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Good day, gentle viewers in today's news. A currently airing animeseries sees its manga and anime Expo gets a special showingSuzume's doing well at the box office and a Canadian company partnerswith a Japanese one to make anime. So without any further ado. I am Tristan Gallant and welcome to Glassreflection. Let's jam. First, a bit of melancholy news. The final chapter for the Manga Galaxynext Door.

Is set to be released this Saturdaywith an Epiloge chapter scheduled to be releasedlater on June 7th. Now, you might know this seriessince it is currently airing its anime adaptation, which is right now quite goodif I'm being honest. If you are a fan of slowerpaced shows with a bit of the supernatural filling things out, you'll like it a lot. The manga for the series has been in printsince it's launch back in 2020, and while it hasn't been an extremely longrunning series, by most metrics, that seems to be the normfor this particular Mangaka, who I think.

Currently has 15 differentmanga to his name, including a particular favorite of mine,Sweetness and Lightning, which also got an anime adaptationback in 2016. As some people might remember. If you don't remember it,then perhaps you've seen one particular popular clip of itfloating around the internet. I said that this news was a bitmelancholic because, well, it's always is always sad to see a series end,especially if it happened to one that you happento be enjoying at that particular moment.

Though on the other hand,I suppose that I do prefer shows that actually endrather than ones that just go on forever. This could be a good thing for the anime as well,the one that's currently airing because now we don't have to worryas much about them trying to find a half decent placeto end the adaptation. Instead,the producers just need to decide, you know,if they're going to at this point give another season a shotbecause like the manga at present.

Will have five volumesunless something else happens. So it's certainly possible to go beyonda single core of 12 episodes like I think we are currently planned to get,but that'll be up to the production staff. Either way, I hope that the Mangaka feelssatisfied with the ending that they have come up withand I am looking forward to seeing whatever it isthat they end up coming up with next. Moving on, let's talk about fate. The TV anime special for FateStrange Fake is set to receive a North American premiereahead of its a Japanese TV airing.

According to Anime Expo,the special is set to receive a showing at their event on July 1st,just a single day before its originally plannedJapanese release. Now, I'm not going to attemptin this short video to explain the massive intricacies of fate, adaptationsand the universe they're in. However, we should still givea brief explanation about strange fake. Strange Fake is a very popular spin offseries within the fake universe that is not directly relatedto any other fate property. You know, like a lot of spin offssimilar to Fate/Apocrypha.

If you've ever watched or read that one,it is not a sequel to any previous fate work,but it does follow a lot of the same universal guidelines about therebeing like interesting battle Royale style fights between famous historical figuresor other such powerful beings. Strange Fakehas been an interesting series throughout its run, to say the least. Not only because of the servantsthat it has chosen to cover, but also from a meta perspectivebecause it has been ongoing since 2015. But it doesn't have a solid releaseschedule.

So new chapters kind of just come outwhenever, but there's also been this weird semi black list on any crossovermedia between it and other fate things. What I mean by that is that we've never seen an anime adaptationdespite how long it's been around. We haven't seen a film or we haven't even seen a crossover eventin the hugely popular mobile game. Fate Grand Order, Strange Fakehas kind of been in its own little world, unlike some other fate spinoffsthat have branched out a bit like the Lord El-Meloi series or even Fate Requiem.

This special, I believe, is just that,though a special It's not supposed to, I think, be a first episode in any kind ofongoing series covering the material. It's not supposed to be a filmwhich has made me a little curious as to what this specials purposeactually is. Either way,we will find out when it comes out. So even if it is just a large scalebit of promotional material for the manga, I'm sure that it'll be a fascinatingwatch regardless because Strange Fake has a bit of a history of being one of the morewell-regarded fate spinoffs,.

At least for those who have read it. Now, before I continue,I didn't want to give shoutouts to supporters of this channelover on Patron because, yes, this video,this one right now is not sponsored. And the more supportthat we get over here, over there at Patron, the less sponsors the glasscollection will need at any given time. So an immensethank you, especially to patrons like Lago We can't continue thiswithout your support. So however much you are able to help,I am eternally grateful.

