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Autumn Oden Festival On Now Buy 2 selectedproductsfor a bonus! Puttsun Pudding You there, hold still. I'm gonna report you real quick. N-No! Err… S-S-Sorry! I j-just thought she might have passed out! Sure, sure.

You can tell the police all about it. I-I-I'm from school! I b-brought her homework! And a gift! You… Are you Senpai-kun? Yes. Probably. I see, I see. So you're the one.

You came to check up on my kid sister, huh? Thanks. Kid sister… Anetoro?! Why don't you come inside, Senpai-kun? DON'T TOY WITH ME,MISS NAGATORO DON'T TOY WITH ME,MISS NAGATORO Why Don't You Come Inside, Senpai-kun?.

Why Don't You Come Inside, Senpai-kun? Sorry, she's still asleep. I-It's fine. Have some tea and stick around for a while. Th-Thank you. I've heard all kinds of things about you. I-I see. That you're doing naughty things. N-N-No way! I'm n-n-not!.

I'm kidding. I heard you're a really amusing, Senpai. R-Really… Are you curious? N-No. Not really. I was actually going to tell you all kinds of stuff. All about her this and that and everything else. Don't you want to find out?.

I've never had much interest in people. I'd always be content so long as I could draw. Well? Tell me. Aren't you interested? I-I guess. I guess… You guess? I-I'm interested. Onee-chan, did you buy me pudding?.

Jeez! Why are you even here?! Couldn't you have said something first?! By phone or by text?! No, you didn't reply to my message, so… I was sleeping! S-Sorry. Hey, now. Senpai-kun's here to see if you're all right.

You shouldn't talk to him like that. Stay out of this, Onee-chan. Where's the dryer? On the shelf upstairs. Click Vweeee Fzzz Sorry she's so noisy, Senpai-kun. I-It's okay.

I feel like I really shouldn't be here. How's her cold? Oh, her fever's been gone since yesterday. She's fine now. I told her to stay home one more day just in case. Hi, Senpai. H-Hey. I have some good news for my cranky little sister. Shut up, Onee-chan!.

Calm down. This chemistry set of a pudding that I bought at the convenience store earlier… has evolved into this firmer, more authentic pudding. The Lawman pudding! Senpai-kun brought it as a gift. Now, cheer up, already. Oh, you're so stubborn. Fine. Well, then…

We can take this authentic pudding… Top it with some fruit… Decorate it with whipped cream and ice cream… And we have Onee-chan's special pudding à la mode! Go on. W-Well, I shouldn't waste food, so I guess I'll eat it. She's completely playing Nagatoro. Beware Anetoro. Here you are, Senpai-kun.

Oh, thank you. Come on. Have a seat. Why don't we take this opportunity to talk about everything? Over some pudding. Right? Anetoro's got the same aura as Nagatoro. We're eating in my room, Senpai. O-Okay. Don't come with us, Onee-chan.

You're so mean. You're making your sister lonely. You're just going to talk about stuff no one needs to hear. Oh, fine. Come on, let's go, Senpai. I haven't been in Nagatoro's room for a while. But… Um, I'm sorry. I mean, I came unannounced.

I-It's not your fault, Senpai. It just surprised me. O-Okay. Senpai… Um… Thanks. For checking up on me. N-Nah, I needed to give you your homework anyway. This pudding is so good.

Yeah, it is. The fruit goes well with it, too. Hey, hey, Senpai… Here. Say, “Ahh.” Wh-Why now?! To thank you for coming over. You don't need to be modest. You like this, don't you, Senpai?.

You're a closet pervert, after all. W-Wait, what does that have to do with anything? Just eat it! Here we go again with Nagatoro's usual thing. Come on, Senpai! Oh, well. No one's watching. I brought juice! Oopsie.

Am I interrupting? She saw us! Stay out, Onee-chan! Don't say that. You must be thirsty. Especially when it's just the two of you. Get out! Fine, fine. Well, Senpai-kun, enjoy your stay.

N-Nah, I don't intend to stay that long. Oh, right, Senpai-kun… We'll continue our talk another time, okay? Since you seem to be all kinds of interested in my sister. Right? “All kinds of interested”? DON'T TOY WITH ME,MISS NAGATORO DON'T TOY WITH ME,MISS NAGATORO I never intended to pry into Nagatoro's personal life.

