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“Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 18 Xiao yan and yao ye work together All the puppets of the chuyun empire that attacked the royal banquet And on the other side Facing yan li who will destroy the only medicine that can restore him true form Fama and others are helpless To maintain the dignity of the guild Fama can only hope for xiao yan to win This unfair game is forcibly called the royal mission.

Making xiao yan's heart unable to calm down Prizes from conference champions Is the only way to wake up yao lao And this impossible task Pushing xiao yan's state to the brink Yan'er can have such achievements now These three years It must be really hard During these three years.

He did a lot But suddenly came here I can sense that he has something else on his mind Tell me what you know Some time ago Grandpa Nalan's wound recurs I also didn't think Xiao yan can endure hatred to help nalan jie get rid of the poison I know him.

He must have gone through something really painful Had to make this difficult decision Yan'er You are really busy Your father alone is very difficult to see you Father Why are you here? I came because I want to see you What else.

Alraight You two have already met I will not bother There are still many things waiting for me to handle in the auction house Hmm Master hai Hmm Why is xiao yan's father suddenly here? The three year agreement between xiao yan and nalan yanran is getting closer.

It should be for this reason Something xiao yan has to face very much Hmm You're getting bigger I can barely recognize you Dad's white hair is getting more and more You're getting bigger Can't I get old?.

Feels stuffy in here Let's go out Hmm Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! The weather doesn't look good enough Yan'er How's your cultivation lately? Not bad I will soon be promoted to dou shi.

Not bad, not bad You've almost caught up with me The weather is so unpredictable But no problem either Can't enjoy the moonlight, right? But can enjoy the rain at night Come on We're going to take shelter It's raining so hard.

Looks like it won't stop for some time Come Come here Father Three year agreement I know How are the preparations for tomorrow's alchemist conference? I have to win the championship tomorrow This is my last chance.

You're not having a problem, right? You attach great importance to the outcome of the conference It should be for someone very important If I guessed it right That person It should be all for your mysterious teacher It's my fault for being too careless Just for my own selfishness Trust me.

He won't blame you If I were him I will do the same Father Father It's morning After bringing you back he immediately left Judging from his attitude I think he has fulfilled his purpose of coming here.

Don't want to distract you Father It's been three years You are much older I don't have time to spend time with you Don't think too long You have to get ready soon We have to leave soon Today is the final round of the championship.

I can't lose The deployment has been arranged very clearly Each of you should be more vigilant Now There can't be any mistakes Yes General Alraight Back to their respective posts.

Old man fa I saw yan xiao alone yesterday Is everything set up? The settings are already set Exactly I don't dare say it Next Can only rely on himself This is your plan This is our greatest guarantee.

It's like a child's game I think you should hurry up and find a way to suspend the game Can't Alchemist Conference Nothing ever happened to do the suspension This way It's the same as destroying the reputation of the guild If he wins the championship It will be even more difficult if we want to kill him.

Don't worry too much Let's see yan xiao's situation first Why hasn't yan xiao come yet? Instead this person came earlier I feel sick when I see it There were a lot of people who ran away last night Want to provoke us again Can't let that person win If he didn't make a surprise yesterday.

Then the best participant It might fall to the people of the chuyun empire In the final round this time only he was able to compete with women from the chuyun empire Today is the most critical test I hope that yan xiao can beat that girl If not The alchemist guild will be very embarrassed this time Very handsome Stupid.

Among the alchemists here Only you have some abilities But your luck Will stop today This final round I don't need to hold back anymore You finally came All the contestants are already here Then.

Begin All Today's exam Will be the most critical round of the conference Final winner Will be the champion of this conference I hope you guys are here Can show your own greatness Living up to the honor of an alchemist.

Live with your years of hard work So Bring out all your strength The rules of this exam round are very simple Within the specified time Yan li is a fourth grade alchemist Can at least refine a high tier fourth tier pill A three pattern green spirit pill with one ring won't be able to beat it Must be at least two rings to make a pill.

The difficulty Much bigger Will be the main winner I declare Conference finals Officially started The royal family is really very rich Even took out a green firebox This is the fifth level medicinal furnace.

I vaguely remember There were several fourth grade alchemists back then Struggle really hard to get it Guhe doesn't hesitate either Liu Ling's red pill furnace It seems like when guhe won the alchemist conference championship and won the famous treasure Volcano furnace? Xiao yan always likes to hide things Let's see what kind of treasure he will bring out this time.

Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Teacher Are you alright? Is this your plan? Dignified alchemist guild Can't even give a decent pill furnace? He rejected it As for the pill furnace You use mine.

I can use the furnace my teacher gave me In the world of alchemists Nice pill furnace It will be of great help to the alchemist And some low-quality medicinal furnaces The ability to withstand heat will not be too high Because of this too Will cause the furnace to suddenly explode during pill making But…

No matter how good a pill furnace is Just outside help In the end have to rely on the alchemist's own strength Yan xiao himself knows this very well Isn't that… The blue water fire of the storm dragon kingdom guard beast The beginning of the jiama empire The emperor has a very powerful beast Have also saved the jiama royal family several times.

Unexpected How many years has he been asleep Turns out it's still alive About fire I won't lose Her again Stop fighting I'm determined to be the champion this year It's true that there is someone behind it.

Teacher I will start What? Why with this fire? Actually what is it Fire of ten thousand worlds Supreme heavenly fire Spawning heavenly fire Subduing ten thousand flames.

This great view I only saw it once when I was young Unexpected Can see it again in this life Very beautiful What do you want to do? You piss me off like this Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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