Den Den Mushi of ONE PIECE Characters

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Hello Nakama, welcome to the siking anime channel. Zoro's Den Den Mushi is very similar to him and even has a scratch on his eye. Ace's den den mushi looks cool with his hat and shell pattern. Law's den den mushi looks narrow-eyed and has a pirate heart symbol. Crocoboy's den den mushi looks to have stitch marks and a serious face. Sengoku's den den mushi has a long beard and Sengoku's signature hat. Teach's den den mushi has a bushy black beard and the same teeth as teach. Lucci's den den mushi has a shell with a pattern like Lucci's shapeshifting. Akainu's den den mushi is very distinctive with its shell that changes like magma.

Kuzan's den den mushi looks cute and in a navy uniform. Please like, comment, and subscribe to this channel. Thank you, bye.

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