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“Thanks to the Studio, Writers and others for creating this beautiful work”Episode 7 Xiao Yan put the heavenly flames into Nalan Jie's body To get rid of fire poison The poison was very fierce and could not be completely eliminated The poison also silently followed the heavenly flames Attack Xiao Yan's body When going to cultivate Xiao Yan accidentally found out There is a lot of pure energy in fire poison.

In one fell swoop, increase his abilities It was indeed worthy of condensing the energy in a dou wang's body Only a fraction of the strength is already this big If used several times Expected to increase to dou shi Looks like you've suddenly gotten a lot stronger Emmm Did it get rid of the poison? Jie's nalan poison was deadly.

Although the toxicity has temporarily disappeared But… It took a few more times To get rid of it completely This is… Fire poison How can it affect you? Don't know Not mistaken for this poison.

It can completely withstand my heavenly flames Ordinary fire poison could never withstand heavenly flames Maybe because the fire poison in Nalan Jie's body had taken too long Which causes mutations But I didn't feel uncomfortable It seems It's under my control What are you doing? Can you try what kind of effect this thing has on me?.

Boy Don't play around Enough Even with my strength It will also be slightly poisoned I'm afraid this will also be troublesome Junior just now was too careless This black finger is quite strange I'm afraid this terrible poison level.

Suddenly becomes poisonous in the future You have heavenly fire self defense Don't worry too much about it Hopefully so The headquarters of the alchemist association Located in the most prosperous area of ​​the imperial capital There is a free trade market in it For alchemists and merchants Buy all kinds of unique medicinal ingredients.

You can go there to try your luck Maybe Can find something you need Trading market Xiao Yan It really is you Thank you for watching it at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! It hasn't been seen for a long time You're just getting more handsome.

It's been over a year You're still a second-rate alchemist Me and Xue Mei will soon be promoted to second-rate alchemists You are… Lin Fei? Bastard You didn't even recognize this lady's face the first time you saw her? Could it be that you are not interested in me? You used to always avoid me when in the black stone city.

Why do I feel this is so strange Maybe you already melted on me, right? Right, right Future second-rate alchemist miss I still have business Excuse me This guy Please don't go Are you here too to participate in the alchemist conference.

Looks like you are going to the drug market These days I've been around here I'm the best at shopping I am here Can guarantee your trip to the trading market Will be the most unforgettable memories in your life Here Much busier than black stone city There are many spiritual treasure healing ingredients present here that the teacher said.

Can be seen here Not to mention the alchemist conference that was coming Young alchemists from all over the country are here Fortunately, I begged the teacher to take me with him Oh yes I heard that Liu Ling will also participate This… She The direct disciple of pill king guhe.

She is like the goddess of our young alchemists The most coveted dream woman Miss Lin Fei I won't waste your time here What I need Have to take the time to find it You dumped me Wait for me Why did you run away suddenly?.

The trading market is huge It would be easy to get lost, when you first came here Tell me what you are looking for I definitely know Then do you know Is there a medicine to restore soul force? Don't know What are you looking for? Nothing.

But it's a medicinal ingredient that my friend needs How much is this Sir You have good eyesight It's from the beast mountains Medicinal ingredients are plucked from their central region The effect is extraordinary Seeing you who are so sincere I'll give you a discount.

Swap for tier four pills Grade four pills? An alchemist also asked yesterday Didn't you say tier three pills Miss You said it That was yesterday Today… Of course using today's prices.

Then there's no need I don't have a tier four pill to trade with He's a liar Cheater The teacher is right The trading market is here There are a lot of scammers If I tell this story to my friends It is estimated that if exchanged for tier five pills.

He will too Is there still a way like this? Yes The price went up Now I want to exchange it for a tier five pill How can there be such a person Miss Do you want to buy this peach blossom fire? Emmm.

What do you want? One tier four pill recipe with an unmistakable trace of the soul Hmmm You are willing? Little sister The imprint of the soul in your recipe is not clear How could it be? I have used my recipe four times There should be one last chance to use it.

Then you mean that I lied? You are clearly lying You just borrowed it to check the authenticity of the recipe Surely you have taken it secretly with soul force Him again Right This shop is a well-known scam chain I'm afraid this little girl will suffer.

Looks like it's xue mei Little girl Food can be eaten carelessly Don't talk nonsense I've been in business for a long time Have seen many con artists like you who want to take advantage of me You are a con man This is bad Why does Xue Mai always make other people worry.

Xiao Yan, you go first No, no, no I'll call the teacher for help Please step aside Thank you for watching it at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Take back your junk recipe Give me the original roll You are a con man What do you say?.

