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Graham tells the doctors that they should talk with Alice as she is the one who was in charge of the whole operation he did not have anything to do with the operation the doctors cannot believe what they are hearing Alice is this young girl standing in front of them and now Graham is telling them that she performed the most insane operation of.

Their age the doctors still do not believe that this is true even after Graham has told them they ask Alice personally if this is the truth Alice now freezes from the fear for a moment she does not know what to answer and she realizes that she has put herself into a bit of a troubled situation it has barely been a month and she has just.

Started her work at the hospital and yet she has performed such a complicated surgery it's no wonder that nobody believes her still if she lies she will cover her Talent Alice has made a promise to not hide her skills so that she can save as many people as possible she finally speaks up and tells the doctors that she was the one who.

Performed the surgery still they do not believe her at all one of the doctors explains that there is no way a girl so young could pull off something that comp applicated they cannot trust her maybe she made it all up the doctor is now demand that Alice explains the entire operation in detail to see if she truly knows what she is talking about Alice.

Then starts to explain the entire process of taking out the spleen she starts to talk about how the operation starts what she did and how she cut into the spleen and removed it she also explains how she repaired the tissues around the injury she talks for quite a while and the doctors are totally surprised they have no words Sven.

Realizes that this sounds like all the lectures legendary doctors gave this girl did not just make this up she knows all the details still the doctors do not understand how she was able to teach herself this Alice then thinks about telling them the truth to tell them that she was a doctor in her past life Alice knows that nobody would believe her so.

She choses a different story she tells the doctors that she read many medical books and started to figure out different versions of the operation finally she figured out a way to do the operation with removing the spleen and then repairing the tissue the doctors are now even more impressed this means that this young girl read a couple of.

Books and manage to create a complicated solution for an operation she never did the doctors are now convinced that Alice is a pure genius who will change medicine she is on the level of legendary doctors who have made medicine possible the way it is today Graham then joins in and comments on Alice he tells the doctors that she is the best doctor.

He has ever worked with she is perfect and calm and she is already a better doctor than Graham will ever be the doctors truly are amazed that someone like Graham would give this praise finally Dr Sven offers Alice a job at his Elite hospital he wants to use her genius right away Sven thinks that there is no point in Alice wasting her talents.

In a poor hospital he has offered her a job with him at the Royal Cross Hospital which may be the most important Hospital in the land Alice is also excited about this as that would be the greatest honor to work for that hospital the other doctor thinks that this is a silly idea as Alice does not have any qualifications Sven thinks that there is.

No problems they talk about all the parts of the process Alice still does not have a license to practice medicine and the Royal Cross Hospital does not accept apprentices also there is a very limited list of people who can work there Sven is surprised that Alice still does not have her license she explains that she still has to take the medical.

Test to get her license Sven then comes up with a plan that Alice takes the test as soon as possible she should practice medicine for at least a year before she enters the test but Sven is confident that Alice will pass the test without a problem then they start to talk about the tests it seems that the emperor has given very clear orders about this.

Year's test he wants the test to be extra difficult so that not a lot of people can pass the test he has ordered everyone to make the test almost impossible so that only the best doctors can pass it many people are worried that this year nobody will pass the test Sven is curious how Alice will do on the test also before she goes to take the test.

She has to have recommendations from three professors spent in the other doctor offered and also they ordered Graham to give his sign off in a few days Alice will participate in the medical test and try to pass it and become a real doctor Alice then leaves the meeting and she is really happy she never believed that this could happen so.

Fast while she wanted to train herself for a year she always knew that she was ready to take the test at any time also Alice realizes that the emperor made the test extra hard this year she thinks about the fact that maybe he wants her to fail the test so that she would marry his son Palace then starts to plan how she will learn for the test at that.

Moment she spots the noble called Ron this is actually Prince Linden but using a disguise to cover his identity Alice is now worried that maybe Ron has found out about her true identity Ron has come to talk with Alice she is pretty nervous as she thinks that he might expose her identity she has no idea that Prince Linden already knows everything about.

Her Ron leaves in a hurry as he is also awkward around Alice Alice then grabs his hand and tells him to stay as she needs to examine him Ron has told Alice that he he has been feeling really tired the past few months and that he does not sleep at all Alice forces Ron to get examined in her office she asks him about his symptoms and Ron tells her.

About everything still Ron thinks that all of this is pretty strange he cannot help himself but to listen to Alice Prince Linden was already examined by Dr Sven numerous times so he is convinced that Alice will be unable to find anything wrong with him finally Alice starts to examine his face his neck can to take his temperature Ron feels a bit.

Awkward as Alice is really close to his face he blushes a bit finally Alice starts to think about the problem and she figures it out pretty fast she tells Ron that his thyroid gland is inflamed he previously told her that he was sick two months ago the thyroid gland was activated at that moment and it did not recover for that reason Ron now feels.

