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“Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 14 Xiao yan managed to get the saliva of seven blue magic spirits After being refined with heavenly fire Preparing to wake yaolao from his sleep Unfortunately The medicine that has just been refined triggers a burst of soul power yaolao But not wake up yaolao The drool of the seven blue magic spirits that is so much expected is no longer useful Maybe just the champion prize from the alchemist conference.

Recipe spirit melting pill Was xiao yan's last chance to wake up yaolao yan xiao Excuse me, excuse me Finally I can meet you Come with me The president specifically told me Let me invite you to the main room Master aotuo.

This is my friend Hai bodong Hello I am aotuo from black stone city Through this way Please through here According to the initial plan Alchemists participating in this competition There should be more than two thousand people.

This is the largest number of participants in history The conference is divided into two rounds The first round is the preliminary round The second round is the final round This time our black stone city guild sent you You don't have to worry Top ten alone is good Today The day I've been waiting for.

Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! President fama The participating alchemists of the black stone city Yan xiao has arrived President fama Nice to meet you again Little friend yan xiao can refine black iron spiritual leaf eight times Very amazing I'm afraid the boy guhe at that time.

Also won't be able to do it This year really a lot of young heroes took part old man fa You still like to talk at length like your life Who are you? Dare to be rude here This icy cold aura Looks like Ice emperor?.

Unexpected You still remember me You You're still not dead Didn't you give the item to queen medusa? Did you give it? Luckily I survived Really tough guy Ice emperor?.

The ice emperor hai bodong was a practitioner among the top ten that year This guy How can you be friends with someone as strong as him? Hai bodong Fama I didn't expect you to come so early You still look cold No wonder you people who never like to join in on fun are here It turned out to be with little friend yan xiao.

Master jia You even know him Hi yan xiao We meet again Sister He is yan xiao I mentioned to you Yan xiao's little friend She is yao ye yue'er older sister Responsible for conference guard.

Fifty thousand soldiers inside or outside Everything is controlled by her Hello Master yan xiao Hello Princess yao ye I wish master yan xiao get all the best At that time I will personally prepare a celebration for you Princess yao ye is too polite.

Sister Why are you being so polite to him Yanran I go first Hmm Keep the distance between us 🙂 I announce on behalf of the jiama imperial alchemist guild president Seventh alchemist conference Officially started.

Now Please all participants Take your place Getting ready to start the match Xiao yue'er, yan xiao, liu ling Because your internal exam results are very satisfying So the place over there is yours You will be the focus of attention in that place Young man.

It's good to know how to keep a low profile But some things are destined not to be that simple There is something to highlight from the many participants To be the center of attention I will make you lose in front of yanran Young master liu ling, keep it up Young master liu ling is so handsome This guy really likes to show off Don't think only you can do it.

Quickly look, it's princess yue'er Not bad, not bad Hai bodong Since when did you make friends like this? You want to see the fun I follow your will Is this needed? Ultra-smooth airflow control I'm afraid that even some dou wang can't do it.

This is the child you are talking about Hmm He's just a turtle boy If it wasn't for nalan yanran stopping me I definitely made him If you really like yafei Have a dignified pursuit The child named yan xiao Don't play with him anymore.

If you really start it You are not his opponent at all But… Hmm Yes I'm getting more and more attracted to this boy There's something weird there Notify general yao ye immediately Enemy breaking through.

OK On the stone table the guild has painstakingly prepared A prescription drug that takes months to make You have to follow the recipe Refining it into a pill Just need to follow the recipe? On the scale of this conference How could there be such a simple test What kind of game is this?.

Very simple There is also a large hourglass Indicates the start of the match If until the specified time the hourglass runs out Still haven't perfected the pill Will be considered a failure Do you all understand? Understand In that case.

Then the first round of the preliminaries Battle begin Could it be that I worry too much Let's do it first Luckily was able to pass through the security post Can avoid some problems What a powerful soul power Is there something wrong? In my perception.

This person's soul power Much stronger than the other participants Even guhe's soul power when he participated in the alchemist conference Also still lost to this guy Could she be another talented young girl? She an alchemist of the chu empire chu empire? Seventeen year old second class alchemist But having such strong soul power.

At least it's a fourth grade alchemist Seventeen year old fourth grade alchemist Is this possible is it possible She's in disguise See his technical prowess in refining pills So different from what a teenage girl can have Hmmm, no way If she disguises.

Definitely impossible to escape my detection My perception can't be wrong But she covered her face very tightly It's impossible for us to interrupt the conference just because of some speculation Telling her to lift his hat Then let's help her During the participants' pill refining process Not allowing outside interference Too long.

You Where do you want to go? Destroy This person is really not simple Not only can find my sand stream Besides that, it can also detect my position I hope this is the last time Rules in the alchemist conference Not allowing outsiders to interfere.

What happened to the furnace? I have followed the recipe well Just combine the last medicinal ingredients Then finish the pill The jiama empire's lowly trick Damn Damn Something's wrong with this recipe What a bunch of lowly people.

This time's conference champion Will be mine Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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