Look at today I will teach you Return the recipe pale face kid This has nothing to do with you Give me the original roll As long as the recipe is taken by the soul force Will leave traces of soul force Why not ask the alchemist guild manager Check if there is any power of your soul in the recipe.

That way you will know who is a liar Where are you from the pale face kid? I tackle a third-rate alchemist I've never heard of a recipe that can detect soul force Which teacher taught you? This alchemist method Certainly not from a good teacher Look at you Only second class.

Maybe your teacher is the same A bottle of dissatisfaction It could only be half a bottle I am sorry What are you saying? I said I am sorry pale face kid Only rely on you.

Want me to apologize First you have to ask if this ax agrees? You back off first Hmmm Pale face kid Die for me Brother Let's talk carefully don't too be serious.

If my merchandise is what you need You can take it This poison is rather interesting Wait when my assignment is finished I can learn from him Aiya teacher You hurry up Aiya, little girl I really can't run anymore Alright.

You wait for me Could it be just my feelings? Peach blossom fire Initially xue mei used a recipe instead This jade piece I'll take it I'll buy it Brothers love this piece of jade This is also a blessing for me Just take it.

Take it as an apology from me Just take the change This is your property thank you Get out of the way, get out of the way Xue mei don't be afraid I coming I still have business I'll say goodbye.

Xiao Yan You have actually come to the imperial capital I'm not wrong Frank and I just arrived at the imperial capital Didn't expect to see you this soon Thank you, master Autuo It was a favorite tea in the imperial capital You have to try it Thank you for watching it at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!.

You can also kid Not seen in a year Your strength has increased a lot Look at yourself now I thought at least Five star dou shi, right? It's just luck You really are a really great little man If only Lin Fei had half of you.

I will definitely be very grateful to the sky Come, come, come Drink the tea Indeed you are Uses a tier four pill prescription Exchanged for items such as peach blossom flames But teacher don't you think that looks good? Very nice Your nice ass.

As an alchemist Don't you even have the slightest thought? Is everything I taught you lost? You really pissed me off Xiao Yan You, you look at me I'm really really pissed off The great master of frank This peach blossom fire …

Though it wasn't a strong type of fire But compared to the flames that the douqi condensed It's much stronger Apart from that this type of fire is basically soft Very suitable for alchemists Even though a tier four recipe was invaluable But with the strength of a great master Take some time Should be able to polish it.

It can only be like this But if you want to prepare something else Still have to spend at least half a year You're really defending Xue Mei? Isn't that … Are you in love with her? What are you saying? What is this nonsense? Get away quickly.

Teacher and Xiao Yan wanted to have a serious discussion We'll find out who the culprit is tonight I understand Xiao Yan Are you participating in the alchemist conference? No I came here for something else The alchemist conference I'm not very interested in Oh.

If you can stand out at the alchemist conference Then your future will definitely be bright At that time did not know how much great power Who will invite you to join Your reputation and status will also increase greatly Even the pill king guhe back then After winning the alchemist conference Have the opportunity to go further I never liked relying on anyone's strength.

I prefer to rely on myself Oh yes Champion of every alchemist conference Will become the honorary elder of the alchemist guild Not only being able to enjoy the benefits and strength of the elders' level Even rare medicinal ingredients in the guild warehouse Can also exchange it At warehouse Are there medicinal ingredients that can restore soul power?.

I don't know the specifics But this time the conference championship prize A single tier six spirit melting pill's medicinal prescription roll Spirit melting pills are for restoring the soul body Is the best holy medicine Not only can soul force be restored quickly But it can really restore The wound of the soul that is there Boy.

Get the spirit melting pill prescription for me In the future I won't kill you I promise you But you don't have to say it I will do this too Xiao Yan I will tell you This was a spirit melting pill recipe.

I will participate That's great Participate in the name of the black stone city But I have a condition For several reasons I will disguise myself while participating in competitions Other than that for my name Also have to trouble you Help me change it.

If you want to participate, just participate Why do you have to hide your identity Want to play some tricks What's this got to do with you? Yo Then what does this have to do with you? It sucks Change name Does't matter.

I will register your name now Sorry to trouble the great master Three days later A selection will be made first To send each participant from each guild Must enter the selection first Uh, I mean It is okay? Does't matter.

Three days later Formality for attending a conference Must trouble the two great masters Hmmm During this time We will always be here If something happens Remember to come to us Hmmm.

If Xiao Yan entered the top ten Our black stone city guild will become famous Next year's funding can also be opened for the head office And that rare medicinal ingredient This is the first time I've seen them like this So disgusting Thank you for watching it at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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