DORAEMON change into as soon as appointed because the “Anime Ambassador” of Japan | A tribute to DORAEMON | DORAEMON Sketch

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– Hello, hi! I am Shaurya. Hope you all are doing well. This is the most requestedvideo and it's about Doraemon. Throughout this video,I'll be discussing Doraemon. But not here.

There is a beautiful location nearby. So now I'll take you to the location onmy bicycle, sit down and discuss Doraemon. [Doraemon Intro Plays] So we arrived at our location.

And… according to the prediction, in about two hours,there will be a heavy rain here. So we have to quickly wrap upour video and go home. Look at this entrance.

It's a beautiful entrance. As it's autumn now, the leaves are all in different colors. Especially orange, yellow, and red, and some green here and there. So we have a lovely place to sit and… there's also drinking water.

So… we'll sit down and discuss it. We all grew upwatching many cartoons. As we grow up, we forget a few cartoons. But then, there are somecartoons that are evergreen. They are just not cartoons for us. But, our emotions are attached to them. We are attached so deeply that just bylistening to the song of such cartoon brings back our childhood memories.

One among those evergreen cartoons andone of my most favorite is Doraemon. There are so many peoplewho love Doraemon. In this video, I'll explain you why I likeDoraemon and what makes it so great. The most requested video in the comments ofmy channel, till now, is Doraemon Museum. And there were 100s of comments andmany DMs on my Instagram and… all the comments below theShinchan Museum video are all about Doraemon. This is not it. One of my subscribers, for the first time, on my channel donated $3 to mychannel and requested a video on Doraemon Museum.

And it was then, I realised the popularity ofthe Doraemon cartoon and the museum. And I made up my mind to go to theDoraemon Museum and show everything. The craze for the DoraemonMuseum is so high that… I've been trying to get ticketsfor the last 6 months, but, the tickets are sold outso much in advance. And luckily, I got it now. These are the ticketsto the Doraemon Museum. As you guys have raised numerous requests and waitedfor many days for the Doraemon Museum video, before releasing the Doraemon Museum video,I want to talk about it with you all in this video.

Many elders might not know about Doraemon. So let's give them a small introduction to Doraemon. And why is Doraemon so popular? It is very popular in India, but in Japan,the respect for Doraemon is on another level. I'll be explaining it all in this video. So this video is dedicated toall the Doraemon fans across the globe. If you are a Doraemon fan, comment below “I love Doraemon”. And also, comment why you like Doraemon.

So now, let's get into the video. So in this video, I'll be discussingthe meaning of Doraemon. What is Doraemonand what does it mean? And since when the show wasairing in Japan and India? And… and why Doraemon got so popular worldwide? Doraemon is not just a cartoon. It teaches you life lessons. What are those life lessons, and there are manyfacts you might not know about Doraemon.

I'll explain it all, in detail, in this video. And one more thing, this is the thirdanime related video on our channel. First was the Shinchan Museum. The second was the Pokemon Museum and the third one is the Doraemon Museum. Also, if you want any anime-relatedvideos or want to visit any places, please let me know in the comment section. Not just anime, you can also commentif you want any details regarding Japan, and I'll definitely try tomake a video on that.

In Japanese, Doraemon is pronounced as Doraemon. In India, we pronounce it as Doraemon. And Doraemon has two meanings. One is a “Stray Cat.” Doraemon is a cat, basically, a stray cat. And Doraemon is combination oftwo words, Dora and Emon. “Emon” is usually a suffix given for names ofboys in Japan, much like a last name. And when it comes to “Dora”, you already know this if youhad seen the cartoon that…

Doraemon's favourite food is Dora cake,which is known as Dorayaki. So Emon who eats Dorayaki is known asDoraemon, is another meaning of it. So these are the meanings of Doraemon. Doraemon is a Manga series. Manga is nothing but Japanese Comics. So it started of as a Manga seriesand later got converted into Anime. Doraemon Manga wascreated by Hiroshi Fujimoto, and his pen name is Fujiko F. Fujio. So if you look at the tickets,it is written Fujiko F. Fujio Museum.

