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And thus we must all be vigilantto the evil amongst us. That which corrupts our nature, and through thesubtleties of Satan, precludes us from receiving thedivine word of our Lord God. Let us pray. Our Father, which art in heaven,Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come; Thywill be done in earth,as it is in heaven. Give us this dayour daily bread, (INAUDIBLE).

Amen. – Amen. God bless you. God bless you. Think on't, Minister. Tis no doubt they'dmake a fine match. Your ears were scorched I see? The Shorters enquired after you. How kind.

You'll pardon me? I shall be there presently. I've not come for absolution. – Were you seen?- No. Mary. Evelyn. God bless you, Mary Chattox. And you Evelyn Whittle.Minister Gilbert. – God bless you and keep you.

Trust you more the opinionof the minister, than thewords of your own Mother? You offer the ramblingsof a mad woman. – I am as sane as you.- Silence thy tongue. It is no place for your raving. You vex us toomuch, I will not have it. Damn you both to hell then. When did these strangeoccurrences first afflictyour mother Agnes? Some days past. She arrived homemuch delayed and bedraggled. As though she were meddled with.Dark markings across her limbs.

Her moods are not natural. She has broughtshame upon our families. I feared you might be thirsty. Dark tempers hathplagued her since. Dark tempers hathplagued her since. She did also curse an Elder. Suspect you theDevil's influence? For this and all his mercies. May God's holy Namebe blessed and praised,.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. What think you ofMatthew Shorter? I think not of him. Tis not right toremain a maid forever. Tis no fate. – There is news that..- Evelyn. You would do youwell to consider him. The Shorters are a fine family.

I am not yet a woman. Tis true that Agneshath been accused? Tis a thorny matter. Her family aremuch afeared of her. Of what are they afeared? Something unknown, plagues her mind and body. Agnes toils many a long hour,perchance she is ill? Tis no illness.

If not illness consider you thatshe hath been maltreated? Surely with adequateinvestigation light shallbe shed upon the truth? Witches must be trialled.Be she innocent our Lordwill protect her. – Father, be you quite certain..- Enough, Evelyn. (BURNING AND SCREAMING) You swore to stay concealed. You worry needlessly. You are too reckless. Too reckless?.

You do sound like a vexed wife. (SOUND OF DIGGING) (DOOR CLOSING) What business have you? I've to fetch the milk. I noticed you didnot attend the trial. Nor did Mary Chattox. I've a little cheesesaved to bring to you also. Perhaps in a day or so.

Let us pray. Graciously strengthentheir hearts, we pray. So that by keeping faith,and pleasing you in all things. The Lord shall leadthem happily, to thesacrament of marriage. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. – Amen. (DOOR CLOSING) I truly love thee.

Evelyn? Go back to sleep. Look upon me. I must return. Let us run. Please. He will awaken soon.I've not much time. Evelyn. Intend you always to rovebetween his bed and mine? No.

This must end, Mary. Where be she? She did not return home. Then with whom hasshe dishonoured my son? Evelyn! Have you no shame? Their dalliance is plain. Tis but a friendship. She hath made acuckold of my son.

Her sin hasoverstepped the mark. I do love her. She hath been bewitched. – Enchanted by thisfoul creature. -Tis untrue! – Enough, witch.- I am no more awitch than Agnes. Assist me. She knowsnot what she's done. Mary! Amen. – Amen.

English Subtitles createdby Michelle Brøndum

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