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“Thanks to the studio, author and others for creating this beautiful masterpiece”Episode 27 Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Xiao Yan with the help of Yaolao Managed to evade Great Elder Su Qian's quest However When Xiao Yan returned to the courtyard, he found Xiao Yu anxiously looking out for him Because he knows the character of Xiao Yu well Immediately his heart felt heavy Xiao Yan rushed to the outer courtyard last night.

He unexpectedly saw his second brother, Xiao Li, who was unconscious And what exactly happened to the Xiao family? Xun'er Ruolin-Master Yu'er How are you? The second brother still hasn't woken up Brother Xiao Yan didn't even sleep all night And keep healing him.

Second brother second brother Xiao Yan's younger brother I believed… can't see you anymore second brother What really happened? The first two months after the Xiao family was transferred to the Motie mercenary group Everything went safe.

Yunlan-Sect Nor has it stretched to the limit Then that night It was the festival of the Motie mercenary group Everyone felt very safe with Motie's mercenary group Ok applause Don't get drunk tonight Can not stop.

What happened? Everyone be careful What is that? Who is it? You made it easy for me to find you Again You Is a member of the Yunlan sect To kill our Xiao family.

Who else? Haha Say that, let's just say that Xiao Ding, Xiao Li Me and the second elder will hold them back You get everyone out immediately Go hurry up Great Elder Also tragically poisoned.

Yunlan Sect That old bastard Yunshan Do you want to take action against our Xiao family? And destroy us Brother Xiaoyan Where do you want to go? Return to the Jiama Empire I want everyone in the Yunlan sect to be buried with me Xiao Yan, stop it.

I've traveled all this way desperately to find you I'm not telling you to run back to die you now Can you kill Yunshan? This bloody feud Must be answered You have an unavoidable responsibility But not now Brother Xiaoyan.

The Xiao family is now in big trouble next to you Who can still save him? if something happened to you How should I explain to Uncle Xiao? And also This thing It doesn't seem that easy What?.

The one who killed our mercenary group that night Except for the Yunlan sect There are also mysterious people He was a black shadow whose appearance could not be seen The weapon… Is a black iron chain Every time the iron chain rings… on a dark night One of the clan members is hit in the body and dragged away.

Judging by his movements It's not like being hired to kill Instead it's like… I was looking for something Mysterious? Black iron chain? Why did they target the Xiao family? The Xiao family has nothing to do with them We don't know what they're looking for.

But before the Great Elder died Ask brother and I'll tell you Be sure to take good care of the family jade Don't let it fall into the hands of outsiders It turns out Your goal is… to take Xiao family Jade How… The current condition of the older brother and the others?.

We were chased all the way Today, the Xiao family is unlucky i will hold it Go and tell the third brother Older brother keep in mind we can die But the third brother cannot die Older brother.

Do you still want to take? I still have to wonder if I should agree or not Although the big brother was seriously injured But with the help of Hai Lao You could call it a life saver Then Xiao's remaining brother and family members It is under the secret protection of the Mite'er family And was moved outside of the Yunlan Sect's extermination area.

Hai Lao's kindness Our Xiao family have to remember it At this moment Motie's mercenary group was almost wiped out The Xiao family is also very weak Strength is no longer the same Just survive second brother.

This bloody act I want to answer Of course it has to be reciprocated The Yunlan sect pressured my Xiao family to join If not, kill old thief Yunshan How could I earn Elders Death Protection? Xiao Li's older cousin Father… Is my father okay?.

Your mother is fine But… But when uncle fights… A hand is broken Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Xun'er I would like to know some information about the so-called Hall of Souls Based on your family background Must have heard about it.

Hall of Souls Where do you know them from? The black shadow attack method just mentioned by the second brother Almost the same as the Hall of Souls member who… I met before I believe There should be an inseparable connection between them The Hall of Souls is an extremely mysterious and strange organization on the continent As seen by Xiao Yan's brother.

They captured soul bodies all over the Douqi continent As for their purpose in doing so I do not know it either At this moment The Hall of Souls attacked the Xiao family I'm afraid it has something to do with the Tuoshe Ancient Emperor Jade held by Brother Xiao Yan I think they should know the secrets hidden within this Ancient Jade But what surprised me Yunlan Sect.

Has something to do with the Hall of Souls Damn the Yunlan sect Brother Xiaoyan Otherwise sign a three-year deal with Nalan Yanran by then I'm afraid it won't be the end of the family And the loss of loved ones One should never underestimate a young man Brother Xiao Yan was not wrong Even though big brother Xiao Yan had no conflicts with the Yunlan sect.

Sooner or later the Hall of Souls will come… For old Jade's sake Just like the second brother said Now you are the pillar of the Xiao family if fall The Xiao family will never get a chance to get up again The only thing you can do now Is to make yourself stronger I understand.

Thank you Xun'er Yunlan Sect The blood debt of the Xiao family I want you to pay it back a hundredfold in the future Congratulations, second brother Successfully promoted to Da Dou Shi Xiao Yan's younger brother Thank you for carefully healing me all this time.

Not just fully healed Also successfully funded Second brother is too shy Xiao Yan's younger brother I… Wanna go to the Black Horn Domain? Why does the second brother want to go there? Although the Black Horn Domain became the most chaotic place on the continent On the way to you.

I almost lost my life there But… The atmosphere there really suits me No regulations I can build something there without hesitation Simply because the Black Horn Domain was a place with no rules So It's also too confusing Don't worry.

After all, I'm a Da Dou Shi now And such a place Don't always use force Add more I have the combat skill with the Thunder attribute that Xun'er gave me Even if you face a 5 star Da Dou Shi It can't bring me down either Xun'er? good girl.

You mustn't disappoint her As it appears Second brother is certain Then I can only support you Second brother, you should stay here a few more days I want to graft some pills for you Then it will be fine second brother you take this.

It should be useful in the Black Horn Domain That is… Inside was a small batch of Heavenly Flames In a time of urgency Can throw this heavenly flame to kill the enemy and escape Xiao Yan's younger brother That's enough Don't worry Your second brother won't lose to those bastards in the Black Horn Domain.

Hmm Second brother take care If something happens come to me anytime ok I will send a message… So you know where I am Xiao Yan's younger brother All of those.

I won't let you carry it alone Brother Xiaoyan Don't worry too much With the temper of the second brother It will definitely be able to make a difference in the Black Horn Domain Xun'er Thank you for the training you gave to the second brother Brother Xiaoyan Do you still have to be polite to me?.

We have to go back too The Strong List competition has 25 days left This time Should be in the top ten I came to challenge you He was Xiao Yan who defeated Bai Cheng at No. 34 on the Strong List This is the first time the challenge is accepted Everyone wanted to challenge him Is his brain together?.

The Strong List competition is upon us But it doesn't even save its powers Remarkable Xiao Yan was exceptional Very strong Older brother second brother As long as we're there The Xiao family will never fall.

The Douqi continent respects the strong Justice and truth are measured only by strength Though the path ahead is full of thorns The Xiao family's children will also step forward and never back down I swore to seek justice for the Xiao family Who else? Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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