He is the creator of Doraemon. Besides Doraemon, he isthe creator of Kiteretsu, Perman, and many other Mangaswhich were released in Japanese. He is the crea tor of those as well. You will be shocked to know whenthe Doraemon series actually started. Doraemon was first started in 1970, which means that in 2023,it will be 53 years for Doraemon. So the Doraemon cartoon is so old that… when I talk to my Managers or Unit Leadersin my office, they will discuss Doraemon.

That means they too have grown upwatching the Doraemon cartoon. So that's a common connectionthat bridges the age gap. Both the elders and small kidshave watched Doraemon. Doraemon was first released as a comics in 1970 andcontinued to be published as such until 1996. And in total, there are 1345 episodes ofDoraemon in Comics. So Doraemon is a big anime. And the same comics is adapted as DoraemonTV series in Japan in 1973, 1979, and then in 2005. Doraemon anime was released in three sets.

And along with that, a total of 41Doraemon films have released so far. Doraemon has received many awards. And till now, 25 crores ofDoraemon comics have been sold. And it is on the list of one of the best-selling comics. The franchise of the Doraemon, which includescomic books, goods, toys, t-shirts, and movies, has made a profit of 60,000 crores of rupees till now. 60,000! So… Doraemon is not like any other cartoon.

It has set its own range. It collected such huge profits. In Japan, Doraemon is just not an anime,but they consider it as a cultural icon because… since the 1970s when the anime culture started,Doraemon was like a leader in Japanese anime. The Japanese treat Doraemon respectfully. And in 2008, the Japanese governmentappointed Doraemon as “Anime Ambassador.” Japan is known as an Anime Land, andDoraemon is it's Anime Ambassador. So that is the level of Doraemon. Most of them don't know the beginning ofDoraemon or how the story took off.

As they might have started watching in betweenand may not know the beginning. So I'll tell you how the beginning started. The Doraemon story started in 2112,which means we are now in 2023 almost, which means 89 years from nowis when the Doraemon story starts. Doraemon will be born in 2112, in the future. But, who is Doraemon? Doraemon is a robot. A robot cat. Doraemon is a cat robot.

A boy named Sewashi adoptsDoraemon, the cat robot, in the future. And… Sewashi sends Doraemon back in time tohis great-grandfather from 2112 to the 1970s So if this robot is sent back to his great-grandfatherto change and teach him good things, the coming future generations won't suffer. Sewashi sends Doraemon to his great-grandfatherback to the 1970s with such an intention. And the great grandfather is none other than “Nobita.” Nobita is the great grandfather of Sewashi. So that's Doraemon how story starts off.

Doraemon comes from the future to Nobita. Doraemon is always with Nobita to help him. Coming to Nobita's character,Nobita is a very nice boy. He is a kind-hearted personand basically a good guy. But one bad quality aboutNobita is that he is very lazy. He is weak in his studies. And also, he is very weak at sports. All in all, he is a weak character, But he is a very nice guy.

So Doraemon and Nobita staystogether in the same house. Whenever Nobita is in need ofany help, Doraemon helps him. Doraemon has a pouch filled with gadgetsand those gadgets are very futuristic. Doraemon pulls out a gadgets that suits best tothe situation and resolves the problem. So that is the speciality of Doraemon. Other than Doraemon and Nobita, there arefew other important characters in Doraemon. Characters like Gian, Suneo, and Shizuka.

So these 3 play other important roles. They're called the Gang. Gian is bulky and strong. He puts friendship before anything. And Suneo is a rich guy who likes tofelx about the wealth he has. So that is Suneo. And… finally, Shizuka is Nobita's classmate. Nobita likes Shizuka.

He has a crush on Shizuka. Mostly, the Doraemon plot revolvesaround Gian and Suneo bullying Nobita. And Nobita takes help ofDoraemon's gadgets to fights back Gian and Suneoor any other problem he faces. The plot goes this way. Overall it's a cute and fun cartoon. Doraemon is an inspirationfor many Manga creators. One such creator who got inspiredby Doraemon has created One Piece. And Doraemon is alsoan inspiration to creator of Naruto.

Actually, it's winter hereso the temperature is dropping. Now, it's 1 in the afternoon and the temperature is 8°. It is very cold out here which is why I am the only one in this park. Everybody left to escape this cold. Okay… so… now let me take you throughthe interesting facts on Doraemon.

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