and AIDS him with treating his broken legshe again sings a song for hayakimaru to calm his nerves he likes the song and the old man noticesthat he is getting out of the cave of demons he hopes for the best and asks dororo to wish for anangel to come out rather than a monster he leaves the place their oral encourages the lady man todo her job and sobs to remember his late mother hayakimuru stands back on his legs and startsfighting again he is getting better dororo serves him supper and healthy meals to heal his woundsfaster one day he jumps into the well to fight.

The monster alone he uses all his powers to fightit back but it is much more robust and aggressive than he thought hayakimuru has thought of killingit today so even though his legs are punctured from the same spot again he still manages to splitthe monster's face into two the monster is dead but they have bad news ahead the troops of dega'sClan raided the place and killed all the children lady Mia is bruised badly but she is singing asong the troops see Lady Mia in the Sakai Camp last night and think that she is spying on them sothey follow her and burn their place hayakimaru's leg has regrown he finds the children and LadyMia injured and gets so aggressive that he stabs Nails into the throat of the troops he slashesand Slaughters them like a piece of cake dororo suspects he might become a monster by seeing himkilling the troops recklessly so he stops him he.

Also gives the rice porridge lady Mia gets fromthe camp she was Victorious and so they had to appreciate her they bury the children and LadyMia and measure their way out of the place the episode begins with dororo and hayakimaru lookingfor a place to live and eat they pass by a forest and a man encased in a spider's web hayakimurunotices a demonic creature and frees the entrapped Man by his fringes the demon is so strong tohandle and she ties up the hayakimuru with a tree instead he can't hurt her even an inch henceshe is not interested in killing him and leaves the place hence the roro finds a nearby Villagewho are scared that a monster is kidnapping their people every night their oral suspects that thesilk Spiderman monster is behind all this so he appoints himself as the Survivor of the village inthe greed of the reward a resident is passing by a.

Stream and finds a girl lying weak and frail hetakes him to his house and takes care of her he provides her with food and shelter days passed andhe kept on taking care of her she is actually the monster who is here to suck the life force of thehumans she just wanted to enter the village and suck as much as she could instead of sucking hislife she fell in love with his selfless love and care she even tells him the truth and even thengets the proper care and attention she exclaims that she can't travel the mountain so he takesher to a cave to pass the mountain and look for a doctor however the villagers see the man helpinga demon he also reveals that the demon is not the one who kidnaps people but he kidnaps all thosepeople they try to kill the man but the monster entraps them in her web and sucks their lifeeror and hayekimaru also challenge her but the.

Man pulls her into a cave as a secret passageto move out of this Village the man also wants to join her and is ready to live his life as theprey of the silk spider demon they are sneaking out still dororo and hayekimaru catch thembut the man protects the demon the villagers consider him a jilt and Pierce his body witharrows the demon tries to save him but he is poorly injured she gets so Furious and turnsinto a mighty monster she kills all of them by stabbing her nails and throwing them againstthe walls hayakimuru steps in to challenge her but he lets them Escape when he notices sheis saving a human the next day dororo smashes a mini spider at his hand and finally hayakimurumockingly laughs at him he doesn't like that laugh the episode begins with an ash rain calledkusorigama and the villagers suspect a monstrous.

Event they are hell scared and terrified and calloff to prepare O'Brien for the event dororo and hayakimuru enter the village and noticed thebride's tradition a young boy in the skin of a monkey named saru hopes in and they get frightenedhayakimuru is ready to kill him but he turns out to be a good Soul he explains that the Monstereats up all the villagers so they have to present a bride in front of the monster they have beendoing this in recent years to save the villagers from becoming the food of the monster either hegets involved in eating up the bride or Wards of the whole villagers the mournful Bridal paradeis leaving for the spot to offer the tradition saru is sad to see his sister being offered asprey he wants to save her but it is not enough to challenge the monster dororo and hayakimurupromise to help the bride and stab the guards.

To make them unconscious they asked the bride torun but she is doing all this as a consensual act suddenly the monster appears and a sky of fireflames appears the monster sucks up the guards towards the sky and tears them apart for the firsttime hayakimaru can't see the Evil Soul because the whole place has turned evil the monster isSmoky and hears that it can't be challenged that easily it is actually a giant centipede roamingaround in the sky creating a Dusky and blurred vision hayakimuru can't beat it and it takes thebride with it they are so gloomy that they can't save the bride and even hayakimaru is in greatDespair and guilt saru explains that she was not the real sister but the one who looked at him withlove when nobody did the villagers always hated him and he also hated them big sis was the one whomade him happy the monster is huge to handle but.

They notice that it has a weakness exposure tosunlight it can't bear the sunlight so saru and dororo decide to Beat It by themselves they arewaiting for the day to come in and Ash rain starts again it is actually the skin that is lurkingout of its body every time it gets bigger the skin tears apart into Ash rain ferroro thinks thatonce it gets the bride it will move away but this time it is pissed off by the fight they startedearlier hence the day has come and the monster reappears it is much bigger and more potent thanbefore Duro is the monster into a cave and gets rescued by an itch hayekimaru also enters andtries to stab it with pointed nails the monster seems like when they throw the fire arrows at himhe has become weaker with the firewall around it dororo entraps the tentacles with the rope andasks the hayakimaru to follow the voice however.

He faints by jerking with the body F the monsterand hayakimaru loses his sense he shouts to get the attention but dororo is unconscious suddenlydorora wakes up and shouts to attack the monster's eye hayakimaru punctures the eye but the two-facedmonster gulps him with the other head however the monster is turned to ashes the moment they take itto the sunlight hayakimaru is saved and so is the big sis they are so happy to get them rescuedhayakimuru gets the sense of smell back and he calls the name dororo for the first time he ischeered up to see his name the first part of this anime ends here subscribe and hit the Bellicon for the upcoming parts thanks for watching

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