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“Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 23 Nalan yanran as newcomer in yunlan sect With her courage and confidence Impress Yunyun sect master (chief = master) Then accepted as her student After Nalan Yanran's hard work for several years Finally able to pass the life and death gate exam with difficulty To make her dream come true Carrying out the young sect master's success ceremony.

Yunlan sect rules that have been passed down for hundreds of years One of the rules The young sect master of the yunlan sect must not get involved with the opposite sex And this Will also be a hidden danger to nalan yanran Become the sole successor as a young sect master Grandpa You see Very good?.

Grandpa Yanran's success ceremony is about to start This robe Doesn't it make me really awesome? Grandson of Nalan Jie Of course the best Grandpa Today the envoy from the jiama empire will also be present to see the ceremony Oh right.

Master will also give a sword that represents the status of the young sect master of the yunlan sect Also sent master ge to be my escort He's like my old man in the yunlan sect Grandpa Grandpa's grandson is now an adult Can even get impressive achievements in the yunlan sect You must have had a hard time these past few years Grandpa sometimes regrets Shouldn't have let you leave the house when you were young.

Yanran is living well in the yunlan sect Teacher is also very kind to me Grandpa no need to worry Besides that, yanran Also have found my purpose in life I want to become the greatest sect master like teacher Fine, fine, fine Grandpa will support you Yanran.

Do you still remember xiao yan? Who is it? The fiancé that grandpa is looking for to marry you When you two get married next year Xiao yan can follow you to train in the yunlan sect Marry? Grandpa Great elder yunleng Patriarch Nalan.

Yanran Did you mention marriage? Great elder yunleng You heard wrong Marry? It's my fault that surprised grandpa Didn't tell him about the young sect master earlier Blame me for teasing him Aiya, grandpa.

The success ceremony is about to start Let's go The teacher specially arranged the seat for you Then I'll go first Hmm Grandpa, see you later Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Great elder yunleng You came here specially.

Young sect master Today the jiama royal family and the major powers of the imperial capital have sent representatives To attend your success ceremony You have to maintain the reputation of the yunlan sect Never do anything that could harm the yunlan sect Yes Yanran understand Yanran This is a special gift from teacher guhe for you.

Congratulations on becoming a young sect master Say my thanks to teacher guhe Of course After becoming a young sect master You are not allowed to have attachments with the opposite sex Even though this rule is very strict But after all it has been passed down from the ancestors I watched you grow up The sect master has spent a lot of effort to train you.

Remember not to do anything to the detriment of the sect Looking back on that time Sect masters are also very much needed by old sect masters At such a young age already become a dou huang In charge of the entire sect Thank you for the great elder yun's teaching Yanran will always remember the rules Get ready The success ceremony is about to start.

Yes Liuling You should also go to the hall to see the ceremony Just now Grandpa Nalan was talking about Your marriage to xiao yan from the xiao family Xiao family? xiao yan That little kid you asked about is called xiao yan That time both of you were born on the same day.

Grandpa made a marriage contract for you guys How did you know about this? Take it easy I won't tell anyone else But even if I don't say it Within the yunlan sect or among the guests who came to see the ceremony Someone should know about it If someone exposes this matter Afraid of your success ceremony.

This will be a problem I didn't mean to keep it a secret from everyone At that time I was little How can I understand The true meaning of the marriage contract Right This is not your own decision Your success ceremony is about to start I have to go first.

Yanran Teacher The subordinates will go first Hmm Yanran don't cry Teacher is here My Yanran What's wrong? Teacher.

Disciple don't know what to do When young disciples came to train in the sect And want to be like a teacher Thanks to teacher training Making disciples have a chance to become a young sect master But When I was little grandpa made a marriage contract for me and grandpa Always be the one who keeps his promise.

Once a marriage contract is made, it must be fulfilled But disciples have worked hard for so many years For the sake of becoming a young sect master Teacher I really don't know what to do Then what do you think about the marriage contract that your grandfather made for you? Grandpa actually when I went to the yunlan sect to train Sorry for sending me The person he loves the most in his life is me.

I know this very well in my heart But I also have a dream I want to be strong Can help him run the family business So that he doesn't have to work too hard But this marriage contract It's become a family commitment Grandpa always holds it for life I don't want grandpa to be someone who breaks his promise.

I don't want to hurt grandpa's heart anymore Good girl Why don't you get to know your fiancé first? See if he's the one you love There's no need to worry about the status of the young sect master Today's ceremony will proceed as usual If you really have feelings for him Then about the sect elders I will shut my mouth.

