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“Thanks to the Studio, Writers and others for creating this beautiful work”Episode 5 Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Susbcribe! Xiao Yan and Hai bodong went to Miter Auction Headquarters Looking for something that can evoke yao lao By chance met Yafei who had not seen each other in three years Xiao Yan after finding out from Yafei Couldn't find the rare medicinal herbs to awaken yao lao here He felt very frustrated He also helps Yafei to solve problems in his family.

When getting ready to leave There is an unexpected incident Nalan Yanran suddenly came to visit Please, little sister Yanran Sit down Let's talk slowly Sister Yafei Were there any previous guests? You know too.

You always have to work hard Because there are lots of customers every day Didn't have time to clean it up Luckily little sister Yanran came to visit Here, try this first This wine Come from the depths of the demon beast mountains Made from grapes that are thousands of years old Has the benefit of beautifying the face and extending life.

At sister Yafei There is never a shortage of something rare Yanran come here Want to ask for help Oh What really happened It made the Yunlan Sect's young lady uneasy Years ago My grandfather killed a level five monster which was extremely poisonous.

And accidentally got poisoned You went to the Yunlan sect this time Associated with the little girl on the outside But half a month ago The poison came back again Besides that, the douqi in Grandpa's body was almost completely drained So far he's been unconscious Have you asked the alchemist to check? I have a teacher.

Bringing the pill king guhe to treat grandfather But according to him Only alchemist masters possessed heavenly flames And also be able to control the heavenly flames to infuse it into Grandpa's body In order to get rid of the poison Alchemist with heavenly fire? In the jiama empire I never heard of it So come here.

Want to ask Yafei's help The miter family has many networks If you find an alchemist with heavenly fire As long as you want to help Nalan family Will offer all of these treasures In return For this return Even the miter family would be tempted to see it.

As long as it can heal grandfather All this stuff is meaningless little sister Yanran take it easy I will notify all the miter auction houses across the country as soon as possible Searching for alchemists with heavenly flames If we find it Will inform soon Thank you, sister Yafei Then I won't linger here.

Yanran is waiting for good news from sister little sister Yanran don't worry too much Hopefully Grandpa Nalan get well soon I hope grandfather can get through this critical period It is such a coincidence The conversation between me and her just now I think you heard it too I think you can see this The reward of seven souls of blue magic.

It was a rare medicine that could restore soul force It seems This item is very important to you Regarding your three year agreement This has nothing to do with grandfather nalan Even after that The old man also drove Yanran out of the house several times Sister Yafei I don't want to talk about that woman.

But seven souls of blue magic I have to get it But you just heard about it Heavenly fire Alraight It looks like you have made a decision I guess You may need this thing Are you really ready to go to the nalan residence?.

If hai lao have business Can go first Then alright I also want to meet old friends Little brother Xiao Yan This thing can hide your aura Even if it's a dou wang Will not be able to recognize your real identity You go to Nalan's residence.

Help Grandpa Nalan remove his poison By wearing it Can help you avoid some unnecessary trouble Nalan family Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Susbcribe! Wutan city xiao yan Who are you? Doing something for nothing I don't want to do it either.

It doesn't matter who I am While you Today too must die here Who are you, actually? Octopus punch Do you still think this is the same as before Can increase strength easily Unfortunately It's impossible to do it again.

Looks like my mission is over Even to the point of not being able to recover I'm just lying … And you think that I really have lost? Looks like I really underestimated you Our xiao family When you encounter an obstacle Will never back down Then leave it to me.

Dou Huang level? The ice emperor sure has good eyesight Looks like today's mission It can only end here Trust in the future We will definitely meet again Dou Huang level? Just now he used some kind of special douqi To block the aura around here.

But based on his actions He didn't mean to kill you Hai lao Can you escort me to Nalan's residence? Hmmmm After this I will try to find out the identity of this dou huang Hmmm That kid is pretty good.

Miss Now you can rest easy Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Susbcribe! Sir Are you also the alchemist who came to take care of the chairman? Yes This is a letter of recommendation from the miter family Sir Please come in.

Master Hai lao I really don't have eyes Dared to offend you Please forgive this subordinate's mistake Teng shan Elder lei Do you know how my miter family is Starting a business from scratch? Auction.

Yafei You tell elder lei The miter family was founded from the beginning Always rely on sight to see people and things In the whole jiama empire Even the entire northern continent Also do the same Hmmm Lei ao.

This time you will have to go directly to your zhuang family But because you used to do something for my family Relegated from the position of elder And assigned to the border city branch In three years Not allowed to return to main base Fine This time Yafei did a great job After this.

Main headquarters auction venue Management will be give to you Yafei thanked the chairman I think you should return to the family residence To your room We always clean it all the time Sorry to bother But I can't come back in a short time Based on the agreement.

I have to follow the little boy As his protector for a while Protector? That person named Xiao Yan Even someone like you can be his protector Don't underestimate it This person is not ordinary Even then I was Also suffered some downsides because of it.

People like that Has a very deep hidden power Be friends with him Never be his enemy In the whole jiama empire The one who could have the qualifications to treat you like this No more than five people But that person Can make you treat him like this.

Besides this young man named Xiao Yan He is less than twenty years old You don't worry I will firmly inform the people in the family So as not to cause trouble with him Emmm You can go first Fine Who would have thought.

The child who three years ago was still called trash Now it makes up the miter family which is one of the three main families of the empire Being so scared Nalan Yanran yes … You totally misjudged him Forgive me The poison in his body was too dense. / nalan su I've prepared a dozen relief pills Everything is useless.

Sorry to trouble master Alchemist This little brother I nalan Su Yan Xiao Miss Yafei's miter family recommended me Told me to check if it can get rid of Grandpa's poison It turned out that Yafei's nephew recommended it Come here, please sit down A poison that not even pill king Guhe could cure.

What a second-rate alchemist can do Wearing a mask, are you afraid of being caught? Pretend to be great What do you want to cancel the marriage contract? Too little compensation? Alraight I can ask the teacher to give you three more qi gathering pills As a bonus If you want.

I can also let you enter the Yunlan sect To practice the high level douqi method Is that enough? I really really want to make you Yan'er You can think of this as compulsion But… You must clearly know this kind of reality Nothing is truly fair in this world.

Even though I don't want to reveal anything But you know The difference between the two of us It deserves to be canceled Hmmmh Forced to break off the engagement Looks like the chairman It will only worsen the Xiao family's reputation Useless.

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