Tired all the time as his body is not getting rid of the toxins Ron has never heard about this gland Alice realizes that in this timeline there is not much information about this gland but she knows all about it she tells Ron that he will have to take some medicine but he will get better he can visit his own doctor after three days for new medicine.

This entire process will last for two months until he is totally back to normal the father of Alice meets with Baron goth and they talk about her progress her father cannot reveal who she truly is but she wants to know about this girl Rose who is working at the hospital Rose is the name Alice has been using to keep.

Her identity hidden bearing God has nothing but praise for Alice he talks about her Miracle work with the patients he claims that she is a genius doctor and she was fated to work at a hospital the father cannot believe what he is hearing his daughter used to have such a bad temper there is no way that she is now Ultra nice and a great doctor.

Barangov confirms that she is a pure genius after he leaves Alice's father is alone and thinks about the situation he is so proud of his young daughter and she reminds him of her Mother Teresa she was also a brilliant doctor and now Alice is walking that same path in the meantime Baron golf finds it strange that everyone is asking about this Rose.

Girl but he has still not figured out her true identity later we see that Prince Linden is still meeting with Alice as her patient he is using his secret identity of Ron so that she does not know who he is Ron talks with Alice about his condition and she explains that he is doing much better and soon he won't be needing any more medication Ron.

Is a bit sad that he won't be able to visit Alice and talk with her later in the day Baron goth also goes to meet with the emperor he is very nervous but he tells the emperor all his wants to know bearing goth is surprised that even the emperor wants to know about Rose and her work at the hospital she must be really important Baron goth tells him.

The same thing and explains that she is a pure genius the emperor is not certain that any of this is true as it seems insane he is certain that Alice is a smart girl but these stories sound too wild finally the emperor asks Baron goth about the medical exam for this year he wants the test to be almost impossible to pass Baron goth confirms that he will.

Make the test super hard after he leaves the emperor is left alone to prepare for the birthday party he plans to announce that his son Lyndon will be married to Alice on that day even if they have their bet he will still announce this news no matter what people in the kingdom are real really curious who will be the wife of the prince they hope that.

She is going to be a smart and kind person they have faith in the emperor and Prince Linden to choose the best wife also they are happy that the emperor is organizing a giant party for the birthday Prince Linden is very curious how he can spend more time with Alice without revealing his true identity he wants to get her a gift to.

Show he cares for her that is when he has a meeting with one of Alice's Brothers Flynn Linden and Len talk about Alice and Lyndon asks about gifts she likes to get Len is surprised by this question but he tells the prince that she likes strawberry cakes and various other sweets Lyndon then finally reveals his intentions he asks what kind of gift.

She would like for someone confessing their feelings to her Len explains that probably the best idea is to get her some expensive jewelry as that is something she always liked Prince Linden now finally has an idea what to buy for Alice as a gift he then once again puts on his Ron disguise and goes to meet with her at the hospital he gives her a.

Giant Diamond but Alice rejects this gift she is very thankful but she does not accept gifts for her medical work she explains that since Ron is a noble he is already paying his bills so no gifts are necessary Braun is a bit confused in the past he remembers that Alice only cared about expensive things but now it seems that she has totally.

Changed finally he asks her what kind of gift she would like Alice tells Ron that she would like some strawberry cake Rondon smiles and reveals that he will buy her all the cakes she wants next time Ronin leaves and Alice is a bit flustered the day of the birthday has finally arrived and Alice and her family are getting ready Alice is already in.

Her dress but she is only focused on her medical studies her brother tries to get her to have some fun but Alice is laser focused that is when her brother notices that she is getting a bit sick Alice tries to deny this but at the end she ends up in bed with a high fever and she cannot go to the Celebration Alice has a high fever and she is not feeling well.

At all she is in bed and sad that she is so weak her brother Chris arrives in the room and he gets really worried he calls the doctor to come and examine Alice Chris and Alice's father are very worried about her Alice is such a great doctor that she is able to realize what type of sickness she has before the doctor figures It Out Alice realizes.

That she has a common cold and she just needs some rest the doctor also confirms this her father does not want Alice going to the hospital anymore as he is getting too tired Alice then begs him to understand she promises to get better but she has to return to the hospital as that is something she loves Chris and their father find Alice too cute so they.

Cannot stop her from doing anything they have to get ready for the celebration that the emperor is organizing and Alice demands to go signs she is not that sick and she won't need to do anything at the celebration she has to show up she then decides to leave and go home after the emperor is done with his speech the entire family goes to the Celebration.

Alice is in a fancy dress but she is barely walking Alice is Bored pretty fast and since she is really tired she decides to sit down and rest she thinks about this celebration and how she misses is her friend Michael it seems they were great friends in this past life but he is not here at all Alice then spots that her other brother Len.

