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Welcome to another movie plot Spoilers ahead The movie begins in a modern day village, where a young boy named Omri and his motherJane return home to celebrate his ninth birthday. Omri receives gifts from all the family includingan old cupboard that his brother Gillon found. Spending the rest of the day with his brotherA.D. at the skate-park, Omri receives a little Native American figuremade of plastic from his best friend Patrick. That night Omri goes through his mom's boxof old keys, and finds one that actually fits the cupboardskeyhole.

But without anything to keep inside of it, his mom suggests his new figurine. The next morning Omri wakes to a light tappingcoming from inside the cupboard. He hesitantly approaches it when the key suddenlygets pushed out from the inside. Omri opens the cupboard to find it empty, but a tiny native American person hiding inthe corner, his Indian figurine magically come to life. With Little Bear frightened by his large acquaintancesfinger, he pulls out a dagger and takes a stab it.

He pricks the boys finger and begins callinghim a demon and a giant, revealing him to be English-speaking. Before they can communicate any further, Omri's father Victor comes to help him getready for school, so he locks the cupboard to keep Little Beara secret. In class Omri waits anxiously for the schoolday to end, telling Patrick that he loves the gift hegot him. When he arrives home after school he racesto his bedroom to discover that the Indian has returned to his original plastic.

So he spends the rest of the night upset whilehis brothers pet rat rolls around the house. That night after Victor puts his son to bed, Omri once again hears the tapping noise comingfrom the cupboard. Overjoyed he rushes over and opens the cupboardto find Little Bear alive once more. Little Bear is again initially frightenedof Omri, but introduces himself as an 18th-centuryIroquois from the Wolf Clan. They debate over who's big and who's smallout of the two of them, until Little Bear begins to assume Omri isa great spirit called the Peacemaker in a child's form. With the child creating instant light, hisbeliefs are supported.

Little Bear explains that he learned Englishin 1761 when he was fighting in the French and Indian War on the side of the British. Omri picks him up in his hand and the twobegin to form a friendship. That night Omri finds a plastic tepee forhim to sleep, but unsure of the strange material that it'smade from, the boy puts it in the cupboard as a testand it becomes real. He tells Little Bear good night but does whatany kid would do, collects all his toys and puts his favouritesin the cupboard. Not thinking things through, the natural enemiesbegin fighting as the cupboard shakes,.

So Omri ends their short plastic lives andjumps into bed. In the morning Little Bear decides to staywith Omri, and asks him if he could make him a whitemans gun, or show him King George. Omri learns that Little Bear is a widower,and would like tools to build a longhouse to live in, saying that the Onondaga gah do not sleepin tepee. Omri learns a lot about the Iroquois includingthey don’t ride horses, and a longhouse is the mother house of theclan. Little Bear notices the outside and asks theearth grasper to take him there,.

Being transported in a lego box and gettingto walk around in modern day America. When they head back inside, Omri grabs some sticks and leaves for himto build his home but he is attacked by a pigeon. Little Bear is wounded by the flying dinosaurand tells Omri that he needs some bigger weapons. He tells the boy that he needs husks to stopthe bleeding, which the assuming boy goes to check the medicinecabin for some “Husks”. Until coming up with the idea to bring tolife his brother's World War One Army medic named Tommy to treat Little Bear's leg. The healer believes he is dreaming and justgets on with his work,.

Before getting startled by the fact that heis working on an Indian. Not meaning any offense but being as ignorantas they come, “How” “How?” Tommy does his duty and patches the woundedsoldier up. Then he is put back into the cupboard to continuefighting in the war, hoping to dream of the strange pair againsometime. Jane comes to get Omri for breakfast, and notices that her son is in a better moodthan he usually is.

With Little Bear now having his new buildingmaterials, Omri confuses his mother with a breakfastorder of granola and cranberry juice, before grabbing some tools from his fathersworkshop for the construction of the longhouse. Needing an axe, Omri puts a knight figure in the cupboard, steals his weapon, then throws him away. With Little Bear fed and armed, Omri races off to school where he tells hisclass a poem about the Indian in the cupboard,.

As Patrick listens on curiously. Omri trades one of his toys for one from theschools diorama, and returns home to Little Bear having craftedhis longhouse. That night Little Bear eagerly talks of huntingand sharing stories with Omri around a fire, as he does with his own people. When Omri surprises him with a Mohawk Chieftanfigurine, saying that Little Bear can have his longbowbut they won't keep him alive. Little Bear asks to watch the magic and standsnext to the box in excitement, as Omri brings the figure to life and snagshis bow.

However before Omri can send the Chieftainback he begins shaking and suffers a heart attack out of fear. Omri freaks out as he has never seen someonedie and believes he has killed him, making Little Bear confused as to why a greatspirit would be so frightened at the sight of death. He comes to the realisation that Omri reallyis just a big child, and angrily tells him to send the man backto his home. Omri is reluctant at first that no one willfind the body if he was alone when he was summoned to the cupboard. Little Bear tells Omri that he had been guidinghis nephew through the woods,.

To teach him how to be a man when he was taken. He tells the boy that he shouldn't tamperwith magic he doesn't understand, so Omri locks the dead Chieftain in the cupboardmaking him plastic once more. He leaves Little Bear and answers his dadscalling, who is upset after finding his saw bladeswent missing. Omri lies to protect his new friend and tellsVictor that he buried them, so his dad forgives him saying that they canjust buy another set. Omri volunteers to go buy them on his ownout of a combination of guilt and wanting to prove his manhood, but as he leaves the hardware store anotherkid knocks him into a wall and steals his change.

