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“Thanks to the studio, author and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episode 43 Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! (The swallowed Xiao Yan…) (from Fallen Heart Flame to Protection Academy two years ago) (Suddenly returned safely.) (Not only that,) (Xiao Yan also had a Dou Wang defeated five stars, Lin Xiuya, with one move.) (So ​​everyone can see how awesome it is.) (Now…).

(what was more important to Xiao Yan was…) (protect family) (and revived the Xiao family.) chairman, already half of the sniper team was defeated. Although they were killed twice more of us but we still can't stop their attacks. Based on the current situation, The enemy will soon arrive outside the fort.

All members scatter. Get ready to fight invaders to the last drop of blood. Ok kill! Kill them! Attack! Kill them! Attack! You're the leader of this obscure organization?.

Kill him. No self-confidence. How dare you resist Black League. Today I'll break your limbs. I made him a slave to the blood cult. (Third brother.) (Useless brother.) (I absolutely cannot avenge you.) (The Xiao family is destined to be wiped out.).

WHO? How dare you meddle in the affairs of the Black League! leader of fans cult, two years no see you act Time has let you off the hook. I don't know if today you can still be so lucky. third brother?.

Xiao yan, maybe you're not dead yet how could it be you are not dead yet third brother, is it really you? You are still alive. Second brother, it's me. I have not yet replied The grudge of the Xiao family.

How could I die so easily? The second brother rests first. After I finished them we were just talking. He was a Dou Huang master. Beside him were also three Dou Wangs. We better retreat. We still have a lot of time left. We have many ways to get revenge.

Don't ever let anything happen to you again. Second brother, don't worry. Two years ago, I let it escape. Today I want him to die here. Trust me. Okay. You face Fan Lao. I stopped three… Cough!.

You are badly hurt don't fight Leave them to me. leader of fans cult, Today I definitely… will take your life. Take Xiao Yan's life with you! What is this woman out for now? Is there someone else this time Who came to your aid?.

Friend, is your goal Xiao Yan? If yes, how about we join? We'll kill him together. You don't qualify. 'Cause you're not ready As you wish. (Damn woman.).

(After my business is done,) (I'll definitely find a way to arrest you.) (So ​​you will know my greatness.) Queen Medusa, I owe you I will pay with my life at a later date. Today however please don't interfere. I will remember.

Your services. Xiao yan, Remember, your life is mine (He usually just walks away.) (Is it because of the Sky Swallowing Python?) Smart kid with tongues. The four of us can do it too, kill you here. Do it now!.

Kill him! Can you purify fallen heart's flame? (In those two years) (the third brother experienced much more growth.) Damned! octupus punch. search die! Xiao yan! Hahaha!.

Xiao yan, You focus on the old man. Leave both to me and Zi Yan. Looks like you're going to die today. Everyone obeys my orders! Kill everyone in the fortress. Arrogant Junior! I am not afraid of you. It's been two years.

Old tricks can no longer harm me. Xiao Yan, the grudge between us… appeared because of you. If you don't kill my son I will not be hostile to you. Be in a mess like Black Angle Domain there will be karma. Your son's death is his own fault. boy go to hell.

Really stubborn. Don't be complacent. insult the Black League, you will not be able to live in peace. The fan cult master needn't worry. two more days I'm going to the Black League to settle my grudges with Han Feng. Xiao yan, now I'm not your opponent.

However, it's not that easy… to kill me Another old trick. Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! I'll calculate with you after everyone's gathered. At that time, I will tear you to pieces… leader of fans cult, looks like you have no chance of coming back.

You are dead! (A senseless fight,) (Should end as soon as possible.) Fan Lao is dead. You don't have to fight anymore. I don't want to slaughter. Come back and deliver my message to Han Feng. I'll go kill him soon. Was?.

The leader of the fan cult was murdered? Don't believe it. The sect master was a Dou Huang master. How could he die in the hands of that damn boy. Correct. We attack together. After we tear down the fort, the sect master would definitely give us credit. Attack!.

Attack! This child… This step is very scary. Anyone else want to try? Go on, hurry! We won! Very good! Thanks for your help this time.

If you need help in the future… We've known each other for a very long time. This fuss is not necessary. If I really get in trouble I will not spare you. Hallo Xiaoyan, I also help a lot. you don't forget me Don't worry little girl.

I always remember transformation pills for you. I don't hesitate… with you two again. Hahaha! second brother In those two years what actually happened to you? Xiao yan, You are the most promising person in our Xiao family.

Before I came here the first brother has already ordered. Anything can happen to any of us but you can't. If not yet not revenge the Xiao family, She was scared when I heard your obituary I'm about to go fights with these guys. However, I also know rely on my skills.

It must be hard to take revenge. Luckily God gave me a way. I run away into the deep mountains when they are hunted. Coincidentally, i have this thing Because of what he said two blood red pills inside could create a Da Dou Shi. Rise to a Dou Wang in a short time.

But once you eat it only three more years. Life Stealing Pill? you eat it aside from that, I do not have another choice. You clearly know how to obtain this power by draining your life, why are you eating it if not like that.

I have to wait a very long time… to avenge you You don't have to worry about me. now you live This is the best for me… and the Xiao family. I'll leave the burden of the Xiao family to you. second brother, When you get these pills.

Is there anything else? It is put together with the pills. But according to my abilities I can not open it. This is supposed to be a recipe for the life-consuming pill. Second brother, don't worry. I will try to make… Antidote within a year. Hahaha!.

As long as you live, everything is fine. The antidote is not important. Don't say things like that again. Now come with me to Jianan Academy to treat your wound. after two days, I will do the calculations with HanFeng. Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! (Next episode)

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