Doctor Elise pt 4 – Seductive Transformation: From Terrified Physician to Confident Casanova (Recap)

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Prince Linden and his friend Randall are walking the city the prince is now undercover he has a blonde wig and he has changed his appearance totally Randall is totally impressed that the prince can just change his appearance like this this is a specific ability that members of the Empire bloodline have Lyndon warns Randall to keep his.

Cool so that nobody notices them Randall is also a knight and he is very powerful in combat still he very much admires Prince Linden and he serves him on missions the two are in the town exploring and Linden has a very specific task while there are some important tasks regarding the war he has to visit Alice and see how she is doing.

Linden remembers that his father the emperor is very determined so Alice never had a chance to get out of the engagement she has no way to truly win this bet Lyndon then thinks about the engagement he does not care who he marries but still Alice has been creating too much trouble for him and his father.

Randall and Prince Linden talk about Lyndon and his dreams Lyndon has had trouble sleeping and it's a condition that has followed him for 15 years Randall is worried about the prince and asks him if he ever got medical attention Lyndon confirms that he has seen many doctors but none have managed to help.

Him since that horrible day 15 years ago he has been having nightmares all the time Lyndon and Randall then decide to take a carriage out of the city Randall admires Prince Linden very much as he is a war hero not even two years ago Prince Linden LED his country in a massive war and he saved many people in the present Lyndon and Randall are attacked in an.

Alley a drug addict has shown up and he wants their money Randall takes out his sword and prepares to go in attack Linden stands back as he knows that Randall is a skilled fighter Randall attacks the drug addict and disarms him suddenly Randall is shot in his stomach he has been shot by the drug addict who seemed to have a hidden gun Lyndon is.

Totally shocked to see his friends shot in front of him in this way Randall cannot believe that he has been shot and he is bleeding still he keeps attacking the drug addict who tries to fire another shot Randall takes his sword and slashes the throat of the drug dealer he then falls to the ground and Prince Linden tries to.

Help his comrade Randall realizes that he does not have a lot of time left he thanks the prince for everything and then Falls unconscious Prince Linden is now panicking but he realizes that Randall still has a heartbeat still if Lyndon does not get Randall some help soon he will surely die.

Linden realizes that there are no close hospitals besides one he finally remembers that the Teresa Hospital is near so he tries to carry his friend to the hospital while that is happening Alice has completed another work day Graham has questions for her approach in treating a patient.

Alice explains her methods and Graham is once again impressed he realizes that Alice has knowledge far above any normal human still there is something odd with her it's almost like she had all her experience in another life and now she knows everything Graham is so close to the truth but he.

Does not figure it out he asks Alice if she is tired but she just seems cheerful as always and ready to work Graham starts to blush and realizes that he has a crush on Alice as well Alice notices that her teacher is acting odd but he covers up his emotions at that moment a nurse arrives and informs them that there is a new patient.

They both run out to see Linden and Randall Alice notices Lyndon but she does not recognize him he's a bit familiar so she stares for a bit Lyndon explains the situation and Graham examines the patient to see what the damage is soon Graham realizes that the bullet has hit the spleen so he cannot help Randall the blood is everywhere and.

There is no way to operate something so sensitive Graham informs Linden that he could never do a procedure like this even with his experience Lyndon then offers a very expensive medal from his royal family he will give anything just to see his friend survive this.

Graham just thinks that there is no hope for Randall and no amount of money can change that at that moment Alice speaks up she offers her help as she thinks she can save Randall Graham wants to know how she plans to make such a complicated surgical operation Alice explains that she will remove the.

Spleen and stop the bleeding Graham starts to think about that idea and he thinks that it's brilliant it is a bit Advanced but Alice just keeps coming up with these Advanced Medical methods Lyndon is surprised but he wants to trust Alice he tells her that he will not accept failure in this situation.

Alice promises that she will save Randall as she is certain that she can do it Graham finally trusts Alice and decides to agree to the operation the operation will not be easy and Alice will need help Prince Linden offers to help at least with stopping the blood during the operation they all prepare for this.

Complicated operation Alice gets her surgical mask on and she gets ready to treat the patient she will need absolute quiet and also assistance as soon as she cuts in there will be a loot of blood the process starts and Linda is also in the operation room he has to use a gaze to stop the bleeding Alice realizes that she must be fast as there will be too.

Much blood and she will soon not be able to see anything Graham is really impressed with his Apprentice he cannot believe how fast and precise she is Alice announces that she will soon start the removal of the spleen Prince Linden is also using a fake name so that nobody knows about his identity.

He is being called Ron and now he is helping Alice save Randall Alice tells Linden to keep pressure with the bandages this is the best way to stop the bleeding while she removes the spleen Graham watches with pure Wonder as Alice manages to pull off this extremely difficult procedure Graham remembers his childhood and how.

