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“Thanks to the studio, writers and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episode 41 Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! (Yao Lao exhausted his strength to protect Xiao Yan and fell asleep.) (Xiao Yan who is in the magma world…) (must face cleansing Alone the fallen heart's flame.) (Meanwhile, Queen Medusa awakens) (attacks Fallen Heart Flame with the Seven Color Battle Energy.) (However, they experienced more intense flame burning instead.) (I haven't found my father yet.).

(Nor upholding justice for my family.) (My promise was not fulfilled.) (I can't die here.) I'm still alive? Why meridians in my body, both force and load, everything changes. Where is DouQi? Why did Douqi disappear? All these douqi, Maybe you don't need strength but straight out of all parts of the body.

Douqi Wings. Master, I think it is not yet our time to die. The ring disappears. All the pills and herbs… Maybe that's why I can survive. It seemed that Queen Medusa had the upper hand in the merging of spirits. However, they were actually one body. The Sky Swallowing Python was born because of him. He also lives because of the Sky Swallowing Python.

The woman's nature is uncertain, but he often helps me. Hopefully they come through disaster this time. bad. This heart fire keeps me warm. No tearing and pain like before. Maybe I'm used to it? Because Heart Fire can't hurt me, now it's time for me to get my revenge. What happened? Haha!.

It seems your firepower is lacking. Wanting to attack from the outside and inside can't just use that old trick. what is this light Even Heart Flame was afraid of him. Even if I don't know what happened when I fall asleep but this is my mainstay to fight the flame of the fallen heart. Is this the original source of Fallen Heart Flame? The wheels keep turning. Next, it's time for us to take turns.

Do you wanna run (As it appears…) (Queen Medusa becomes fully in control of his body.) (That way he would really become a dou zong.) It's time to combine two types of heavenly flames. Master, wish me success in purification. Success depends on this in this attempt. Do you remember the boy? Mr hello.

You are also very worried Xiao Yan, right? It's been almost three years since he left the Jiama Kingdom. Don't know how it is now. He looks harmless but actually very smart. Mr Hai, don't worry. Yafei, if Xiao Ding and Yang else there is demand in the Miter Family, must try to fulfill. Gut. Mister Hai, don't worry.

However, after research looks like the Yunlan sect looking for something from the Xiao family. Does the Xiao family have anything What does the Yunlan sect want? Ever since Yun Shan resigned the post from Yunyun, and returned to lead the Yunlan sect, The Yunlan sect grew stranger and stranger. let's wait I want to see… The Yunlan Sect can dictate how long.

I have great faith in Xiao Yan. The moment he set foot again in this realm, it was the time of the Yunlan sect turned upside down. I have an idea. That day is near. (Must include Fallen Heart Flame and Lotus Heart Fire.) (This is the most important and dangerous first step in practicing the Burning Spell.) (Rejection between these two Heavenly Flames looks so strong.) (No wonder alchemists can only control one type of Heavenly Flame.).

(If you haven't mastered Burning Spell,) (It will only endanger lives if you want to combine them.) (Successful!) (Second Heavenly Flame, Fallen Heart Flame.) (Finally it worked.) (Back then I was expelled from the Kingdom of Jiama like a dog without a master.) (I even heard that my family was exterminated.) (However, all I can do is wait and be patient.) (All that patience just for today.).

(I've been waiting a long time.) Go. What happened? Is this a side effect from the merging of heavenly flames? The teacher said at the time: the merging of heavenly flames would be a problem. Don't let this evil fire… Damned! This turned out. Pooh!.

Huh! It's time to do the calculations. step aside! Nobody can order me anything. I don't think you got hit by a rock yourself. what is this thing Must be calm, uncontrolled in this evil fire, then we're fine. Just evil fire alone.

I shall… This time… Bad. Something is wrong. You dare even attacked the people of the Black Alliance. search die! What happened? The Black Alliance will not spare you! There have already been three members of the Black Alliance who have died at my hands. Jan, don't worry.

As long as I live miserable, I'll take them all to hell. Her Majesty the Queen, listen to me first. I said it. After I regain my strength, I will kill you first! This incident is my fault. I deserve to die. It's just my life not just my own. There are still many things I haven't finished yet. If the queen wants it, I'll take all the responsibility.

Keep your mouth shut! I do not need it. The only thing that can All you do is lay down your life! Medusa, will you calm down? Do you want to stay here forever? It is very difficult to break the seal Rely solely on your strength. It will be much easier if we work together. How? (After I come out I'll make you pay for what you did.).

Yu'er, are you gaping here again? Ziyan, what do you think? maybe he's still alive? Swallowed by heavenly fire, the chance of survival is very low. I don't know why, my heart is beating very hard. It looks like a big event is about to happen. It was good that Xun'er wasn't around at that time. Unless… I did not think. Lin Xiuya, Liu Qing and Lin Yan really stay.

The other masters have already left the academy and are going to the continent. Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing want to practice longer on the inside. That stubborn Lin Yan said he promised Xiao Yan… go with him. If the boy is still alive even scared me to hit hard. Now open the tower first. let them practice Thats more important. Everyone remembers.

Enter in order, can not fight. Otherwise it will be banned for a week… Something happened in the tower. Leave this place immediately. Fast! Damned! Fallen Heartflame. The creature will explode again. Yu'er, go quick!.

See! Go on, hurry! I, Xiao Yan, finally came out. Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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