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“Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Song of Desert Ep-03 Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! The Snakemen race, It is one of the oldest tribe that everyone respects In every generation and in every period of them (the snake tribe) They will have a queen medusa Because of their talent and ability They direct and direct all the people of the snake tribe and eradicate all the strangers and intruders.

They bring their sweat to perfection The fame and name of Queen Medusa spread throughout the continent Hernsel Medusa was born from an egg (the whole story is that afterthe death of the previous Medusa, a new queen named Medusa was born) And she transfers a lot of energy to the next generation (he says that as generations progress,the next generation and then more potential and power will be passed on to the born Medusa) Sir This has nothing to do with you I have a personality that I don't always give up on until I'm finished Executing customer orders is part of my job and my rules I should have killed you last time.

Wait Who am I really? Why are all these people constantly following me I just want a quiet life Why is it so crowded and difficult Life was always like this Although life is very difficult now But I feel a feeling of freedom from the bonds.

I want to go out As They I think, I remember his name. His name is Sha Ying (Sand flower) Like a free butterfly without restrictions yes I call it Zi You Die(free butterflies).

Because from birth onwards they are destined to fly freely You saved me again Have you fallen in love with me? I was just kidding, don't be afraid May I ask you something? Can snakes and humans live together? You will say again That goes against the rules I knew someone like you.

I was born into a traditional and noble organization Our life path was determined before birth We were like a group of puppets We always obey the rules of the organization We have completed all the tasks assigned to us by the chiefs and the elderly As the best mercenary of this generation I managed to find a good colleague and companion very soon We have always been sent on challenging missions she was my friend.

If she's alive She will be just as strong as I am She She was a nice girl She had her own dreams But I only knew about them There are many prohibited acts and laws that are prohibited by the organization Because of these difficulties and problems, I desperately needed this freedom We fell in love with each other.

Although I know that it will lead to a serious violation of the rules of the organization But i felt that hope It didn't take seniors long to understand that She did not admit it But to prove my innocence but she had to kill herself with her own hands Before I get there She was holding a dagger She had already stabbed herself in her own heart.

Since then I became completely a murderous puppet Your Highness We managed to find the place of betrayal Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Come Client, I have never seen you Why didn't the person who was always in contact with me come? where it is?.

The package It's on the way But the time has not yet come to give the relevant person Please, client wait tell me his location This is against routine The person i hired The most powerful person in the Jia Ma empire.

He has no history of failure but If you add 20 snake Girls Slave to your offer Maybe I can think about it Is this good? Who are you really? You don't need to know damn it.

What happened what's going on? What a great pressure This is the same person we hired to catch the traitor I didn't expect him to die The person who killed him must have escaped from here We have lost the trace of the traitor Leave a few people to guard here Let me know right away if you find any clues.

Yes Your highness Rest of you, come with me We should not show ourselves to humans All soldiers Attack that human first Yes Why do you want to kill me? what did I do wrong?.

Kill you? You Something happened to you? Does this interest you at all? I should have killed you last time Quickly Your Majesty Let's seperate In this case, our chances of escaping increase.

You go this way be quick Within a few hours you will arrive in City Yan I will go with you Then we will die in this damned desert As long as I'm with you Even death does not scare me We must live When you arrived in Yan City.

If you can't find me This ring takes you directly to the capital of the Jiyama Empire And find someone named Tang Shan He will definitely help you Although there are many things I do not remember But this necklace is definitely very valuable to me I gave it to you Please return this to me the next time we see each other.

Let you out safely Looks like this is the last job I've ever done for myself Your Majesty !! We have closed all roads to Yan City where is she? Besides me Nobody knows Fair When you die, no one else will know.

Let me experience the fame and honor of Queen Medusa today how much power you have Lair liar The Queen ordered us to catch her alive Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! So it was you I should have guessed it How is it pssible that in race of snakes there 2 Dou Huang?.

The Snake men race It could have 2 Doui Huang Only that fate is cruel Fate? But today you You will be one who will die for destiny Release me!! What crime did I commit? Now I remember.

I remembered who I was A queen appears in every generation of the snake tribe She is born from an egg But you both were born from the same egg But The snake tribe needs only one Queen Medusa the elder sister Kill the other Each of you will become a queen if you survive It has been a traditional law of the snake tribe since ancient times.

Elder sister I missed Blder sister You are the real queen Thank you for the blessing of the Holy Snake Spirit to show us the way But if she can She can end our bad situation Nonsense We are not in bad situation.

Oh sorry I didn't mean to offend Anyway, tribal traditions should not be broken We don't intend to make things difficult on purpose Now she has decided to give up So you have to accept your fate and ascend the throne Control your emotions and get ready for ritual No, I don't want to be harsh Now that you're the queen you have to do it If you let them go now, they'll kill us.

Your Majesty The old people told me to let you know That the ritual is about to begun Ritual Why does it always end like this? kill your big sister and you will be the real Queen What are you doing? What are you doing sister?.

Big sister Your wish is to be able to lead the tribe And my dream it's freedom We get what we want No one is satisfied with another death You are better than me to be a queen Please forgive my rebellion Guards.

You are using forbidden technique of space Elder sister Being you The Snakemen race will no longer be bounded by destiny This forbidden technique is very dangerous Stop quickly Stop Stop quickly Congratulations to Queen Medusa.

Get up She has escaped She has violated clan rules Your Majesty, you must punish that traitor I will bring back the traitor There is nothing fair in this world This world is a place where the strong are above the weak This world is already crazy I have no power to stop or start this war.

But I can at least protect the ones I love I didn't think I would die here today But I've never felt so happy As if I could see the rebirth Because from now I, Hai Bo Dong There is no longer any hope. Please don't do this no.

Do not Cry You are not handsome when you cry Mr. I still don't know your name Hai Bo Dong what about you? it's Zi You Die I will be free! Even I know my name,.

It is called Butterfly Elder sister I'm sorry I made you worry again But this time, please be proud of me Because in the end I managed to do something and not be useless You are the people I loved the most in my life I really wish that.

You can live well Live Freely I won't kill you today You better get out of here Next time I see you I think you know what happened to you Kill this guy, That's an order Nobody is allowed to touch him.

What are you doing? Do you even want to reveal yourself? Insolent I am the Queen The heart of a person He only obeys himself If you want to restrict it Someday it will be released I hate this war.

I don't like this game that takes life for no reason Each of us can choose our own path I declare all traditional tribal laws obsolete and repeal them from today In my own way, I lead the snake tribe to freedom We swear loyalty to the Queen until death I finally understood it This is the divine forgiveness that came to me Something I never knew or experienced before The feeling that someone is taking care of you and are waiting for you.

It really is so beautiful It's so beautiful that no words can describe it But beautiful things They are really so easily to disappear Senior I came to buy a Map Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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