Makoto Shinkai latest film, Suzume, has officially grossed over$10 million at the U.S. box office. It reached this numberin less than three weeks and also with a less than wide release compared to a lot of the Western competitionit has at the box office. I mean, like it's already out of all ofthe major theaters near me here in Canada. I only got to see it recentlybecause a local small time theater that has a single screendecided to showcase it.

But even still, it is done surprisinglywell given these restrictions. In Japan, Suzume may sold more ticketsand made more money in its first three daysthan any other Shinkai film. During the same period, it's holding its position as the highestselling Japanese anime in China. Of all time. More tickets for it has been sold inSouth Korea than any other Japanese film. But I will say that its North American performance and.

Advertising has been less than stellar,I feel, compared to other films. I'm not sure if that's just becausethe current film division of Crunchyroll, formerly Funimation Film Division,are still trying to find their feet, or if priorities have changed.Suzume has been one of the harder anime films,at least for me to attend here in Canada. Because like if I wanted to goand watch a showing today from one of the major theaters, I would need to travelseveral hours by car when I'm only about 20 minutes away from whereI ended up watching Your Name and Promare.

When those came out. Which is a shamebecause Suzume is a good film. It has like some of the best musicfrom any Shinkai film thus far as well. And I'm not just saying thatbecause, you know, they sniped at the insert songfrom Kiki's delivery service as well as the ED song from His and Her Circumstances. No, it legitimately has good musicon top of all of that. Time will tell how history views the filmoverall, though, compared to the rest of Shinkai's library.

But at least from the normal metricsthat Westerners use to judge films the box office, it is doing quite well. Some local Canadian newsthat I wanted to put a quick spotlight on. Canadian production companyNelvana has partnered with Japanese studio Polygon Picturesfor some upcoming unannounced projects. They have specifically partneredin order to develop anime series specifically for children as an audience. According to their press release,the wording, though, of this is a little confusing to me personally,but it seems to indicate.

That the two companies are planningto make anime together from scratch. And that's the confusing bitbecause I don't doubt that Polygon can do this on their own because,you know, they have multiple times. Last seasoneven we saw the series Kaina of The Great Snow Sea, which was one of the showsthat they produced. You know, even if not everybody happensto like the 3D animated style that they tend to prefer. But Nelvana as a company has been, well, mostly just a licensor of contentrather than, you know, a full on producer.

Or maybe that's not correct eitherbecause they are like listed as producers on virtually every Bayblade seriesas well as like the card captor sakura movie and such. But I don't know how much I trust thoseparticular credits because I can't tell if that's explicitly them being producersfor the original Japanese material or if they just got a producer creditfor being, you know, the producers of the English versionsfor those pieces of media. Also, it's been a super long timesince any of those shows came out. Like, to my knowledge,this company hasn't been involved with.

Any anime adaptation since like 2010. So I am questioning whythey would choose to partner with Polygon or rather why Why Polygonthought that Nelvana was so special. Sure, I have some Canadian pride considering the company is also from mycountry of origin and a bit of nostalgia for them since, you know,I watched like a lot of things that they worked on over the years. Metabots being a particular highlight. But still this arrangement.

Seems kind of out of left fieldand I'm not sure where it's going. Also, Polygon hasn't really made animefor a younger audience before, like ever. If you check outlike Aijin, Knights of Sidonia or even the most recent work, it'snot necessarily been all that family friendlyor at least did friendly or kid focused. So all of this has just been super,super confusing, but we'll have to see what comes of it. Probably won't see anything around thissurfacing again for at least another year, depending on how long it takes to producewhat they plan to, possibly even longer.

If Polygon has other shows in the worksthat need to come out first. I am not optimistic as to whatthis partnership holds, but, you know, we'll see. And that's it for our show today. So subscribe if you haven't hit thelike button, if you enjoyed the video. And until next time, whenever that may be. Watch more anime and stay frosty.

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