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“Thanks to the studio, author and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episode 38 (At a critical moment) (Xiao Yan gained a Dou Huang with the help of Yao Lao's power) (and save protect his comrade.) (Han Feng also wanted…) [Xiao Yans Lotusherzflamme.] (After the fighting skills of the Earth class Fan Lao, Great Bloodeater,) (In the face of the fire-devouring wave, Xiao Yan belongs) (a battle between Dou Huang's finally a winner emerges.).

(Fallen Heart Flame is back, breaking the seal again.) (And the crisis at Jianan Academy strikes again.) bad. The monster is about to break the seal. The… Is that the heavenly flame in the courtyard? Good mourning! Maybe evolve to be close to the original body. I didn't think that spiritual consciousness had formed.

Elders obey orders. Get ready to sculpt. Formation. Emperor of Medicine. Now the courtyard Elders busy with their business. This is our chance to beat them. Elder Ban, don't be in a hurry. After the previous fight the elders were already overwhelmed. Reclaiming that heavenly flame rather than energy.

If you want to reseal it, it won't be that easy. I can't wait for them to lose We just left to grab the heavenly flames. All I want is a heavenly flame. I don't want to be hostile to Jianan Academy. The elders of Jianan Academy very annoying. Now there's an opportunity to spoil Academy, too bad to miss. The legacy of Jianan Academy is quite important. If it harms the Elders, I'm afraid Master is hiding in the Academy… won't let go of us.

Huh! Leader of the fans cult, are you alright? The boy's heavenly flames happened to be against me. If not, I will definitely conquer it. (This young man can defeat Fan Lao.) (Although the cause is eliminated conflicting elements) (Its strength also falls between a five-star Dou Huang.) (I need to find time to find out its origin.) (Then grasp his heavenly flame.).

(Sly old man.) Do not act hastily. Beside him were many masters. Even when the energy I borrow is maxed out also impossible to win. Even if he trained is just faulty combustion technique, but don't underestimate the power of burning technique after swallowing Heavenly Flames. Unless you reach the Dou Wang level. If not, don't try to face it head-on.

Master, now I know I cannot act hastily. To reach the dou wang level at normal speed, at least two years. Fallen Heart Flame Can Make Me achieve a Dou Wang as soon as possible. However, I must get it. Wait. I need to seal the monster completely. (If I manage to purify and swallow the heavenly fire,) (I can definitely break the barrier between a dou huang and a dou zong.).

Maybe aim this monster at the person who caught it. Fire comes from the heart. Cools the bones. It turned out to be a flame of the fallen heart which is at number 14. It is known as a cheat tool when practicing. It is a dream creature of many people. I did not think The great elder led many elders but can't seal it either. There is greed before the gaze of that heavenly flame.

Does he want to swallow me too? This fallen heart flame already has spiritual consciousness. It knows to devour your heavenly flames and Han Feng will increase its power. I don't think I've changed from hunter to prey. Master, what should I do now? Stay away from him for now. The monsters are very strong. Even though we both got together, I'm afraid I can't take it either. Everyone don't panic.

We have a lot of people. The monster didn't dare to fight back. Medicine Emperor, I'm already badly injured. I'm afraid I can't help anymore. Please excuse me. Bastard! Don't expect me to make pills for him again. The monsters are too strong. If this keeps up, we can't take it.

If you can help me defeat this heavenly fire, the pill requests you submitted earlier Come on I'll give you double. With these your words we will fight with him. Correct. Fight him tooth and nail. The Medicine Emperor isn't worried. We will definitely help you further. you hear my orders We attack together.

As long as it consumes its energy, leave the rest to me. Attack! Elder Su, what to do now? Look at the situation. It seemed that Fallen Heart Flame's goal was Han Feng. In that case, let them fight. We must use the time to regain combat energy. This fight is not over yet. Fallen heart flame is not allowed fell into the hands of Han Feng.

Streit. Taking advantage without trying, I like it the most. Everyone collects energy. Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Attack! My guess is that Heavenly Flame is already badly injured. stop him! Evade! Damned!.

This boy also owned Heavenly Flames. Why do these monsters chase me first? Elder Jin Yin. Hanfeng, This heavenly flame was just too powerful. Apparently we can't help. Next you should think of his own way. A group of people who are afraid of death. Damned!.

Must use method to suppress this monster's arrogance. This cold fog can emphasize Heavenly Fire? Ice blue cold fog. Should… cold gas. Kaltgas? The rarity of this thing no less than Heavenly Flames. Only in the depths of the North Pole. Can only be resisted by Celestial Flames.

However, the power of the heavenly flame will also decrease. Is fallen heart flame will get Han Feng? Do not worry. Heavenly fire is always power the most destructive in the world. It is very difficult to conquer. Monsters are still monsters. It doesn't matter if you have spiritual awareness or not, You still can't escape the fate of getting caught. Go!.

Where did the monster go? Xiao Yan, leave quickly! The monster is after you. Be careful! Be careful! Don't let rags of fire surround you. Fallen Heart Flame could transform itself into a mass of fire at will. If it then approaches you, it will form a real body to attack. The monster's power knows no bounds.

Sooner or later I will surely die. If such an attack happened inside Fear of all buildings is destroyed instantly. Damned! I have to find a way to hurt him. calm your heart All you see is the outward appearance of the fallen heart flame. The original source of the fallen heart's flame… must be hiding somewhere in this huge body.

You have to find him and attack him, Fallen could only hurt Heart Flame. I found it. Stand by to help. Stupid boy. I only seek death. Die you damn monster! Perfect Attack. He will show his form. After that he will experience a moment of weakness.

This moment is your best chance to catch it. The action is quite difficult this time. If you can't Take out the power borrowed from me to max. Though it may betray my existence but the flame of the fallen heart had to be procured. Don't worry master. Master has protected me for years. In the future it will be my turn.

Boy get ready to take hold of the heavenly flames. (Turns out to be a real body of the fallen heart's flame.) Xiao Yan, tu es. Stop Han Feng! All friends of Black Angle Domain. Help me. after success, I will reward you. You focus instead on conquering the heavenly flames. Leave the rest to us.

(Damned.) Big elder Su, it was just a mass of fire. Is it necessary to fight so hard? It seems that in recent years Jianan Academy is too good against Black Angle Domain. Now you dare even stepped on us. To retake the Black Corner Domain, I will take it from you. Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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