Hard he worked he has always wanted to change medicine and change how people are treated his goal has been since day one to change people's lives for the better and to create surgeries that are perfect now watching Alice he is finally seeing something like that happen Alec manages to remove the spleen and.

Then she ties the organs this is a process that stops everything from bleeding she also patches up the wound Randall has stabilized and she has stopped the problem Graham asks Alice if she is tired after the surgery but she denies it Graham is as always amazed by his star pupil after the surgery is over Lyndon awaits.

The results he thinks about Alison finally realizes that she was not lying originally Prince Linden was sure that Alice just did not want to get married so she made up a story about being a doctor now he is certain that this was not true she truly has a passion for this this procedure was not just luck she is a master at.

This Alice then arrives to tell the good news to Lyndon she informs him that his friend Lyndon is now stable and he is recovering while his wound is patched up and the bleeding is stopped his recovery will be long and hard Lyndon then informs Alice that Randall will be transported to another hospital to.

Recover Alice then confirms that she will write a detailed recovery plan so that the other doctors don't get confused by the operation Alice thinks to herself that the surgery is pretty new for this timeline so the other doctors will be for sure freaked out she also informs Linden that this.

Hospital is free for poor people but Nobles have to pay a lot she tells him that he will probably get a huge bill Lyndon is not worried about this as he is the prince of an Empire Lyndon then tries to leave but he starts to feel dizzy Alice tries to help him but he does not want any medical.

Attention Lyndon also blushes when Alice tries to help several days later the doctors of the other Hospital lose their mind when they see what Alice managed to pull off in that operation they have never seen something like this the operation on Randall has ended and the man has been.

Saved everyone is shocked by the operation as something like that has never been achieved in this timeline the doctors have all gathered and they want to talk about the amazing operation Baron Sven who is the Royal doctor has brought a reporter to one of his other doctors the report talks about the spleen being.

Removed the other doctor thinks that this is all a fantasy as an operation like this is not possible Sven tries to convince the other doctor that the operation really happened Sven tells him that the patient Randall had a bullet wound near his spleen so there is proof now the other doctor is totally.

Surprised they now have to find out who did this amazing operation the two of them start to figure out who was in the hospital that day they finally realized that Graham was there he has always been a brilliant doctor so they are certain that he has managed to pull off something that amazing.

They want to find Graham and talk to him but the only problem is that he has been missing for a while since that operation was completed he has not been in the hospital in the meantime we see that Alice is now a bit nervous the first days when Graham did not show up she did not think that nothing was.

Wrong but now several days have gone by and she is worried that something has happened to him Alice is also worried that she made a mistake and that is why he is not coming to work Alice finally decides to take matters in her own hands and she goes to visit.

Graham at his house she takes a night with her and they travel a few days finally they arrive at the giant mansion and Alice prepares to enter the house she really wants to find out what has been happening with graham as he is her Mentor Alice enters the house that belongs to Graham.

His housekeeper welcomes Alice into the house she also informs Alice that Graham will not be coming out of his room as he is deep in his research Alice explains that she wanted to visit to see when he is returning to the hospital to work again the housekeeper explains that the past few days her Lord Graham has been deep in research as he.

Is looking for new medical Clues he has told her that he saw a medical miracle in an operation and since that day he has just been reading books Alice realizes that maybe the operation that she pulled off was the reason that Graham is now acting so strange the housekeeper explains that Graham and her are the only survivors of a very old.

Sickness called the Londo epidemic this illness killed all members of the Graham Family and since that day Graham has been focused on becoming the greatest doctor ever Graham actually promised when he was only 10 years old that he would become the best doctor and cure every sickness.

That exists Alice finds this story really sad and now she better understands Graham and his focus on medicine the housekeeper tells Alice that she does not need to worry as Graham will return to work tomorrow when Alice leaves we can see Graham looking at her through the window.

The following day Graham returns to work and Alice is happy to see him he still thinks that maybe he is upset about the operation and what she did Graham tells Alice that they need to talk and he leads her to a room with other doctors that is when Alice spots Dr Sven in the office she starts to panic as he was her doctor.

When she was really young Sven might blow her entire cover as he knows her family story for a moment Sven is really surprised he recognizes Alice but then he remembers the girl he treated that Alice was mean in Brash she could never become a doctor and work at the hospital Sven convinces himself that he is.

Mistaken now the two doctors want to talk with Graham and congratulate him for the operation they start to praise him for the operation he did on the spleen that is when Graham stops them and tells them that he did not operate it was Alice who did the operation Graham tells the doctors that they should talk with Alice as she is the one.

Who is in charge of the whole operation he did not have anything to do with the operation the doctors cannot believe what they are hearing Alice is this young girl standing in front of them and now Graham is telling them that she performed the most insane operation of their age

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