Damn it, Anetoro… Now it's awkward. Thanks for the pudding. I shouldn't intrude for too long. I should probably… Since you're here… Since I'm here… Wanna play a match? S-Sure, a quick game.

I'm not the same player I was back then. All right. I'm not holding back, then. That's the spirit. Come at me! A-All right! Round 1. Fight! She's definitely gotten better. She must have practiced a lot.

But… She still lets her guard down. Got a combo! Now I just gotta get to an ultimate… Senpai, what were you and my sister talking about? N-N-Nothing, really. Are you sure? Whack whack whack whack Weren't you trying…

To learn my secrets… Whack whack whack whack Pow while I… Pow Pow Pow Pow Pow.

Pow Pow was sleeping?! N-No way! I-I wasn't… I don't pry without someone's permission… One more match! One more! Huh? Sure.

Time to show my wimpy senpai what I can do. She's actually really good once she's on the offensive. I've never been good against this character to begin with. KO! Wimp! Wimp! Wimp! Senpai's a wimp! Wimp! Wimp! What did you expect? I haven't been playing lately. Oh, I know!.

If you can beat me… I'll tell you one of my secrets. Anything you want to know. Well? You want to learn about my secrets, don't you? N-Not really. You don't really have any big secrets, do you? B-But I guess, if you insist… I wouldn't mind playing along. You're so shy.

Here we go, then. Ready… Fight! Senpai… If you do beat me… What do you want to know? Which one of my secrets? Th-There isn't really anything I want to know. Oh, then maybe…

My cup size? N-No! Are you sure? My hip size, then? No! What, then? Something even more pervy? What? What? What do you want to know?.

Well? Your first name… I guess. Sh-Shoot! Bad idea. I didn't mean to ask that. Come to think of it, I guess I haven't told you my first name. Y-You haven't. I wouldn't mind. That's not a big deal. Though, Senpai…

You want to know my name, huh? I mean, well… It would be easier to address you if I knew your first name. That was bothering you, Senpai? Does it matter what you call me? M-Maybe not, but… Time up! All talk. I-I won.

Aw, shucks. I lost. Well, fine, then. It was my fault for losing. My… name is… No, never mind! Oh, no, it's not that I don't want to know. Having you tell me your name because of a bet on a game doesn't quite feel right. You're such a pain.

Y-Yeah. That might be true. But if I want to know name, I'll come out and ask you properly. You're such a pain! You creepy creep. But, yeah, okay. Someday. Y-Yeah.

Hayase-chan! I brought your album! Kazehaya Elementary School Let's go through it with Senpai-kun, Hayase-chan! What's the matter? Onee-chan, get out! Oh, come on, don't be like that. This is her on her first day of elementary school. You must be interested, Senpai-kun.

No, er… All right, then! Let's get to the really good ones. This is when she wet the bed, and… Stop it! Thanks for coming today. I'll be at school tomorrow. Y-Yeah. Bye.

Senpai. I'm going to start toying with you again starting tomorrow. You'd better be ready. Have some mercy. Hayase. Art Room Senpai! N-Nagatoro? Are you feeling better?.

All better. Feeling perfectly well. Okay. You should go home early today, though. You're so boring. I thought you might have been feeling horny since you haven't gotten to draw a high school girl in a while. S-Say what?! Oh, please.

You can be honest. I'll model for you. To thank you for checking up on me. What about this pose, Senpai? I-I don't know… Your face is beet red! Was that too much stimulation for you? N-Not really. Especially since you're a virgin.

Wh-Wh-Wh-Why does that matter?! “Wh-Wh-Wh-Why does that matter?!” Well, how about this pose, then? Wh-What's kind of pose is that? It's, like, a Bruce Lee kick. I-I see. Okay, let's go with that. Wh-What's wrong? M-My thighs are going to burst.

We should really take a break. No… I've got pins and needles. I can't move. Careful! S-Senpai, did you break my fall? I-It's nothing like that! Were you trying to get lucky, then? You closet perv!.

A-Achoo! Points of improvement for today! Anetoro?! You call me Anetoro, huh? N-No, well… Want me to tell you my name, too? Um… Onee-chan! What are you doing?! Nothing.

Well, see you around, Senpai-kun.

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