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“Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 21 Xiao yan endured the pressure Breaking through in despair Summons the bone spirit cold fire left by yao lao in the black ring Yan li can't bear the consequences of his failure Putting it all in one fell swoop To defeat xiao yan who got in his way In critical moments Xiao Yan's medicine furnace.

Exploding from being unable to withstand the power of three different types of fire Xiao yan wants to apply the teachings of yao lao Successfully using bone spirit cold flames as a fire furnace Reverse the situation Finally managed to refine the three pattern green spirit pill And won the conference Father should be waiting for me at the inn I'm sorry master yan xiao Master is awake.

Then it's good Thank you for your concern Master yan xiao The president invites you to his office Master yan xiao Also there's more The president wants to give a gift Should have been waiting for you Right.

Also there are conference prizes? Thank you Miss I… My name is xun'er Master yan xiao Xun'er Brother xiao yan This name is very similar to someone I know I'm not very familiar with the alchemist guild.

Can Miss Xun'er show you the way? Hmm Master yan xiao Xun'er is happy to help you Sorry to bother Miss xun'er Master yan xiao Master yan xiao You are very famous Many female alchemists come to our guild every day.

To meet you How could it be that easy Master yan xiao This room Is the study room of the president fama Thank you miss xun'er No need Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Master yan xiao.

When you are on stage Really really cool Grandpa Still reading? Your body hasn't recovered yet Need more rest come Take medicine first Then rest early.

Yanran You too hurry back Come back to yunlan sect Grandpa The three year agreement is drawing near Sect master yun should be waiting for you too Come back early Get ready I don't know when.

Can come back home again I just want to spend more time with grandpa Grandpa's body has long recovered You weren't home for a few years Grandpa is already used to it The marriage annulment was decided by then The nalan and xiao families can no longer be united Yanran You are the young sect master of the yunlan sect.

This battle you must win Win The xiao family won't say anything Everyone will forget your carelessness three years ago But if you lose Your reputation as a young sect master will be ruined Afraid when you are in charge of the yunlan sect in the future Will also be affected Yanran.

Never think about losing Master yan xiao safe This time I really really thank you For winning for the guild and empire jiama The president doesn't need to praise me so much This conference almost killed me There is always a reward for every risk taken This…

Sixth grade soul melting pill recipe Master yan xiao From now on it will be yours Don't use spiritual power to read it Sixth grade drug prescription Even me After reading it for a while it makes my head spin This is… It's the guild's honorary elder token.

Also one of the prizes of the champion You can use this token To get help from all branches of the alchemist guild in the empire jiama Don't worry This so-called honorary elder Nothing but a name You can ignore orders from anyone Including me Then thank you president fama.

If nothing else I will come back Hmm You can come back Final round that day It's really really amazing Hmm So true Master yan xiao.

Master yan xiao Careful safe For your victory Quickly show me The queen's power is getting stronger It seems that right now the soul of the heavenly-swallowing python is suppressed by you Which gives you a chance to get out Your courage is getting bigger day by day.

Soul melting pill recipe Can you perfect it? I'm just a fourth grade alchemist The soul melting pill is a grade six pill Even though I was suppressed by the soul of the heavenly-swallowing python But I can know whatever happened to you In the beginning you refined the breaking pill to break the seal of haibodong This is also a grade six pill Breaking pills?.

Okay give me time It doesn't take long I will definitely perfect it You want me Refining a soul melting pill for you? Human My patience also has a limit At the time.

Don't make me angry Thank you master yan xiao Almost made your stuff fall I also don't want to wait any longer Teacher Father Father Yan'er When you see this letter.

I must have left the imperial capital I'm sorry dad left without saying goodbye Because dad There's nothing I can do for you anymore Watching you grow up As a father Already very proud The person I saw in the imperial capital this time It's no longer the reckless and reckless youth that always worries me.

It's called growing up Over time it will slowly open your eyes Childhood is precious But growing up looking like a different person I was belittled since childhood When you grow up like the highest mountain The road to maturity Also will gradually let go of the obsession Towards a journey of peace of mind.

Possible We'll never know where we can go Who will we meet What kind of person will be in the end But we must always remember When we are at the top Never look down on others The path of life has just begun The journey ahead is all up to you.

And don't get lost when you're desperate Look back The door of the house is always open for you Father Young sect master Hmm Great elder yunleng Why not return to the sect earlier? The three year agreement is drawing near.

It's a big event for the sect What does great elder yun mean? Your fight with xiao yan You can only win This is your chance as a young sect master to cultivate achievements I have invited the major powers of the empire to watch this fight Let them witness the strength of the young sect master of my yunlan sect Why invite these people? The three year agreement is my personal matter.

Nothing to do with sect Great elder yunleng did this Have you got approval from the teacher? This problem I decide myself Because the sect master is out to do something After the sect master returns I will plead guilty to the sect master You as the young sect master.

Will be the successor to the yunlan sect master This fight represents the reputation of the yunlan sect How can you think it has nothing to do with the sect? Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Could you be hesitating to win? This fight I will definitely win Now it's just right Prepare well.

I will never lose Because This is my own choice Nalan yanran You again Boss mu She nalan yanran There she is Just humiliating me.

Today I will tell you Consequences for disturbing us Don't let her run Now scared? Mu zhan But it's too late Boss Dare to hit me beat her.

Brother She did it Quickly say How are you going to solve this? Brother Don't talk nonsense with her Hit her Then don't blame me for bullying the little girl Hey.

Why are you causing trouble again? Who told them to bully me Don't blame me for bullying the little girl You really piss me off Miss is just joking with everyone I apologize to all of you Our lady always likes to joke Please everyone forgive our miss What kind of joke is that?.

You see She beats the kids like this Apologizing and hoping it just ends? Didn't the master say yesterday that today there will be guests Why are you still messing around outside Oh, that's right I almost forgot Forgive me You come back soon.

Very annoying I can't believe I can't beat this little girl Everyone calm down Let's have a good talk Don't be angry old man Brother Nalan thank you Xiao go first.

Grandpa Nalan Uncle Nalan Xiao yan goodbye Yan'er is a very good child Xiao Zhan If there is time come back Hmm Certainly This kid is so talented.

Very worthy of yanran Grandpa Where are the guests? Is there anything fun? You're making trouble outside again? Grandpa You went out and made trouble again Didn't I tell you to go home early? Why did you just come back.

The guest has left Father You come back soon You can't catch me I still haven't finished talking Yan'er Let us go home Hmm Let us go home.

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