Después del divorcio de Demet Özdemir, esperamos que Can Yaman y Demet vuelvan a ser amantes.

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Hello dear followers. Welcome to our channel. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications to be the first to find out about new videos. Dear followers, if you want to know more about Demet Özdmeir, Oğuzhan Koç and Can Yaman, don't forget to turn on notifications. Watch our videos until the end. Please stay tuned to our channel. You can support our channel by activating the “Join” button. Thank you. I think there are many of us fans who would like to see them together. I don't think it's that Demet wedding.

She is very noble and an excellent woman and actress. I also believe Can Yaman, he did not think about the circumstances. When he failed Demet, he saw himself as successful and with many women adoring him and he got carried away and screwed up. They must have loved each other very much, but now they have more experience and the Italian girlfriend returned with her boyfriend, he must have felt in his own flesh how hurt someone failed you. I think he is going through a time of loneliness as he has declared and it is karma. It would be nice to see them together again, Can has to value her and win her over again. The problem is that Demet's husband. They are more of a couple of loving good friends.

Time is wise and will put things in their place. Good luck and happiness for both of you, I admire you and your series was fantastic, with everything you made us feel. Your words are very true, we are human and we all can and do make mistakes, it is a matter of being humble and recognizing them. But Turkey is a country with many prejudices and a very different mentality from other countries. They have a tabloid press that is disastrous and a liar. God and time will put things in their place. It is for one comes without sometimes looking for it. My best wishes to all the actors and actresses of that country. They have no freedom of expression and they consider almost everything a sin.

A simple kiss, walking hand in hand and everything that a free relationship entails. They put a bad actor label on him and you can't work there anymore. Thanks to Italy for giving him a chance and Demet will see if their marriage is a contract or if they really love each other. I think she deserves someone who values ​​her, loves her and respects her and gives her her freedom. Demet, you are a unique and natural beauty. Everything you've played so far has been fantastic. Starting with the smell of strawberries, Early Bird, My Home Is My Destiny, The Love Tactic With Šukru Is Wonderful, Me And The World And My Name Is Farah is getting better and better. What can be said but phenomenal, brilliant and a wonderful protagonist,.

Who managed to work on all these different projects in the best possible way, phenomenal. May new and good times come into your life with happiness and much success. Can was one of the partners who became popular together with her in a joint project, she received an award and all the good things that happened, she quickly forgets and mentions all her other stories other than this one, which is responsible for everything that has happened. past. Since then. He himself admitted his mistake, but how to correct it. The seas of their hearts and souls are one, and that cannot be easily forgotten. Oğuzhan Koç's family is a strange family.

His father does everything possible to force Demet to marry Oğuzhan Koc. If she did not marry Koc, her work contracts would not be signed (This is how Can came out of Turkey). It really is a mob. Demet, don't be intimidated by these people. They are just gangsters. Good luck for you. Why did you decide to stop the divorce process? Have you been threatened? But what should Can apologize for and why? She stabs him in the back, makes the lawyer tell her not to associate her name with Can Yaman anymore, she has been with Oğuzhan Koc since 2019, then she marries him and yells at those that she loves her husband madly,.

And Can Yaman must apologize! But do me a favor the princess and the pea I remind you that Oğuzhan Koc got engaged to another woman in 2019 you are very ridiculous you invent everything so much what they do they don't tell you you are here from morning to night wasting time nothing should apologize to you Even all this has been done in this time that America has found America with older fans in Italy, honestly we have seen little of the actor, of course gossip and fake relationships are also part of the contracts so this is a good result. I think there are a lot of people who are against it, I, in my opinion, am supporting this couple, there were a lot of people cheering and saying that it went wrong, do the opposite, pray that they both do the.

Right thing and be happy, I think that Demet is trying, and if she thinks it will work, her fans should think positive, because she herself is trying to save her marriage, her relationship with the man she chose, at least she is trying, who chooses her partner. They are not fans and if she, and she has already chosen, thinks positive, it helps to send good thoughts. This is the first and true love, and the first love is never forgotten. Jan and others and partners; Shukryu, Engin, etc. She often surpasses Oğuzhan Koç in terms of beauty, physique, intellect, popularity, talent, education, language proficiency, respect and kindness, etc. and this takes Demet away from Oğuzhan Koç. One, two, three, etc. The crises accumulate and the end is clear, if not now, then not after a long time of.

Divorce! This is Demet's biggest mistake! May God be with you and give you the sense to get rid of this Oğuzhan Koç parasite! Oğuzhan Koç is incompatible with Demet, she deceives herself and can't even convince herself that she loves him and is happy, wanting to fill the void left by Can, her first true, deep and eternal love. You are talented, beautiful, smart, do not humiliate yourself with Oğuzhan Koç Be very happy, but not with this primitive and limited person!.

In 2019 he was the boyfriend of her best friend, until, again in 2019, (I remind you that the year is made up of 12 months) she did not think well, as a dear and reliable friend, to steal it from the series “who finds a friend finds a treasure”, there may be, but you really don't like it, because instead of chasing it 24 hours a day, flipping from one page to another, don't you choose, besides the divine, another actor who fully satisfies your expectations? I love you both but Can Yamen is making his career and he must have missed bye with a man who takes away the shine GOD BLESS touch their hearts bringing light cause both are beautiful may the truth prevail but one completes the other and a couple that attracts attention but the profession is very important to imagine if Demet agrees.

To work outside of Turkey who will shine and she I wish you the best my dear Demet you deserve to be happy you are a beautiful successful fighting person everything insists with sacrifice no one gives you anything my queen and you have become a successful actress you went away insists comedy drama series with great success today Adin Farat I can't miss any chapter I love a luxurious performance blessings to me my beautiful Demet and with the best wishes The marriage between Demet and Oguzhan will be he did by force, because when the 2 after the separation and then the reconciliation with the request to join in marriage; Demet is sure that Oguzhan refused to marry because he did not want to get married. but,.

Given Oguzhan's positive response of wanting to marry her, Demet found herself displaced in this twist because she imagined that the relationship with Oguzhan would end peacefully. In the turns of the world, new times will come with wisdom and joy. Our wish is to be happy. Much success in your life. we wish you peace Therapy is a very useful thing, but it will have no effect with this couple, because Oğuzhan Koç is pathologically jealous and there is no real love between them. Dear friends who show love for Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, we will pass it on to you, our valued supporters, as soon as news about our players arrives.

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