Teacher Wouldn't this be difficult for you? But if you think he is not the one you love Teacher will always be by your side Human life It is undeniable that you will face many difficult choices But if you don't even have the courage to make a choice You will look so pathetic Today is your big day.

Smile Calm yourself first Smile like this when you enter the hall And start your success ceremony Hmm Please everyone calm down thank you for everyone For having been present at the young sect master's success ceremony Next let's welcome the sect master of the yunlan sect.

Yunyun Congratulations to sect master yun Congratulations to you guys Today is a happy day for my yunlan sect Mr jia and the president fama can be here in the midst of their busyness It is an honor for the sect nalan yanran disciple So talented She's a person who doesn't give up.

After passing the confession of the gate of life and death Sect master yun is very kind to you Hmm Teacher She is always good to me Yanran Even though I don't want you to marry another man But whatever decision you make I will respect your choice.

Just like sect master yun But Thinking that you might marry a useless person Useless? Who are you calling useless? Xiao yan from the xiao family? Hmm Last time I heard a junior mentioned your marriage contract Then I asked him.

I didn't expect xiao yan Three years ago he lost the power to collect douqi Now he is known as a useless person Sect master yun said it easily But this is the rule of the yunlan sect for hundreds of years Only for a useless person Causing sect master yun to have to endure great trouble alone Is it worth it? Teacher.

Young sect master success ceremony of yunlan sect Officially started Respectfully address the main disciple of yunlan sect master Nalan yanran Teacher In the name of the ancestor of the yunlan sect My disciple nalan yanran has extraordinary talent Her heart for the sect Wise in actions and words.

Tough personality Be a role model for all students Now she has been recognized by the gate of life and death As the young sect master of the yunlan sect Yanran From today onwards You will be the successor to the sect master position in the future Hope you follow the teachings of the ancestors Cultivating from the heart.

Advancing yunlan sect Yanran Yanran know Will always respect the teacher Will never forget the teacher's teaching Following the sect rules Continuing the sect struggle Salute to the young sect master Isn't there a rule.

Young sect masters are not allowed to have attachments With the opposite sex? As a disciple of the yunlan sect Don't even understand the ground rules great elder Students deserve to be punished This rule is true Yunleng You go back.

Let him explain I remember Looks like yanran When Yanran was little Make a marriage contract Shut up Dare to speak carelessly without evidence Everyone I believe.

Young sect masters will never do anything that violates the sect rules Yanran You come here and tell everyone What actually happened? Yanran Just tell everyone the truth Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Only for a useless person Causing sect master yun to have to endure great trouble alone.

Is it worth it? I do have a marriage contract But that was when I was little And decided personally by my family Without my consent I won't admit it either Nalan Yanran is the person recognized by the gate of life and death Worthy of being the young sect master of the yunlan sect As the young sect master said.

The marriage contract is invalid You… Father Grandpa Forgive me Grandpa don't be angry Yanran Regarding the rules of the yunlan sect Why didn't you tell Grandpa earlier?.

Grandpa When grandpa mentioned the marriage contract I was little at that time Also still don't understand anything Because today grandpa mentioned it I just remembered it again With sect master yun's affection for you We can definitely find a solution But before.

In front of a yunlan sect disciple I refuse the marriage contract I refuse the marriage contract in front of everyone from the imperial capital If I make the opposite statement This is tantamount to destroying the name of the yunlan sect Then is my face unimportant? How can I nalan jie be the one to break a promise? Yanran The young master of the xiao family is very kind Worth trusting for life.

I believe grandpa's vision can never be wrong You go and beg your teacher Even if he's a useless person Grandpa also wants me to marry him? Grandpa didn't mean that Yanran Grandpa is trying to find a solution My arrival this time to the yunlan sect Also for wanting to invite the pill king guhe.

Because I have rejected the marriage contract in front of everyone I will never take it back The yunlan sect also won't change the rules just for a young sect master Just for this dream I've paid for so many things I will never give up on my dream just for useless people Nor will useless people make me And the teacher I love.

Against sect rules What qualifications does he have Grandpa The problem has reached a dead end We better cancel the marriage contract You… Impossible Absolutely can't be canceled This marriage contract was made when both of you were born.

It was grandpa's own wish Nonsense You really want grandpa to break his promise Make me humiliated and laughed at by my own brothers? Stop talking I have made a decision You… As long as I'm alive Don't even think about canceling the marriage contract.

The promise I made to xiao lin Can't take it back at all This is our nalan family's promise to the xiao family That's your promise Not my promise nalan yanran I will never marry a useless person from the xiao family Yanran now realized Grandpa doesn't love me at all The love you show is all fake.

Yan Yanran Young sect master Where are we going? xiao family Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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