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I didn't think I would die here today But I've never felt so happy As if I got the rebirth Because from now on I, Hai Bo Dong There is no longer any hope For thousands of years, the war between the snake and humans was unimaginable Although the snake men is evil and powerful, But humans.

Overcoming them in number They made the serpent men go back To a place where it is difficult to live To the desert tageer But this war did not end there The clans of these two races They got stronger Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! quickly..

Move faster you insects we must deliver them before the sun turn them into ashes Did you hear? keep walking Please give me some water Shameless, if we had water here, I wouldn't give you a drop She is more valuable than you.

Yes, I will never do this again Did you say you want water? Boss Hey water seller, this cart it is our If you want a buggy with rain, pay for it first Although we have no money, all these snake slaves are money themselves Water Seller They are not something you can enjoy.

I'm talking to you Are you listening? I hate anyone who touches me Boss Brother Da Bastard kill him Everyone's destiny is determined from birth Stay and wait in silence.

It is your best option you killed my brother I'll kill you A friend asked me to take you home I want to buy this snake woman You, Bastard Come back here Well, this is not for you This debt.

I'll make you pay it You will pay with interest No I know who you are He is “Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”(Song of Desert Ep 1) The friend who asked you to take me to him I know them? It's my family?.

Or a friend? You what is your name Then you Do you know my name? I do not remember anything what is that thing? She looked beautiful but she was so scary Sir, you should be careful.

Never believe what you see What's going on? What are you doing? Why did you imprison me once??? let me out Snake warrior Why do you want to be my enemy? I know you Hai Bo Dong, Ice emperor One of the 10 most powerful people in the Jiyama Kingdom.

Who are you? You don't need to know An illusion? Interesting Kid's game Don't think that by being a Dou Hang I can't kill you Ice dragon ! Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!.

Accept this sad fate I got you Do you still want her alive? What were you doing?? I was about to die bastard ! Boy, if you play, you have to pay off 10 coins I bet Grandfather fights better than this When I was suffering all these years, you were still in your mother's womb He took to much.

I will kill you today Advanced level of Yellow Fighting Technique(actually the last level of Yellow Technique) Sir The owner was waiting for you please What idiot would dare to jump in the midst of the struggle of my abusive mercenary association Hai Bo Dong has returned and he brought a girl and it is quality See what I found, how lucky I was.

Not bad Get out How dare you steal my thing I found it first Lair! Come back here, you brat Very well that's mine Damn you.

Don't run away anymore Sir Where are we? I brought you what you want According to the contract, I brought that Maren woman back within two months Send the rest of the money to the Miteer family But if you want me to help you again You should know that I don't like money very much No.

I thought you were a good person Hire other people for your next job I'll take this ring instead of money I can finally get out of this trash And what will happen to me? The transfer is complete since the owner has dead you're free I don't remember where to go, and I don't even know who I am.

And them wait Please take me with you, so that I will be your servant Do not touch me! If you touch me again, I will introduce you to those mercenaries there What happened,,,,,,,,,, what happened? What a powerful pressure So you people of Snake, how dare you enter the human world If you want, come play with me.

Highness Queen it is inside She is queen of Medusa, so why did she leave the palace? End all Kill them, we must not disturb the Queen This is what we hired to catch the rebels for us I think he died less than a day two months ago.

We agreed that he would find the Marnama rebels Even Queen Medusa came out of the palace to find you Don't make a noise if they find me and you're done Don't move anymore Her Majesty the Queen Our work with them is over Yes,… alright Your Majesty seems, betrayer escaped after killing this person Let several Marnema soldiers watch here,.

And if there is any news let me know at once Yes, His Majesty The rest come with me we will not show ourselves to humans I thank you for the mercy of the Serpent Spirit, who guides us and the whole tribe of Serpents to the right path. Our gods gave us snake people A Medusa Queen in each generation With it's great power.

Guide on our way And not to be invaded by external races but if she is We can end our bad situation Nonsense we are not in bad situation Oh no, I was so rude to you Family rules should not be broken I decided to give up.

You can't do anything about it, so you have to accept your fate That's why you need to control your heart Let's get ready for the ritual Don't leave me unless you don't care if I die in this desert I know you are a good person, you are different from others You saved me twice What is being good? You can help and make people happy Don't bother anyone.

But I always make trouble for the rest And you You have already given me a big problem I'm sorry Who dared to do that? Who dares to Thank you for watching at Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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