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The first ever teaser trailer for Disney's newest original animated movie wish just released and I gotta say this is going to be an amazing movie not only because of the fact that it is an original but also because it sent us around the Wishing Star which is a staple symbol throughout the Walt Disney Universe the combination of 2D and 3D.

Animation is really refreshing to see from Disney and it takes me back to the kind of Animation they used for the paperman shorts 11 years ago the one thing in particular that I am looking forward to in this movie is the return of an original Disney villain the villain in this movie King magnifico is looking like he will be added to the.

Great list of evil Disney villains that we all know and love it's been about time we return to this ruthless manipulative type of villain considering what type of villains we have been getting in around the past seven years make sure to subscribe to my second Channel milky milk abilities any and all your support is appreciated on that.

Channel link to my second channel is on the screen now in the description and pinned in the comments Below in recent years the lineup of Walt Disney animated villains haven't embodied a pure villainous Spirit most of these villains have a silver lining and some sort of redemption Arc which kind of makes them hard to categorize as straight up.

Villains take Encanto for example abuela is what we would identify as the villain of that movie but even then she didn't actually do anything out of the ordinary that perhaps other grandparents would do in terms of taking care of their families and letting their ancient ways of living dictate the way they treat their loved ones not only this but we.

Learned in the movie that abuela had a horrific past of losing her husband and having to raise her three newborn children on her own so by the end of the movie we were able to empathize with her character a lot more and there was really no reason to even categorize her as a Villain at all in the most recently released Walt Disney animated original.

Movie Strange World a similar pattern to Encanto was followed the story focused on generational trauma and there was no real antagonist to loathe in the movie it was all just a big misunderstanding between the characters and the land they lived on I always thought that the sequel to Walt Disney animation's most successful box office movie Frozen would.

Definitely have a villain I mean we had hands as a deceptive villain in Frozen as well as Elsa doing her thing with letting it go Frozen did such a great job at moving Elsa from antagonist to one of the protagonists whilst building on hans's manipulative character it only made sense for Frozen 2 to build on the efforts of the first movie and creates a.

Truly horrific villain instead the second movie focused more on the main characters finding themselves and dealing with the heinous acts of their ancestors so I think it's fair to say that we have had a fair share of change in Disney villains recently and I think it's great to see a return of the classic villains with no Redemption arcs.

There has been some notable villains in Walt Disney history that have shaken us all to the core and this new villain in Disney's wish is looking like he will give us that same feeling from what we know so far King magnifico is the ruler of the kingdom of Rosas where he manipulates his citizens into giving him all of their wishes with the hope that.

He would someday make them come true but in actuality he is keeping these wishes for himself for what looks to be a greater and more evil purpose he clearly has the characteristics of a selfish manipulative power-hungry villain it is so clear to see that one of the car characteristics that allows him to enact his villainous behavior is his position.

In power as king this Trope of villainy that stems from a powerful status in society is one we have seen many times before that works extremely well after all with great power comes great responsibility and only those who have power can make the greatest impact whether that be for good or for bad take frollo for example he had the status of.

A minister and ironically a Minister of Justice he was basically like the head of a governmental department and was allowed to use the word of God to manipulate the public and perform executions where he saw fit for those he deemed Sinners another great example is Jafar he held a high societal status in Agrabah he was the second in command to.

The sultan making him the second most powerful person in the land we with this position he was able to hypnotize the sultan and gain the resources required to find the magic lamp in order to make wishes to completely take control of Agrabah and ultimately the whole world scar is one of the most formidable Disney villains to ever exist and his.

Position as the brother to King Mufasa allowed him to create his deceptive plan to kill his brother manipulate his nephew into taking blame for his father's death and finally becoming the new king of the pride lands he may have never gotten the opportunity to achieve his goals if he had not been so closely related to the royal family we can't.

Also forget his great musical number be prepared which showed us the army of hyenas he had a mast and commanded scar was able to build this Army because his reputation exceeded him amongst the hyenas and it wouldn't have taken too much convincing to follow the brother of the king who promised power to the hyenas that they had never had before as.

I always say a man with the wrong morals in the right position has every opportunity to be a formidable villain and King magnifico in Disney's newest original movie wish matches this very definition let me know in the comments below what you think and make sure to like subscribe and hit that notification Bell to never miss one of my videos.

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