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“Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 12 Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Under the sudden attack of mu zhan The extraordinary combat power that xiao yan showed Amaze everyone present The extraordinary ability that xiao yan showed Also makes nalan jie and tengshan want to be close to each other Dealing with invitations that often occur Xiao yan keeps rejecting it.

And nalan yanran still doesn't know The Yan xiao she looks at is different Is the xiao yan that was looked down upon by her three years ago Haven't seen each other in years You old man are still the same Time has left some marks on you Then what happened to you in the tageer desert? A recent famous outsider Should be related to you.

What happen? Apart from the trickery of your royal family people The truth Saying it too you won't understand Hmmm I used to hate your cold attitude and pride the most Black ice shield Active Earlier you were loving to me.

Make me a shield To stop that person Sorry I'm really scared of him Hearing the news that he is coming I can only be like that Really unexpected You guys will do it at the nalan mansion You…

Not angry right? After all this isn't the first time I've experienced this kind of thing Master yan xiao Master is now ready Please through here Oh I have to get rid of nalan jie's poison first Hmmm Yafei.

What are you thinking? great elder In your eyes How is yan xiao's figure? What does the great elder mean? If you think he's good You can chase it I won't mind one bit great elder.

I don't have that kind of feeling for yan xiao Just being friends with him No feeling Can be grown slowly You should know too In a big family like us There are very few marriages that love each other Big advantage for the miteer family If you can really meet someone suitable.

Also got approval from family It will be very happy Saying something that makes you sad Before yan xiao appears The voices of the elders in the family Will choose your wedding partner More than half the vote for mu zhan Wedding This is the most favorable choice for both families.

Grandpa Nalan Congratulations The fire poison in your body has been completely removed Father slowly Thank you is not enough Old man knows Yan xiao's little friend Doing all this for the saliva seven blue magic spirits.

But my life Nor can it be replaced with just that grass I nalan jie promise you If there is a chance in the future Will definitely repay you Bring the gift here Yes Yan xiao's little friend Come sit down.

Hmmm Are you curious Why is the old man so eager to have a banquet Hmmm Even if the poison is removed Have to recuperate for a while This old man also has no choice It's just that the nalan family looks very luxurious in the empire In fact.

Like walking on water Father Does't matter Little friend yan xiao is my savior Like it or not if you want to be friends with him Gotta say some heart touching words You don't mind? Go ahead The nalan family is in a slightly awkward situation in the jiama empire.

The royal family of every generation of the jiama empire In this entire empire the yunlan sect has the strongest power Very scary Fortunately the current royal family Having jia xingtian as their guard And protection from that monster Finally there are some The power that can make the yunlan sect a little afraid Since three years ago.

After yanran became the young lady of the yunlan sect The royal family's attitude towards my family Getting cold enough Several major powers in the imperial capital Even taking advantage of father's illness Secretly suppressing us for several years If not tell them that dad has recovered I'm afraid it's even more difficult for the nalan family to gain a foothold in the imperial capital Hmmm.

These people are not important As long as the royal family knows the marshal lion's heart Stay true to the empire Why should be afraid of these people Miss nalan still has ties to the yunlan sect Afraid that the royal family will still not be satisfied Quite the opposite As long as yanran inherits the position of sect master The yunlan sect will never do anything to us in the jiama empire.

This truth I think the royal family should have known about it Has master jia arrived? little friend Yan xiao's Today the old man has said it all Please little friend Can be mutual friends I'm just a little alchemist How can you make grandpa appreciate me so much?.

A genius alchemist who can obtain divine fire You are the only one in the whole jiama empire Your future achievements Will definitely go far beyond guhe There will only be good destiny this time Isn't this old man just going to be a silly old man Master yan xiao This is the gift that was promised to you earlier It's the saliva seven blue magic spirits.

It is said that if it is purified into a liquid with the fire of an alchemist Can help recover weak souls quickly It's time to get it Requires a lot of effort I got hit by fire poison Also due to getting this thing little friend Yan xiao Because you have healed me Then now.

Will be yours thank you Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Grandpa Nalan I still have something to do tonight I'm go first Very fast never mind If you need help.

Just come to me Hmmm Certainly It's so cold outside Aren't you afraid of getting sick? Have you got the item? Hmmm You really are against fate What is wrong with you?.

It's good that you're here It was really cold just now Against destiny? Because I don't want to admit my destiny I will be back Want to get back together? Hmmm Such a boring banquet I'm tired too.

You should tell elder tengshan first I'm waiting for you outside Don't want to admit destiny Even though I don't have cultivation talent like nalan yanran But the miteer family Is a family business With my ability Want to go to that position Looks like it won't be impossible.

I don't want to be controlled by the family Then only can Controlling the family A dou huang Hai bodong There is also another aura His strength is not lower than him I'll go see it You stay here.

Be Careful Hmmm The battle between dou huang Didn't think you wanted to see it too Mu zhan You dare boy This time you must die This guy.

Can use douqi wings I will Sending you to hell This Yan xiao How can he use douqi wings old man Don't know if you still remember There used to be a lost fighting skill little friend Yan xiao.

You always surprise everyone This flying skill is extremely rare You can get it This is so amazing I just got it by chance My luck is pretty good There is another dou huang aura Why does it look a bit like master hai? Hmmm.

This is indeed master hai Another aura possessor You know? master haioh master hai Why did you fight with that old monster Hai bodong Can't believe I haven't seen you in decades Your strength doesn't increase instead it regresses Your ice dragon back then.

It can even scare me But now the power is greatly reduced old monster You haven't improved much over the years either If you count your age It should have almost reached its limit No more breakthrough Afraid your death will come soon My life is still very long.

How can it fall so easily Ice emperor hai bodong He's still alive How can master hai fall so easily For several decades he was just in seclusion Little friend yan xiao also knows master hai Master hai can come back this time Also thanks to brother yan xiao He is the savior of our miteer family.

That aura Looks like grandpa Sure enough he is the guardian of the jiama royal family Master jia, jia xingtian Except master jia In this imperial capital No one dares to fight with master hai like this Turns out he is master jia It's a battle of destiny.

Never mind No need to fight anymore Now I'm really not your opponent It's not like you Wait for some time My strength will naturally recover You don't have to worry about it Fighting for so long Turns out it's just for discussion.

This is really worrying Turns out they're old acquaintances Welcome back my friend It's time to come back yunlan sect Now The strength of the two of us is gradually balanced Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!.

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