Disney’s Decide | Official Teaser Trailer

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KING MAGNIFICOImagine a place where wishes come true. KING MAGNIFICOWhere your heart's desire KING MAGNIFICOcan become a reality. KING MAGNIFICOWhat if I told you that place is KING MAGNIFICOwithin reach? KING MAGNIFICOAll you have to do is give your wish… KING MAGNIFICOto me. KING MAGNIFICO ASHAI wish…

ASHAWhoa! Whoa! What was that? ASHAWhoa, what are you doing?! ASHAValentino, don't eat that! VALENTINOIt didn't work. VALENTINOWhen does that magic happen? Ah! VALENTINOI'm talking! I am talking! VALENTINOHa! Who knew my voice would be this low? ASHA♫ So I look up at the stars to guide me ♫ ASHA♫ And throw caution to every warning sign ♫.

ASHA♫ I'm sure there will be challenges ♫ ASHA♫ that find me ♫ ASHA♫ But I can take them on one at a time ♫ ASHA♫ Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah ♫ ASHA♫ Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah ♫ ASHA♫ More than this ♫ ASHA♫ So I make this wish ♫ ASHA♫ To have something more for us than this ♫

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