And Prince Linden have arrived at the event Prince Linden looks distracted and it seems he is looking for Alice at that moment an old childhood rival shows up she is called lady Julian and she and Alice have always had arguments in the past lady Julian and Alice have had a long-term rivalry between them they have been childhood Rivals and often played.

Pranks on each other lady Julian remembers that Alice has always been really mean to her and that she tortured her with cruel pranks one time she actually throw water at lady Julian and then laughed at her Alice remembers how cruel she was in the original timeline and she truly feels really sorry she apologizes to Lady Julian and tells her.

That she will never do something like that again lady Julian has no idea what is happening and she is confused by the way Alice is acting at the same time Alice remembers that lady Julian also liked Prince Linden and wanted to marry him but that is impossible because of her family and politics Alice now feels bad for lady Julian and she actually.

Hopes that she would become the empress lady Julian and Alice talk about the announcement that will be made by the emperor Julian is certain that Alice will be announced as the new wife of Prince Linden but Alice does not think so at all Lady Julian asks Alice if she would like to join her for tea at some point and Alice is really happy about.

This she does not want to be enemies with Lady Julian at the same time we see that Prince Linden is not loving this entire event he hates that people are looking at him all over the place also he is really worried about Alice he realizes that Alice is sick and is having a hard time he talks with her brother Len about this but Len does not.

Seem interested at all Alice is now left alone and suddenly another Noble approaches her to dance this Noble is called Louis and he is a very scary figure not only that but Alice knows who he will become soon when the war really gets going Louis will be a brilliant and evil commander who will kill many people fa Alice loves and cares for Louis will.

Also lead the armies and make sure that her brother Chris dies Alice cannot forgive this at all Louis then comments how Alice actually ruined his military plan Alice is surprised that Louis already found this out so soon still Louis has an evil smile on his face and he asks Alice for a dance Alice cannot reject this as it would be considered.

Rude and but she still hopes that someone stops this dance suddenly Prince Linden arrives and tells Louis to get away from Alice Louie is very mean and he starts to insult Prince Linden right away it seems that they are also Rivals but they actually hate each other they were actually in war recently so they are mortal enemies Louis makes fun of.

The Prince and calls him the empty Prince Lyndon then tells him to move away from Alice as it's obvious she doesn't want to dance with him Boya stops for a moment and apologizes to Alice for being so forward he still promises to dance with her one day Louis then leaves and Alice tells Prince Linden that she really did not want to.

Dance with Louis Alice has never seen the prince this upset she is very thankful for Prince Linden for stepping in but he does not want to take any credit he then asks Alice for a a dance and she is really surprised as he has never acted this way towards her the two of them start to dance and everyone is Amazed by their dance skills Alice.

Remembers that in the original timeline their dance did not go so well she was not able to follow the prince and his lead so they got into a fight Linden notices through the dance that something is not right with Alice he still does not know that she has a high fever finally he stops the dance to ask her if she is okay but Alice does not reveal.

Anything Prince Linden then takes off his gloves and checks her face it's obvious now that she has a high fever he then takes her to a royal room to rest Alice feels a bit awkward but Prince Linden tells her to sit and get some rest he is also very sorry for asking her to dance because she was so tired and sick Alice does not understand why.

The prince is not nice to her in the original timeline he hated her and never spoke to her in this kind way in the original timeline he hated her and soon enough Alice started to hate him and she became really cruel this all ended with the prince ordering Alice to be killed Prince Linden tells Alice to take some rest until the emperor is ready to do.

His speech Alice asks the Prince why he is being this nice to her prince Linden is surprised by this question but he just tells her to rest and then he leaves Prince Linden orders many strawberry cakes and sends them all to Alice so that she has something to eat Alice is sick but she can still enjoy some cake she is very happy and realizes.

That this cake is the same as a baker she used to love the maid reveals that this Baker was hired by the Empire to work for them Alice is a bit sad as now the common people will not be able to taste these delicious cakes after a while Alice starts to fall asleep as she is really tired finally she is woken up by Duchess Harvard she is a nice old.

Lady and she helps Alice to get up it seems that the emperor is ready to deliver his speech Alice can barely stand in Duchess Harvard helps her Alice very soon realizes that The Duchess is also sick but her condition is more serious it seems that Duchess Harvard has Parkinson's which is very serious sickness in the original timeline Alice.

Remembers that her ever choked on some food because of this sickness as there is no cure for this sickness Alice just has to be there to help The Duchess if something happens finally it's time for the emperor to give his speech Alice is barely awake but she is happy that she will finally be able to go home and rest the emperor starts his speech and then.

Goes through his announcement he is supposed to announce the future wife of his son Prince Linden but he then says that he will have to delay this announcement he tells everyone that he has to wait until Alice reaches a more mature age Alice is now Furious the emperor basically revealed that she will be the one to marry Prince Linden but he.

Did in a sneaky kind of way this was not their deal he was supposed to keep that a secret until she passed her medical exams thank you

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