Suddenly Patrick shows up with a plastic cowboyto go with this Indian. While he’s gone Little Bear prepares theplastic Chieftains body for burial, and Omri comes home to find his brothers havediscovered Little Bears longhouse. He kicks their pet rat out of his room toget the two to leave, and reveals his little secret to Patrick. Who was hiding from the brothers the wholetime and finally asks Omri to send him home. Leaving his friend alone just for a moment, Omri returns to his room to find Patrick bringingto life a cowboy from 1879. He almost falls to his death but is savedby Omri,.

And takes a shot at Patrick with his gun butit does nothing. The cowboy introduces himself as “Boohoo”Boone and begins tearing up, while Patrick convinces Omri to bring himto school tomorrow as his mother calls him home. Boone hears the word Indian and gets paranoid, trying to take a shot at Little Bear withhis revolver when he sees him but getting put in a drawer by Omri. With Little Bear upset that he would takemore people from their homes, Omri brings a deer to life for him to hunt. While he skins his kill, Omri buries the chieftanin a shallow grave, and they go to sleep discussing the issuethat Little Bear still needs a wife.

In the morning Boone escapes the drawer andthe two mortal enemies begin having a shootout, until eventually Omri wakes up and calms thetwo down. With Boone set to be taken to school, Little Bear demands to be allowed educationlike the white man. So the two are forced to behave themselveswhile Omri carefully brings them to school. Patrick holds onto them during class wherethe two talk about where they come from, and Little Bears story of losing his wifeto smallpox brings Boohoo to tears. Patrick almost shows them to some classmateswhen Omri stops him, and they begin arguing in the middle of thehall.

With Patrick holding the power to reveal themover Omri, he is convinced that they are not living toysthat exist for their amusement, but people just like the two of them. When their teacher realises that Patrick'sbag is the subject of contention he orders him to open it. Omri yells that they are plastic toys, so Boone and Little Bear act stiff, pretending to be figurines and successfullyfooling the teacher. The two friends reconcile and plan a sleepover, having stolen another figurine from the school.

When they arrive back at Omri’s house heshows a female figure that he intends to bring to life as a new wife for Little Bear, despite Boone being the one asking for a girl. Just as he is about to lock the figure inthe cupboard the boys realise that the cupboard is missing. Gillon confesses he hid it to get back hisrat-ball that Omri hid, and tells him that it is in the crawlspacebut that he never saw a key. With no way to make Little Bear a wife, Boone wishes to be sent home as they havethe railroad and a new doctor coming to town. That night the kids along with Little Bearand Boone watch a documentary showing a merciless.

Slaughter of Little Bears people. He watches on in horror at the sight of thembeing massacred and draws an arrow taking aim. Boone is enthusiastic at the sight of his”boys” killing the helpless enemy and fires off his revolver, startling Little Bear who fires an arrow intoBoone's chest. He calls Little Bear his amigo before droppingunconscious. Still breathing they try to do what they can, but without the key they have noway to bringTommy back to treat Boone’s injury. Making matters worse, Jane warns the boys that Gillons pet rat hasescaped and is running around somewhere under the floor boards.

With the knowledge that a rat would eat awounded man, Omri decides to take first watch with thepromise of 1 million dollars from Patrick. Later that night, Omri hears the rat beneathhim and wakes Patrick, but they find the key stuck inbetween twofloor boards instead. Trying to retrieve it, Omri accidentally pushesit further down and out of sight, so Little Bear volunteers to go under the floor to retrieveit. But soon the rat attacks him, and the boys listen on as a battle betweenman and beast takes place beneath their feet. Little Bear is victorious and manages to returnwith the golden key.

He is suddenly nearly killed by the rat butis saved by the quick-hands Patty. With the key back in hand, Omri brings Tommyback to life so he can treat Boone's wounds, and says he was about to die in the war beforewaking up in the cupboard. While Boone is being examined by the gooddoctor, Omri goes to the bathroom to retrieve medicalsupplies, and thinks to himself that it may be timeto return the small soldiers to their respective time periods where they belong. Omri sends Tommy back to his own time afterhe finishes treating the wounds, as Boone wakes up saying that he is ashamedof himself for what his people have done to.

Little Bears. Later that night as Patrick sleeps, Omri attempts to bring the female to lifenot wanting Little Bear to go home alone, but Little Bear notices and stops him, saying that she probably has a family of herown and forcing her to be with him would be cruel. The next morning Omri and Patrick say theirgoodbyes to their little friends. Boone hopes that time has passed but LittleBear doesn't, saying that he hopes that he is still teachinghis nephew to be a man, and that if Omri was his nephew he would bethe right age for it.

Just before going, Little Bear performs aritual and Omri has a vision of a life-sized version of him. Telling him that when he leaves him, he takes him on as his nephew. The two amigos say their goodbyes to one another, and Little Bear asks Omri if his tribe arealways great people. Omri says that they are but that things won’talways be so good for them, that things will change. The two tearfully look at each other, when Little Bear yells now and they assumeposition,.

Being turned back into plastic in their originalposes. Omri ‘s book report on Little Bear assureshis classmates that although he doesn’t know how his life ended, he would have found a new wife and had lotsof children. And the movie ends. “Goodbye my friendly giants” Thank you for watching Subscribe for more

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